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Gaming Exhibitions and Seminars in Europe 2020

Every year, most of the long-awaited gaming exhibitions and seminars take place in Europe. In 2020, gamers, game manufacturers, owners of Internet cafe and online casino, as well as all other interested parties, will have the opportunity to attend many wonderful events, chat, establish necessary contacts and find out all about the latest products from leading manufacturers in the world. Gaming Events 2020:
1. January 15 – Westminster eForum. Next steps for online gambling regulation in the UK. The Caledonian Club, London
2. February 4 – ICE London 2020, ExCel London

1. March 6 – Prague Game Summit 2020 [RƎ: LOADED]. Prague, Czech Republic
2. March 11 – Ukrainian gaming week 2020. Kiev, Ukraine
3. March 24-26 – CasinoBeats Malta, Malta
4. April 7 – BET London 2020 iGaming Expo. London
5. May 7 – MARE BALTICUM Gaming Summit and The BSG (Baltic and Scandinavian Gaming) Awards. Tallinn, Estonia
6. May 14-15 – iGaming Germany (iGG). German Gaming Industry Outlook: What’s on the horizon? Berlin, Germany
7. May 20-21 – The Cyprus Gaming Show (CGS). Nicosia, Cyprus

1. June 11 – All-In Gaming Ukraine Summit. Kiev, Ukraine
2. June 30 – World GES – World Gaming Executive Summit. Barcelona, Spain
3. July 14-16 – IGB LIVE! 2020. RAI, Amsterdam, Netherlands

1. September 29 – iGaming NEXT 2020. Malta
2. October 1 – iGaming IDOL 2020. Malta

Popular gambling exhibitions are also held on other continents and they are also worth a visit. Among the main the following can be highlighted:
1. January 14, 2020 – Game Innovation Summit 2020. Manila, Philippines
2. March 25, 2020 – Strategic Platform for iGaming Conference & Exhibition (SPiCE). Goa, India
3. May 13, 2020 – ICE North America – North America’s Gaming Technology Marketplace. New Orleans, USA
4. June 8, 2020 – ICE ASIA (Asia’s Gaming Technology Marketplace) and SiGMA Asia (Mega Show Spotlighting Both Land-Based and Online Gaming Sectors in Manila). Manila, Philippines
5. July 22, 2020 – Sports betting West Africa + (SBWA+). Lagos, Nigeria
6. August 20, 2020 – BiG AFRICA ROADSHOW. Cape town, South Africa
7. October 28, 2020 – ICE AFRICA (iGB Affiliate) – Africa’s only B2B gaming event. South Africa
A reliable developer of slots and online games with a worldwide reputation – StarGame company invites you to join fans and professionals of the gambling business and learn more about gaming news for the upcoming 2020!
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Summer 2019 – important gambling events

Summer 2019 has prepared us a lot of interesting events in the world of gambling!

StarGame advises to visit:

June 2019

  1. June 4 – Game Dev Unchained Expo – online meeting

This meeting discusses the history of the most famous people in the game development industry today. These are people who work not only for profit, but for universal educating and exchanging knowledge with developers all over the planet.

  1. June 11 – E3 2019, Los Angeles

The most anticipated conference in the sphere of video games – EA, Nintendo and Xbox announcements!

  1. June 13 – eSPORTconf Ukraine 2019, Kiev

The first cybersport event in Ukraine: how to organize your business, brand promotion and how to launch a new project.

  1. June 17 – Games for Change, New York

A large-scale festival on the impact of games on education, health, research, civil and social issues. At this meeting there will be lectures and seminars from the best game creators, as well as exhibitions of their products.

  1. June 19 – White Nights St. Petersburg

The meeting and the opportunity to meet face to face with almost two thousand professionals of the gaming industry, as well as the general enjoyment of the famous white nights of St. Petersburg on the very shore of the Baltic Sea.

  1. June 22 – BIG Festival 2019 – Brazilian Festival of Independent Games, Sao Paulo

In Latin America it is the most influential international meeting about indie games: a job fair, game development workshops, a competition of national and international games with a cash prize, seminars and business discussions.

  1. June 27 – Guildford Games Festival, Guilford

Demonstration of local games from a thriving British gaming centre with a variety of meetings and presentations.


July 2019

1. July 4-5 – European Games Week Summit and Festival, Dublin

For two days, this event will bring together leading organizations, studios and developers for a discussion of the future and current gambling and technology trends, e-sports and game development.

  1. July 9 – Develop: Brighton, UK

The meeting brings together game developers from Europe, professionals and novices to share experiences, discuss new products in this field and the latest tools, methods and trends. Also at this time is held the annual GamesAid Charity Poker Tournament in Brighton and the awarding of industry talents at the event Develop: Star Awards.

  1. July 10 – Serious Play Conference Montreal

Meeting for the leading famous creators of serious games and simulators, as well as implementers of training programs on game bases. Here you can listen to the speeches of the most influential developers and research scientists of the educational sphere and other areas.

  1. July 11 – GamesAid Golf & Spa Day, Watford

In the field of entertainment it is the twelfth annual charity day which raises funds for children’s charities.

  1. July 24 – Serious Play Conference Orlando, Florida

The meeting for the gambling business leaders – the creators of serious games and simulators, as well as implementers of training programs on game bases. Here you can listen to the speeches of the most influential developers and research scientists of the educational sphere and other areas.

August 2019

  1. August 1 – PAX West, Seattle

America’s main game exhibition on the latest gaming updates, table games with stage shows and a new investment summit GamesIndustry.biz

  1. August 20 – Gamescom 2019, Cologne

The world’s largest exhibition of B2B video games and consumer games all over the world. The best developers and many small and huge companies are invited.

Downswing or a losing streak in poker. How to act?

Downswing is the so-called losing streak in poker. At a certain period, the player receives bad cards but even good cards do not bring any winnings anyway. The protracted period of bad luck can completely discourage the desire to continue the game and enjoy gambling. And if you have ever played a serious poker game, you know how demoralizing such periods are.

A player can get into an emotional state called tilt, losing self-control, making lots of mistakes in the game and losing even larger amounts. Most often, players get into tilt after a series of losses. Winning period is called upswing correspondingly.

If you are an experienced poker player, then you understand the inevitability of ups and downs. The reason is not that opponents suddenly began to play masterfully or the deck itself is against you. That is the nature of the game. Accordingly, good players have the ability to adequately cope with these conditions.

Downswing is measured by the number of hands won during a streak of bad luck. And professional players in this case recommend a stop-loss method. It is simple: to stop and set the amount of a bankroll or invested capital which you can lose before you pause the game. In general, it is 10% of the total bankroll. It gives you time to analyze your actions and return to a stable psycho-emotional state.

Stop-loss duration

  1. A stop loss for a session gives you a few hours to have a rest emotionally and get back to the game.
  2. Stop loss for a day lasts twice as long, up to 1-2 days, if the player needs more time to return to a stable confident state.

Dealing with a poker downswing

  1. Take a pause.

You will really feel better after a few hours or days of relaxation. Refresh your head and calm down.

  1. Accept the fact that this is only a period of game that does not depend on your skills.

In the long run, your skills dominate, not short-term luck.

  1. Lower bids.

You risk not only your morale state but also a bankroll. Start placing smaller bets, it is easier to concentrate when competition is softer. Returning your winning attitude, you can return to the usual rhythm of the game.

  1. Rate the game from the side

Ask yourself: you have no luck or have you began to take more risks and often fall into marginal situations?

  1. Focus

Think about the logic of the decisions. Go through this losing streak and choose the best options for acting in a particular situation.


StarGame platform has prepared many poker variations for video poker fans. Honest math, user-friendly interface and bright graphics move you to the virtual world of table games protected from fraud and deception. The range of games is regularly updated.

Online slots and table games from StarGame gained a successful and honest name among the owners of gaming hall and Internet cafe around the world. Join the team of professionals! It is easy to open a gaming hall on StarGame platform, start today by contacting our consultants:


Social gaming platforms and mobile gambling apps

Modern life offers many tools for communication, learning and entertainment. All this is offered to us from social networks. One of the most popular types of entertainment is social gambling, with an important difference from real casino games: in the first case you do not play for money, but just have a good time with the opportunity to earn bonuses to access additional gaming or network features.

Playing in social games is free, which means it is safer and more accessible for various categories of players of different ages and geographic locations. Such games can also change the perception and increase the loyalty of gamblers for real money in land-based casinos and Internet cafe.

Based on the foregoing, we see that social games have become a successful alternative for players in whose country of residence real online gambling is banned at the legislative level. Do your customers have access to land-based casino games, but want to play for real money? Looking for high-quality software for online casino?

The casino and gambling software provider StarGame offers a solution: a mobile application for devices on the Android platform. Cashout is carried outside the application, allowing players to enjoy high-quality honest video slots and table card games from every corner of the planet. The availability of payment services for accepting payments online, as well as remote payment methods such as bank cards, e-wallets, payment terminals, Internet banking and even payment from a mobile phone account make online games affordable and easy.

How to attract gamblers of your region?

  1. Target audience

Gamblers are the target audience. If you are the owner of a land-based casino or Internet cafe, invite customers to try to play also from smartphones. This method also works to quickly attract friends, acquaintances and other interested categories.

  1. Theme

Follow the current popular trends in gambling. StarGame offers games with a variety of subjects: from historical, cinematic to cartoons and fantasy. Properly selected storylines, popular in your area, complemented by bright high-quality graphics and sound effects work perfectly. StarGame slots are successful on all continents, and the range of games is constantly expanding with bright innovations.

  1. Interface

The game application should be not only professionally designed, but also simple and understandable for any player. Software from StarGame developers has an intuitive design, not overloaded with unnecessary options and buttons. Players always have access to main sections, such as game rules, paytables, bonuses, etc.

  1. Privileges

The interest of users is fueled by a well-thought system of bonuses from StarGame, including a unique 25% bonus for the gaming industry, a deposit without wager requirements or other additional conditions, as well as a cashback bonus of up to 25%. High-quality games and honest maths are the main guarantee that players want to return to your establishment and recommend StarGame games and online slots to other visitors.

  1. Security

Honest and transparent gaming policy is the greatest secret of success in casino business, card games and slots. To attract and retain clientele, you need to ensure the safety of gameplay, confidentiality of users personal information and the integrity of winnings. This is the only way to make a positive impression on your social segment and confirm the name of an honest institution.

You can become a StarGame dealer and join the global team of high-quality gambling lovers by contacting the company’s managers by:



Reliable casino software

At each stage of setting up a gaming cafe and for successful start of new business it is important to enlist the support of trustworthy casino software developers.

Software for gaming clubs should provide efficiency, reliability and the highest quality. Operators of gaming clubs expect to receive a number of effective tools to be profitable and have the best product on the market.

Buying online casino software, customers choose a product combining innovative solutions and the latest tendencies on one platform, as well as the opportunity to cooperate with a team of professional developers and qualified technical support. The key features of popular platforms are the availability of such options:

  • Cash Back Bonus
  • Deposit bonus (bonus on deposit)
  • Advanced system of progressive jackpots
  • Setting a range of denomination for different currencies
  • A customizable list of games, bets and chip prices in table games
  • Adjustable RTP percentage (return to player)
  • Adjustable amount of the maximum winnings on reels, winnings in the risk games and the number of rounds in the risk games

Also it is important to have an opportunity to work with the web version of slots for playing from remote locations.

Software for gaming clubs: what to focus on?

Today, the format of Internet cafe on the basis of computerized software is the most popular because of its greater convenience and practicality in comparison to conventional gaming houses. The StarGame gaming platform offers the opportunity to work in the live game club mode, and also to use the web version with a wide range of classic video slots, multi-line slots, table games (roulette with live dealers, poker, baccarat, blackjack etc.), 3D slots with an option to play from browser, as well as on iOS and Android devices. Client only needs a gadget with Internet access, whether it’s a tablet, a laptop or a smartphone, and a full range of slots and games will be easily accessible from any corner of the world.

Besides the possibility of remote use and online access, the StarGame developers provide the following essential options:

  1. Management of client’s actions and related activities: the ability to monitor, block / unlock players’ accounts, view detailed logs of each terminal, games and each separate spin;
  2. 24/7 technical support and a personal manager for each client;
  3. Bonus programs and a system of progressive jackpots;
  4. Content management: the ability to customize the list of available slots and games
  5. Reliable protection and encryption of financial data and personal information
  6. Ability to manage downline accounts, payments and the history of their actions in the system

Where can I find casino software provider?

StarGame company has more than 10 years of leadership in providing casino software, offering its customers the best gaming solutions for opening a gaming clubs and, thus, becoming a responsible business partner in the sphere of gambling.

StarGame develops multifunctional software for online casino with an exceptionally efficient set of features, including:

  • individually developed gambling websites;
  • accompanying functionality for managing the content of the website: a list of games, game logs, cashier, game settings;
  • security, protection and encryption of transferred data;
  • customizable options of game process;
  • ability to view enhanced financial reporting and statistics for specific regions.

StarGame company provides all the necessary consulting services during the project implementation period, and the customer support is ready to provide assistance 24/7.

High-quality game content from StarGame is a solid foundation of your business and a guarantee of its profitability. Choose a platform with an excellent reputation, play and win with StarGame!

Please contact our consultants on opening a demo account and selecting the optimal settings for your gaming club by:


How the deposit bonus works

If you have already started to build your gaming business on the StarGame platform, it will be interesting for you to learn how the deposit bonus works, because it is very popular among the gaming club visitors. Is it possible for an online casino to issue free money to players without additional conditions? The answer is that bonus money is really not free and that’s how the incentive system works.

Most dealers are going to use generous bonuses when opening a new gaming club or to attract new customers to already existing internet cafe. StarGame developers offer a thought-out system that is beneficial for all parties involved. Deposit bonus is calculated as a percentage of the initial deposit.

Deposit bonus

Conditions for obtaining a bonus:

  • Bonus is offered immediately after direct deposit to the gaming account
  • Agreement with the terms of the bonus promotion
  • It cannot be charged in case if an active bonus is present.

Conditions for obtaining the possibility to withdraw bonus money:

  • it is required to make such number of bets, the total amount of which will be equal to or exceed the size of the bonus multiplied by 35
  • in the settings of the hall it is possible to enable a half payout (in case of failure to fulfill the conditions of the promotion or if player wants to withdraw funds from his account before the bonus amount is turned over 35 times), which means that the player will be able to withdraw half of the amount of his current balance.

As an example, let’s use the following situation:

A player deposits 150 to his account, agrees to participate in the promotion offering a deposit bonus, thus receives another 150 as a bonus according to the conditions with a wagering x35.

Total on his account: 300

Available for withdrawal: (150 + 150) / 2 = 150

For turnover, he has to place bets worth: 35 * 150 = 5250

Let’s suppose that the player bets 30 and wins 500.

Available to withdraw: (300 – 30 + 500) / 2 = 770/2 = 385

Total: 770

To the full turnover, it is required to bet further on the amount of: 5250 – 30 = 5220
In the admin panel, you may enable or disable half payout feature at any time.

Thus, the deposit bonus is a profitable way to attract clients to a gaming club.

For more than 10 years StarGame team attracts new customers with a high-quality software product as well as regular updates of the claimed functionality and assortment of games for more than 10 years. Honest policy, flexible terms of cooperation and strong protection of personal and financial data of users made StarGame platform popular on every continent.

To set up a gaming hall on the StarGame platform, please contact our consultants by:



Progressive Jackpot from StarGame

The StarGame platform continues to please its clients with regular updates of the list of available products and the requested gameplay options for more than 10 years. An honest opportunity to win is guaranteed by original game mathematics, and the extended bonus system (deposit bonus and cashback bonus) and additional free spins encourage clients to stay in the game longer.

Traditionally, the most attention of customers is attracted by the progressive jackpots broadcasted on a separate screen which design can also be chosen. The system of jackpots is 4-level and you can win each of them independently from each other. In the administrative panel, you can set the necessary settings for each hall:

  • You can set which part of each player’s bet will be deducted to increase the jackpot amount – from 0 to 2% with step 0.25. Each of the 4 levels is formed and grows independently and can be won separately from others.
  • StarGame developers have considered the possibility to adjust the basevalue of jackpots, which is convenient, first of all, for promotion of new halls.
  • Adjustable jackpot hit period (at least one hour) makes it possible to set preferred hours and minutes, convenient for visitors and the management of each specific hall.
  • You also have an option to set a timer, after which the main prize can be won.
  • To encourage players, you may also set the minimum bet to qualify for the jackpot.
  • You can broadcast jackpot values ​​separately on a large screen: in diamond or dragon style.

Progressive jackpot from StarGame

  1. Bronze – the smallest jackpot which must necessarily be active if you intend to use jackpots in your internet cafe
  2. Silver – this and all subsequent jackpots are calculated on the principle of “at least twice as large as the previous one.”
  3. Gold – which is higher than the silver one
  4. Diamond – the highest possible prize

An opportunity to play without jackpots or only with a bronze jackpot is offered to the clients, rest jackpots can be activated and turned off if necessary. You can also choose the format of the jackpot visualization separately on the big screen of HD TV or monitor to attract visitors to the gaming club. To do this, it is enough to open a link, and for authorization it is enough to enter ID of one of the gaming terminals from your hall, but only the one which is not used to play at the moment.

The multilevel jackpot from StarGame can become a vivid spark of your club, the one that is based on the enhanced system of reward settings. Such motivation helps to constantly attract new visitors and bring a stable profit for owners of the Internet cafe on the StarGame platform.

The developers of StarGame took care of the tools for step-by-step logging of each game and each gaming computer, as well as logs of jackpot hit and changes of its settings. It’s easy to access logs of recent jackpot modifications (in the format of local time in comparison with the current time of the server) and thus control the personnel access to the settings.

Professional managers of the company will help you to set up a gaming hall and to understand the necessary settings at any time convenient for you. Please contact us by:

How to open a gambling hall with HTML5 slots

The combination of modern web development technologies under the combined name HTML5 confidently conquers the Internet. Developers successfully migrate to a new platform instead of the outdated Flash technology.

HTML5 games for gambling halls win comparing the speed of work, they have excellent graphics, are available for playing through the browser and can be used on mobile platforms. The main advantages of innovative HTML5 technology are the following:

  1. Cross-platform
  2. Convenient streaming of multimedia content
  3. Fast operation on devices running iOS, Android, etc.
  4. Fast loading and processing speed
  5. Flawless graphics and sound
  6. Stability and security of HTML5 games for gambling houses
  7. Does not require the installation of plug-ins and player for playback
  8. No need to compile, since all elements are loaded as a ready-made web page
  9. Highly promising technology in the future

Of the drawbacks, one can note the dependence on hardware acceleration, which affects the video slot streaming quality. This is rather a temporary inconvenience, since professionals around the world are doing their best to achieve the same level of graphics capabilities as Flash technology has.


HTML5 games for gambling halls

The cross-platform nature of the new gambling format allows Internet cafe owners to introduce new technologies at all levels of use. In the era of advanced accessibility of the 5G-Internet, it is important to have a product that can adapt to any screen resolution and will not require downloads of additional plug-ins from the end user in a land-based Internet cafe.

The StarGame platform for gaming halls is multipurpose and meets the highest requirements of clients. The web version of HTML5 slots allows you to enjoy the games without installing the Flash player and its updates. HTML5 games are developed by professionals only, the collection of slots is constantly updated.

Wide range of slots, bright animation, HD graphics, bonus game features and various options for the number of paylines guarantee a pleasant pastime; honest and unique game mathematics makes the process profitable for all parties involved.

Reliable software for the gaming halls is the basis of trust between the dealer and clients, it is a guarantee of business development prospects and a reliable investment.

Professional managers from Stargame company are ready to help you to open a gambling hall 24/7. Find out more about the details of cooperation at a time convenient for you by:


Internet cafe as a space for teamwork and online entertainment

Today almost every house has high-speed access to the Internet and owners of Internet cafe sometimes observe a decrease in income from visitors. In fact, such institutions will always have a demand and occupy their niche in business. It is important not to forget to change in accordance with the requirements of clients.

The standard scheme of the Internet cafe is really not so popular. Most of them offer access to online gambling, it is one of the most profitable formats. At the same time, there is a growing demand for space for teamwork with a parallel option of online entertainment. More and more people choose to work remotely from home office. But organizing a good workplace is not as easy as it seems at first glance. The solution can be a local coffee house with a free Wi-Fi connection, but it’s quite a noisy place.

Ideal workplace can be found in a professional, quiet environment, equipped with all necessary items and resources and the one that does not require expensive office rental.

You can turn an Internet cafe into a space for teamwork in 5 steps:

  1. Special package offers for small groups at a common price for a workplace, access to office equipment (printer, copier, fax), free coffee, the opportunity to communicate with employees.
  2. Membership access packages on a monthly basis for time with additional access to the conference room and the possibility to visit network events and master classes.
  3. A separate area for communication, general meetings and entertainment. It would be appropriate to have light music, comfortable upholstered furniture, tables for billiards and table tennis.
  4. Decent conference room for meetings with customers and for other important events.
  5. Master classes for improving the skills of individual clients and teams. There may also be a small entrance fee, especially if you invite special guests.
  6. Holding club meetings and local networking events.


As you can see, the classic format of Internet cafe with online games can be supplemented with many interesting creative ideas to increase the flow of visitors and financial profit.

The creative approach to business and the provision of opportunities for the integrated use of your institution by different groups of visitors will bring you benefits in the shortest time and will allow you to open new clubs under your own brand.

Use these ideas to combine the space for a teamwork with the basic idea of ​​gambling hall. Only reliable casino software provider can become a successful base platform for it. The StarGame gaming platform leads the online entertainment market with a huge assortment of online lotteries, sports betting systems, as well as games from famous developers, a diverse system of bonuses and progressive jackpots, reliable data encryption and transparent financial transactions. Generous discounts for regular customers provide a constant flow of new dealers from all over the world. Collaboration with StarGame is the key to success for your Internet cafe and a consistently profitable and secure business for all involved parties.

Professional StarGame consultants are ready to clarify all the details of the cooperation for you and help to set up the system in your gaming hall 24/7. Please contact us by:

How to promote Internet Sweepstakes Cafe

How to promote a gambling hall? How to achieve success in gambling business? How to attract customers who are looking for the excitement and unexpected wealth? How to start and develop a gambling club? Such questions are asked by the owners of the Internet sweepstakes café who want to competently build their business.

Key tips for promotion of the slot machine hall are:

  1. Honesty and guarantee of prize payments

If you don’t pay out the winnings shown on the player’s monitor just once, you risk being known as a dishonest club. After all, word of mouth is the best advertising and anti-advertising. And if the winning percentage embedded in the system is 90% or higher, the key to your success is always to pay prizes for the money invested by your customers.

  1. Incredibly tough competition in such a profitable sphere, as well as the constantly growing taxes, call into question the profitability of the Internet cafe, especially at the initial stage of work. Therefore, its important to calculate the business plan with regular expenses for the development of your business, not saving even on the small things. After all, those pleasant little things can win the most spoiled customers and professional players who will bring the main income to your casino.
  2. Advertising and profitable system of bonuses

Reliable online casino software manufacturers take care of their clients, reinforcing their brand with a wide system of profitable bonuses and progressive jackpots. Do not forget about additional bonuses for clients, encouraging the most active contributors and deftly luring newcomers.

  1. Properly selected location

It is easier to expecting the best results in the most prominent places with a dense stream of real clients. If you expand the business, working simultaneously in several places, then a reliable basis will become a guarantee of success – it must be a trustworthy software manufacturer for Internet cafes.

  1. Modern technologies

Take full advantage of the advanced technologies of our time: offer various methods of payment, use modern equipment, complement the interior with large monitors to output colorful advertising messages and broadcast current jackpots.

  1. Control of each component of business

Take care of the safety of personnel, clients and equipment, using devices for checking money, security cameras, the possibility to use the so-called panic button for the hall operators, as well as encryption of the transmitted data.

  1. Choose the best personnel

Having access to the administrative panel, it is tempting to use your official position for personal gain. In order to avoid misunderstandings, provide personnel with decent working conditions and appropriate payment. Cashiers, administrators, security guards, system administrators should be not only highly qualified, but also decent and honest people.

  1. Complex approach to the idea of entertainment

Think about the comfort of individual clients, as well as additional entertainment for couples and even families. For adults, provide the opportunity to play billiards and other board games, take care of the bar and its diverse menu, and for their children, think about a bright game room with interesting toys.

The basis of success is your trustworthy name, business honesty and openness, competent management of finances, and also respect of clients. Reputation, in the first place, depends on the gaming platform you work with. For over 10 years StarGame company provides tools for conducting a successful online gambling business. Reliable gaming software, financial openness and impeccable reputation have won clients on all continents of the globe. We continue to expand the sphere of influence, giving dealers the best conditions of cooperation and a huge range of games for the most sophisticated players.

Please contact our professional managers at any time convenient for you by: