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Sports betting online. The most profitable gambling business for professionals

The profitability of casino games is constantly analyzed by mathematicians, amateur players, and businessmen who want to build their business on the players’ love for risk. The math of gambling is a real science but the chances of winning differ for land-based casinos and for Internet cafe.

Indeed, winning odds often give privilege to gambling establishments but experienced players or just lucky ones always have a real opportunity to hit the jackpot. For example, a popular game called blackjack can be beaten by simple calculation of cards. Besides, it’s absolutely legal. Online betting odds in one of the most profitable games called video poker can also be calculated in the long run.

What is the best casino game?

This amazing question has different answers for different institutions, depending also on their specific rules, as well as on your personal gaming preferences and playing talent. That’s why every game has its followers, as well as in any other sphere of human activity.

The use of gaming strategies

Many players do not have enough time, assiduity and desire to learn and apply real gaming strategies in practice because they play only for the sake of entertainment. And they are quite happy with it. How many emotions appear when you buy even the cheapest lottery tickets online or in a bookmaker’s office? The chances of winning are scanty, but in the news we often hear about the new millionaires and their new life.

A certain type of casino players relies even on superstitions, or templates for choosing the right solutions from everyday life, which has nothing to do with the rules of strategy behind the gambling table.

There are rare games of a more complex level, their rules must be well learnt and each move must be carefully analyzed. Consequently, fewer visitors are interested in taking new challenges. But the harder is the game, the higher are your chances.

Sports betting

Sports betting requires a long time to analyze the coefficients. Even professionals spend several hours to find a discrepancy in the stated coefficients, because that’s what makes their profit. You will be surprised, but in fact sports betting is the most profitable sphere of gaming. Here the efforts will be adequately rewarded. StarGame is a professional in the sports betting market, the team of developers has many years of experience designing and supporting software for processing the results of sports events.

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In what countries is greyhound racing most popular and legal?


Greyhound racing is most popular in the following countries:

  1. UK

Dog racing is an incredibly popular industry in the United Kingdom. Thus, in 2016 this event was visited by more than 3 million people in almost 6000 meetings. Currently in the United Kingdom there are 23 registered and licensed tracks as well as tote betting system. The 1st modern race of greyhounds was held in 1926.

  1. Ireland

Dog racing is a very popular entertainment in Ireland. It is also a prestigious business since about 90% of trained dogs in the United Kingdom are imported from Irish nurseries.

  1. Australia

Racing in Australia is regulated by a range of state governing bodies that control dogs living conditions, their well-being, and are engaged in greyhound adoption programs. Also, individual states control the purchase and sale of trained puppies.

  1. New Zealand

Annually about seven hundred dogs are prepared for sports racing in New Zealand, another two-three hundred are imported from Australia.

At the end of a career the dogs also find shelter. The maintenance of more than 200 individuals who retired is funded by charitable organizations. Some greyhounds become house pets, the rest are taken care by volunteer organizations. In some cases, greyhounds are even returned to overseas owners.

The society also pays special attention to the well-being of dogs, creating organizations for the protection of animal rights as well as researching their welfare, injuries and other indicators.

  1. South Africa

In South Africa these sports are nothing more than amateurish and dogs are kept by their owners. They educate and train them, and carefully keep studbooks to preserve breed purity. A number of organizations control this sport but officially it is not legal.

  1. United States

Greyhound racing is governed by the laws of each individual state. Therefore, its status is divided into three types: it is both legal and practiced in 5 states; legal, but not practiced in 4 states and illegal in the remaining forty states and territory of Guam

The activity of humane community resulted with the total volume of dog racing throughout the country to fall by 67%.

Countries where dog racing is prohibited by law

For example, since the end of 2016 in Argentina everyone who wants to organize and conduct dog racing faces imprisonment and a fine. To avoid such consequences, fans of this sport are switching to online tournament formats in an Internet cafe.

The StarGame company gives the opportunity to enjoy your favorite sports without leaving home and without violating humane laws. You will be pleased with an impressive performance of the impetuous greyhounds. Besides that, you can earn great money by choosing the right betting strategy.

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Dog racing bet types, dog racing classes and betting strategy


It’s hard to believe that dog racing history began thousands of years ago as a competition in the agility and speed between the greyhounds chasing the prey. In a modern and more humane format this gambling hobby was born in the United Kingdom and by this day it remains one of the most popular types of sporting competitions yielding only to football and horse racing. And even outside the United Kingdom such competition between sinewy greyhounds is no longer that much exotic and gains popularity all over the world. A special influence on the development of this sport is the possibility to play from anywhere in a comfortable Internet cafe as well as the opportunity to earn good money by selling the successful dogs.

Greyhound is the fastest breed of dogs but the outcome of the competition does not always depend on the speed of the participants. In addition to the main rules of competitions, players who besides the excitement would also like to win solid prizes, should carefully study all the nuances and secrets of races as well as carefully analyze the history of previous races of each dog.

Rules of competitions

Dog racing is a speed competition between six hunting dogs running along the oval track pursuing artificial prey (mechanical hare). The photofinish is used in such competitions since the finishing time is fixed at the moment when the nose of the animal crosses the finish line. Participants are dressed in the vests of the following colors in a strict order: red, blue, white, black, orange and striped black. The length of the distance, its complexity and additional features vary depending on the race class. 

Racing classes

  1. – the main racing class on 380-520 meters. It is divided into:
    • Top Class (А1-А3) for the fastest dogs – around 61 km/h
    • Middle Сlass(А4-А6) for dogs running at a speed of 59-60 km/h
    • Low class(А7-А11) for animals running at a speed of about 58 km/h
  2. H и HS – races with obstacles on short or long tracks
  3. – sprint races 200-300 meters
  4. IT – for greyhounds from different canidromes
  5. M, S, E greyhound racing on a distance of 575 to 1080 meters, this is a class of long distances
  6. HP – racing with a handicap for slower greyhounds. It is carried out by approximating the starting point several meters closer to the finish line. For example, R2 denotes the movement of the cabin, from which the dog starts, at 2 meters.
  7. OR – show races
  8. – races for young participants
  9. – it is a competition between coaches where the results of the dogs of each coach influence the outcome of the tournament.
  10. – trial racing for beginners (as a rule). The letter T indicates the number of runners.
  11. A.G.S. races – these are the same classical races but they are held in the daytime (less often in the evening) due to the growing demand from betters.

The main bet types

  • Win – the simplest bet on the victory of a dog in a certain run
  • Show – bet that the dog will take one of the prize (1,2 or 3) positions in the run
  • Place only – greyhound will come either first or second
  • Lay – the participant will not be the first on the finish
  • Perfecta – a concurrent bet for two animals that must come first and second in the order you specify
  • Two twists – a bet that is similar to perfection, but you do not specify the precise positions of the winning dogs
  • Trifecta – bet on the exact sequence of finishing of three winners
  • Superfecta is similar to the trifecta but for four dogs respectively
  • Other bets – for the successive wins of one dog in two races, for the victory of one of the two specified dogs, etc.

Factors affecting the outcome of races

A serious approach to this kind of sport involves studying the previous results of each participant. Each animal has a different type of training. By winning sprint distances, a dog will not be able to adequately show itself at long distances. Some dogs get tired quickly and others warm up only after a few tracks. In addition, only the active participants of races show stable results, respectively, it is very difficult to predict the behavior on the track for the greyhounds who did not take part in races for a long time.
We also recommend you to consider that the weather contributes significantly to the outcome of the contests. For animals it is also important what position they start. For example, dogs who usually start from the first boxes will run on the inner circle of the track, and will interfere with other participants if they start running from last boxes. That’s why it’s so important to study each dog, its character and preferences. 

Peculiarities of dog racing
The advantage of racing between four-legged participants is that the competitions take place all year round. The shortcoming is a short-term pleasure – the gambling spectacle lasts only 4-10 minutes, which at the same time will appeal to impatient beaters, waiting first of all for the result of races and cash profit.
This kind of sports competition will become a major income item for those players who are ready to learn its rules and complicated nuances. It is the kind of sport where the result is worth the effort!