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Slots for Smartphones


Every year the requirements for gambling clubs become higher and tighter. Players often prefer online game format in the comfort of their home instead of visiting land-based casino. An impeccable reputation and an honest name StarGame attracts clients from all over the world. The convenient web version of slots and table games is accessible from smartphones running iOS and Android OS. You can easily add slots to the home page or even install a separate application for Android that can be downloaded online from our official webpage.

Stargame online slots are popular on all continents. High-quality games with honest math are a strong and reliable base for a profitable online business, in ground-based gaming clubs or internet cafe.

StarGame’s wide range of games includes the world-famous classic slots and the latest most popular slots that are regularly added to the system. You can also play the demo games for free.

Stargame offers not only slots, but also other popular games such as:

  • Sports and quick games (dog races, quick lotteries);
  • Card games;
  • Arcade (Ocean King 2);
  • Table games.

Among them, your customers will certainly like the smart varieties of video poker and especially online games with live dealers. Please your visitors by activating a four-level progressive jackpot, setting up your specific win settings and an individual jackpot accumulation speed for each hall.

The collection of online slots from Stargame has over 300 games, among which the following developers are represented:

  • Novomatic – over 125 games;
  • Aristocrats – over 40 games;
  • Amatic – over 45 games;
  • NetEnt – 33 games;
  • Mainama Games – 13 games;
  • APEX – over 20 games;
  • EGT – 28 games;
  • IGT – 12 games;
  • Betsoft Gaming – 13 games;

Games offered on the Stargame platform are:

  • Created based on proven, unique math.
  • Made in the highest quality supported by most modern devices.
  • Harmoniously accompanied by suitable music and sound effects.
  • Have user-friendly and intuitive game interface convenient even for beginners.
  • Graphic elements are bright and detailed.
  • Games can be disabled or enabled for each specific hall depending on how popular they are and what income they bring to the internet cafe. Detailed logs are saved for each spin.
  • Offer players a cashback or deposit bonus.
  • Accompanied by 24/7 technical support.

You may discuss individual working conditions with the StarGame managers from your region at any time convenient for you. We will find the most convenient plan for your type of business. Become a StarGame dealer today by contacting us at:


Random and fair payouts in slots

When choosing software for Internet cafe or online casino, for dealers it depends on many features of the system, in particular, RTP of games – return of game money to a player. In other words, the size and percentage of winning payouts to a player in games. Why is RTP important?

What is RTP in slots?

On a given time interval, RTP in slots and other online games shows the amount (percentage) of game money that will be returned to the gamer. The higher the RTP – the more the institution pays to the players. For each slot, it is a unique characteristic, because Internet cafe, land-based and online casino also display a general average value for the entire range of available games.

It is important to note that RTP is primarily an average theoretical indicator. In games, there also are big random wins in slots, jackpots, and winning / losing series at certain distances.

Mathematical advantage

RTP = 100% – mathematical advantage of the game. Accordingly, the converse is also true, which states that the mathematical advantage equals the difference of 100% and RTP.

Dependence of RTP and frequency of wins

The RTP value in slots and other games does not show the frequency of winning spins. How often a player receives rewards depends on other mathematical indicators embedded in the game. Thus, one slot machine gives out a prize combination once every 10 spins, and the other brings luck on every third spin.

Slot machines where player is often paid smaller amounts of prizes have a higher frequency of wins. Slots with a lower value of winnings frequency pay larger amounts but less often.

Random and fair payouts

Game statistics are based on the results of thousands of spins. Fair usage of RNG (random number generator) must be proved by an appropriate license which guarantees the player the randomness of all events occurring in the game.

RNG gives random results, thereby equalizing the chances of victory for all participants. Therefore, the owner or operator of an Internet cafe cannot have an influence on the results of visitors’ spins. Therefore, do not trust people who claim that at a given distance the gaming machine will definitely give a winning result.

In honest slots there is no mechanism for registering winning spins. They only give a picture of the result on the screen. And, theoretically, gamer can expect victory even at the next reel spin after the jackpot.


Let sum it up. There is no way for players, dealers, operators of Internet cafes or online casinos to access and influence the math embedded in the slots. This rule is true for establishments offering honest software for gambling halls.


You should rely only on establishments that offer publicly available gambling license and certificates that guarantee honest RTP verification and can only be issued by independent authorities. A reliable platform for online casino always has all the necessary documents.


By partnering with StarGame, you can be sure that you are dealing with honest, verified maths backed up by official RNG license. StarGame dealers trust their business to a company with a worldwide reputation and many years of experience on different continents. For cooperation, please contact our consultants at a convenient time for you:



Gaming Exhibitions and Seminars in Europe 2020

Every year, most of the long-awaited gaming exhibitions and seminars take place in Europe. In 2020, gamers, game manufacturers, owners of Internet cafe and online casino, as well as all other interested parties, will have the opportunity to attend many wonderful events, chat, establish necessary contacts and find out all about the latest products from leading manufacturers in the world. Gaming Events 2020:
1. January 15 – Westminster eForum. Next steps for online gambling regulation in the UK. The Caledonian Club, London
2. February 4 – ICE London 2020, ExCel London

1. March 6 – Prague Game Summit 2020 [RƎ: LOADED]. Prague, Czech Republic
2. March 11 – Ukrainian gaming week 2020. Kiev, Ukraine
3. March 24-26 – CasinoBeats Malta, Malta
4. April 7 – BET London 2020 iGaming Expo. London
5. May 7 – MARE BALTICUM Gaming Summit and The BSG (Baltic and Scandinavian Gaming) Awards. Tallinn, Estonia
6. May 14-15 – iGaming Germany (iGG). German Gaming Industry Outlook: What’s on the horizon? Berlin, Germany
7. May 20-21 – The Cyprus Gaming Show (CGS). Nicosia, Cyprus

1. June 11 – All-In Gaming Ukraine Summit. Kiev, Ukraine
2. June 30 – World GES – World Gaming Executive Summit. Barcelona, Spain
3. July 14-16 – IGB LIVE! 2020. RAI, Amsterdam, Netherlands

1. September 29 – iGaming NEXT 2020. Malta
2. October 1 – iGaming IDOL 2020. Malta

Popular gambling exhibitions are also held on other continents and they are also worth a visit. Among the main the following can be highlighted:
1. January 14, 2020 – Game Innovation Summit 2020. Manila, Philippines
2. March 25, 2020 – Strategic Platform for iGaming Conference & Exhibition (SPiCE). Goa, India
3. May 13, 2020 – ICE North America – North America’s Gaming Technology Marketplace. New Orleans, USA
4. June 8, 2020 – ICE ASIA (Asia’s Gaming Technology Marketplace) and SiGMA Asia (Mega Show Spotlighting Both Land-Based and Online Gaming Sectors in Manila). Manila, Philippines
5. July 22, 2020 – Sports betting West Africa + (SBWA+). Lagos, Nigeria
6. August 20, 2020 – BiG AFRICA ROADSHOW. Cape town, South Africa
7. October 28, 2020 – ICE AFRICA (iGB Affiliate) – Africa’s only B2B gaming event. South Africa
A reliable developer of slots and online games with a worldwide reputation – StarGame company invites you to join fans and professionals of the gambling business and learn more about gaming news for the upcoming 2020!
If you have any questions regarding cooperation with StarGame, please feel free to contact our consultants at a convenient time for you by:

Baccarat live. Rules and game progress

Baccarat with live dealers is one of the most common and favourite table games. This is an interesting and fast-paced game. In Internet cafe and casinos, they often play its American variety. The player will have to guess whether the dealer or player wins, or to bet on a draw.

Card combinations

The highest card combination called “natural” is made up of the two cards, with a total value of 9 points. Also there is a combo called a natural combination of 2 cards, the total points of which are equal to 8.

Point value

Cards from 2 to 9 have a point value equal to their number, the value of the ace is 1 point, the rest of the cards do not bring the player any points. A player who receives cards with a value greater than 9 is deducted 10 points. Thus, the total value of cards received by a player never exceeds nine.

Baccarat Bets

There are three variations of bets in live baccarat, each of which is placed on the corresponding field on the table:

  1. Punto – the player wins. The bet is paid one to one.


  1. Banco – the dealer wins. The bet is paid 19 to 20 (or one to one minus five percent fee).


  1. Draw – a bet on a situation in which both the player and the dealer will have cards with equal total value. This rate will be paid in a ratio of eight to one, with some casino offering payments with a coefficient of nine to one.

Baccarat game progress

First of all, player has to make a bet from the minimum to the maximum size allowed at the table where he sits. Then the dealer gives the player and himself 2 cards each. If a player receives a combination called natural (that is, equal to eight or nine points on both cards), then to determine the winner, this combination must be compared with the cards dealt to the dealer. If the player has received less than 6 points in his hands, the dealer gives him another third card.

This is followed by a clear process of buying cards by the dealer, mainly according to which card came into the buy-in to the player.

  1. If player did not need to take the third card, and the value of dealer’s cards is higher than 6, then the dealer does not take the third card.
  2. If he has less than 2 points in his hands, he will have to get one more card.
  3. If his cards scored 3 points, and the player does not have 8, then dealer takes the third card.
  4. If his cards cost 4 points, and the player did not get a card with a value of 0, 1, 8 or 9, then he also takes a card.
  5. If he scored 5 points, and the player did not get a card worth 4, 5, 6 or 7, then he must also take a third card.
  6. If he has 6 points in his hands, and the player did not get a card worth 6 or 7, then he gets one more card.
  7. If the dealer scored 7 points, he does not need to take one more card.

Next is a comparison of the cards on the hands of both sides. Whose combination scored more points, that one wins. If the total cost of the cards is the same for everyone, then the game ends in a draw. At the end, the croupier pays the winnings, according to the result, collects the cards and continues the game.

Your clients can enjoy baccarat live 24/7 from any corner of the planet, from any device convenient for him/her, if you choose cooperation with the StarGame platform. Studios with live dealers work in continuous mode, a continuous video stream is offered in HD-quality, therefore your clients can enjoy their favorite live baccarat game in its best format from the comfort of their own apartment.

Offer your clients high-quality games with live dealers and reliable software for online casino recognized all around the world. StarGame is a world famous company. Our services are the key to the success of your business!

You may contact us by:


How to win at roulette?

The main goal of all fans of live roulette is to beat a gambling establishment, whether it is an internet cafe, a land-based or a virtual casino. There are many strategic calculations and ideas created to help gamblers. To get the greatest possible winnings, you need to make thoughtful bets and know which roulette combinations bring the best results.

How to win at live roulette?

Some establishments track, maintain lists, and even block players who often win. Players should analyse the game combinations in order to more realistically see their winning odds. A gambling house should be suspected of dishonesty if, at one point, the player just stops smiling good luck. Why does it happen? In dishonest land-based casino, a ball with a magnet can be used: the magnet pushes it into the necessary sector of the drum. Such a mechanism is activated in the game only if the “unwanted” player has exceeded the conditional limit set by the institution.

How to win live roulette online?

The main advice is to play only on reliable platforms. The first indicator is the expectedly high winning percentage of gaming turnovers. If you are sure that it is reliable internet cafe or casino, then proceed to the second step – evaluating combinations, studying mathematics and gameplay algorithms.

When playing online, try to trace the history of the most frequently drawn numbers. This method will not work in institutions where roulette is centred every day. Exposing dishonest casinos is possible with the help of specialized software that collects and analyses statistical data. Whatever path you take, you will have to be patient and learn all the details of the game in order to get victorious results.

Online Roulette Basics

To increase your winning chances, first of all, choose reliable gambling platforms. Avoid risky all-in bets. Also avoid bets on five numbers on the internal betting field – the percentage of the casino advantage in this case is higher than with other types of bets.

As such, an ideal game strategy does not exist, because in any case, the institution gets at least a minimal percentage of advantage. Reliable gaming platforms for playing roulette with live dealers online always have a guaranteed background: they offer the maximum possible duration of a game with a fixed bet, set limits on maximum bets and the possibility to hit a big win.

A smart player is aware that there is no such gambling system that will consistently bring only wins. At the same time, you can have a good time, get a decent reward for your knowledge and efforts, as well as just relax and trust Lady Luck by playing on the world-famous StarGame platform.

Where to play live roulette?

Let your clients access high-quality games online – play from a desktop pc, mobile devices: tablet or smartphone in a browser or use an Android application. StarGame is a trusted platform, it is a reliable provider of online games and slots!

Roulette with live dealers, live baccarat and popular variations of live poker are available 24 hours a day in HD quality!

For cooperation, please contact our consultants by:


Basics of Deuces Wild video poker strategy

The complete strategy for Deuces Wild video poker is not easy for beginners. And it is not always worth it to spend time memorizing all the rules. You can take advantage of simplified, basic tips, with the help of which you can almost the same successfully conduct a game and get pleasure and a reward.

Remember that on a long distance, land-based and online casino always win, but on a short one, a sensible player can expect to win or at least to get equal winning chances.

Deuces Wild Video Poker Strategy

The game strategy depends on the cards you got. Consider the options.

  1. You have deuces
  • If there are 4 deuces in your cards.

You cannot collect better combination, which means you should keep all the cards.

  • Three deuces.

You may leave your cards for Wild Royal Flash or Five of a Kind combination. Otherwise, please keep only deuces.

  • Two deuces.

You can leave any combination of cards: from Four of a Kind and higher. You can also leave any 4 cards for Royal Flash. Otherwise keep deuces only.

  • One deuce.

Leave should be any combination of cards that is paid. Defeat should only be done when you have 4 cards under your Royal Flash. Also, leave 4 cards under the combination of Straight Flash and 3 under Royal Flash. If this is not possible, then discard all cards, except for the only two that you initially had.

  1. You have four deuces – as described above, this is the most favourable case, keep all the cards.
  1. There are no deuces in the cards dealt to you. There are several options:
  • You can keep all the combinations that are paid. It’s worth breaking them only if you have 4 cards in your hands for Royal Flash.
  • Leave 4 cards for Straight Flash or Flash.
  • Leave 3 cards for Royal Flash.
  • Leave two 10, two jacks, two queens, or two kings of the same suit.
  • Leave any pair of cards. Leaving two pairs should only be useful in exceptional cases, when in your game variation the Full House will be paid as Four of e Kind.
  • If you haven’t got any of the above options, discard all 5 cards and get another set.

You may print this short list of strategy options and use it while playing in the Internet cafe or online casino. Think about your decisions as much as you need, and do not rush while playing at the virtual table.


Deuces Wild Video Poker Strategy Mistakes

Inexperienced players, as a rule, make the same mistakes and disrupt the classic Deuces Wild strategy.

  1. They save the cards of the highest rank in a situation where it is enough to keep only a deuce.
  2. They prefer to discard the deuce which is absolutely not recommended, even if you have almost a Royal Flash.
  3. Leaving a deuce and any other card is also a completely wrong decision, no matter how the game goes.
  4. Choose to split a pair of cards, hoping to hit Flash or Straight. Remember that it is a pair that gives you great chances to win.
  5. Leaving two pairs is also not always a profitable decision, since the Full House combination in this video poker is paid not generously.

Try to avoid these classic mistakes. Let the simplified Deuces Wild video poker strategy help you build the game properly.

Play video poker and online slots from trusted developers only. Honest mathematics, user-friendly interface, and reliable protection of your funds guarantee the pleasure of the game. To get higher wins, after training on a simplified strategy of the game, you can switch to a more complicated strategy for professionals.

The StarGame platform offers several types of video poker for an exciting pastime for the visitors of your Internet cafe and casino. To set up a gambling hall with StarGame games, please contact our consultants by:

The secret of the popularity of games with live dealers

What is interesting in the games with live dealers?

StarGame is a licensed online games provider offering an interesting and profitable pastime for your clients.

Your land-based casino or internet cafe visitors are offered an opportunity to join the world of table games with live dealers that have become so popular recently. Having built a business on the StarGame platform, your gaming club gets a decent reputation and stable profit, and for your players it is a live communication and fair game which does not depend on the internal settings of the random number generator. For clients of an internet cafe it is one of the most significant factors to trust the internet cafe.

When a player has the opportunity to observe every move of the dealer, control the delivery of cards or the ball on the wheel then the gameplay will be built on a relaxed and trusting interaction, which will undoubtedly keep the client in the club for an even longer time.


Range of online games with live dealers

On the StarGame platform, players have access to the most popular table games with live dealers just like in real land-based casinos.

  1. Baccarat with live dealers

The favorite game among gamers of the whole world got a new breath with the invention of new technologies allowing to broadcast live real game and interact with dealer at the table. This is exactly the game you should not play alone. Live version of baccarat will undoubtedly become the highlight of your internet cafe.


  1. Roulette with live dealers

As in a real institution the player gets into a spectacular atmosphere filled with amazing sounds anxiously waiting for the ball to stop. Hold your breath and enjoy high quality game and easy interaction with the dealer.


  1. Varieties of poker with live dealers.

Live dealers at the poker table will tell you about the rules of the game and easily support the conversation. Poker variations adapted to online format like Hold’em, Caribbean Stud and Three-Card Poker are the most popular games among players. The deck is shuffled by a special machine on the table.


StarGame developers took care of a reliable technical base of the game, continuous gameplay, proper design of the studio and the tables design, sound and lighting. The picture on the player’s screen is clear and bright, the interaction with live dealers is easy and relaxed.

Open a new level of your business offering customers a huge range of games from a reliable supplier StarGame. Visitors appreciate honesty and quality called StarGame!

Contact the consultants at a convenient time for you with any questions about the system that might arise and set up your own online casino with live dealers at:

Pros and cons of table games with live dealers.

 Gambling business is developing rapidly, offering players new exciting opportunities to spend their free time.

For those who like playing remotely there is an opportunity to play with live dealers in online casino and this feature has firmly established on the market. If earlier a player could only interact with robots and a random number generator, now you can fully enjoy communication with a live, professional dealer. A weighty advantage is also the fact that the game is completely real and the result of the game does not depend on any remote settings but only on the player’s luck.

Live dealers: the pros and cons for online casino players

Only the most serious and reliable companies can offer access to the online games with live dealers. Dealers undergo special training, besides that they should also have an attractive appearance and have the skills to easily start and continue a conversation with the participants.

In virtual live casino players find themselves in a special atmosphere of lively communication and playful atmosphere. The croupier leads the game at the real game table, accepts bets from the players and voices the outcome of the game – all as in a real casino.

It is this genuine surroundings and live communication that is so lacking in virtual casinos. A weighty argument of fans of games with live dealers is also that, as a rule, only providers with a proven license have sufficient resources to organize such games.

Pros of Live Casino

The skillful combination of web technologies and well-organized game sessions in the land-based clubs and internet cafe brought a fresh and now so popular idea: the format of an online casino with live dealers.

Games with live dealers have lots of advantages:

  1. Players follow and see every move of the dealer.
  2. The most realistic atmospheric settings of the playing hall with accompanying sounds and background design.
  3. High quality graphics give an absolutely realistic feeling of the game and the club.
  4. In the games with live dealers you sit at the real gaming table, so neither bots nor random number generators affect the game. Only your personal luck decides.
  5. The ability to interact with live croupiers.

Difficulties or disadvantages of live casino:

There always are some nuances that matter for some players. Let’s review it.

  1. There is no possibility to communicate with other players at the table.
  2. Player must understand English
  3. Requirements for minimum internet connection speed

Live dealers liven up the already interesting and favorite games. When playing on reliable websites of proven online games providers, your clients can be sure that they will have a good time and no fraud or technical problems will distract their attention.

Join the team of successful StarGame dealers, the company that has proven itself in all corners of the planet. You may contact our consultants by:


High Rollers in slots. High Rollers Promotion

Playing big stakes is interesting, risky, and, most importantly, it opens up opportunities to get even bigger winnings. Only people with a sufficient funds or professionals who know their business thoroughly can afford to place huge stakes in land-based or online casino, in poker rooms or in bookmakers.

These players are called high rollers. They can be seen playing big at online and land-based casino both.

  1. High Rollers in Poker

Broadcasts of poker tournaments with high rollers attract the attention of viewers around the world, for such players there are special games arranged with impressive stakes and solid entrance fees that can reach a million dollars and above. Accordingly, there will be huge wins, in poker tournaments history one of the most significant wins was an amount of above eighteen million US dollars.

Tournaments are also organized for highrollers online. For participation it is more profitable to get into the corresponding qualifying tournament with many times smaller entrance fees than the total price of a ticket for the main tournament. In satellite tournaments, the organizer of the competition will pay extra for the full cost of the entry fee.

  1. High Rollers in Casino

Online slots and land-based casino offer to play with different cost of credit – game currency units. This way, the player can bet an equivalent of tiny amounts or the equivalent of hundreds and thousands of dollars. The winning amount will be proportional to the bet.

Thus, a high roller in a casino is determined by the amount of money placed per one bet. In just a few minutes you can spend all money or win a fortune! There are not so many people in the world who can afford such an exciting and costly pleasure.

The most popular world institutions hire whole teams of people who seek and attract high stakes fans. According to statistics, 80% of the most “rich customers” are Asians. The most popular among them are the luxury resort cities of the East – Macau and Singapore, as well as the favorite casinos of the Principality of Monaco and Australia.

Favorite games of high rollers in casino are board games, such as blackjack, baccarat, poker, roulette and others. In some games, the highest stakes are limited, so before you start a game, you should get familiar with the general rules in each individual casino.

  1. Highrollers in Slots

Slot machines also attract high rollers. The opportunity to place big stakes and get good rewards in locations with licensed slots machines is a sure chance to replenish your capital.

By rotating the reels of the slots from reliable manufacturers, the player can entrust the operator with sufficiently large sums and be sure of the timely payout of his winnings.

Highrollers in slots can be easily identified: they choose the game options based on the highest possible rates. And that means the reward will be the maximum possible too.

StarGame developers offer several hundreds of high-quality, original slots from the best developers with the possibility to bet with high stakes and with the most appropriate denomination value. This in an option which high rollers and all gamblers will surely like.

Learn how to open an internet cafe and start a gambling business that will be profitable, reliable and popular. Contact the consultants with any questions about the system by:


Online games with live dealers

The StarGame gaming platform offers online games with live dealers ready to be integrated into existing online casinos. The most favorable gaming conditions supported by advanced technologies and high-quality streaming HD visualization create a reliable basis for the successful work of operators of internet cafe, gaming halls and online casinos around the world.

StarGame collaborates with the world-famous Land Based Casinos network of studios. Live dealers and personnel undergo the necessary training to provide the most high-quality and pleasant service to your customers in real time.

The most popular live dealer table games are European Live Roulette and Baccarat Live, as well as popular poker variations such as Texas Hold’em Live, Caribbean Stud Poker Live and Three-Card Poker Live.

Play games with live dealers 24/7 from any device! StarGame offers:

  1. Desktop version for Windows OS, Linux OS.
  2. Browser version for smartphones, tablets and laptops.
  3. Android application

Online games with live dealers and their advantages

  1. Multicurrency

Set preferable and convenient settings to ensure that the software is in demand among all customers, regardless of the currency selected in the online casino.

  1. Additional bets

Placing additional bets will make the game even more fascinating for beginners and professionals interested in online gambling.

  1. 24/7 technical support

Employees provide round-the-clock technical support of the product, including by telephone. Avoiding online fraud cases and transparent play ensure your clients have a quality experience.

  1. It is possible to play in a convenient format for the player from a laptop or mobile devices, tablet, smartphone.

 If you have any questions or are you just going to open an internet cafe and join the team of successful StarGame dealers, please contact our consultants at any time convenient for you: