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Downswing or a losing streak in poker. How to act?

Downswing is the so-called losing streak in poker. At a certain period, the player receives bad cards but even good cards do not bring any winnings anyway. The protracted period of bad luck can completely discourage the desire to continue the game and enjoy gambling. And if you have ever played a serious poker game, you know how demoralizing such periods are.

A player can get into an emotional state called tilt, losing self-control, making lots of mistakes in the game and losing even larger amounts. Most often, players get into tilt after a series of losses. Winning period is called upswing correspondingly.

If you are an experienced poker player, then you understand the inevitability of ups and downs. The reason is not that opponents suddenly began to play masterfully or the deck itself is against you. That is the nature of the game. Accordingly, good players have the ability to adequately cope with these conditions.

Downswing is measured by the number of hands won during a streak of bad luck. And professional players in this case recommend a stop-loss method. It is simple: to stop and set the amount of a bankroll or invested capital which you can lose before you pause the game. In general, it is 10% of the total bankroll. It gives you time to analyze your actions and return to a stable psycho-emotional state.

Stop-loss duration

  1. A stop loss for a session gives you a few hours to have a rest emotionally and get back to the game.
  2. Stop loss for a day lasts twice as long, up to 1-2 days, if the player needs more time to return to a stable confident state.

Dealing with a poker downswing

  1. Take a pause.

You will really feel better after a few hours or days of relaxation. Refresh your head and calm down.

  1. Accept the fact that this is only a period of game that does not depend on your skills.

In the long run, your skills dominate, not short-term luck.

  1. Lower bids.

You risk not only your morale state but also a bankroll. Start placing smaller bets, it is easier to concentrate when competition is softer. Returning your winning attitude, you can return to the usual rhythm of the game.

  1. Rate the game from the side

Ask yourself: you have no luck or have you began to take more risks and often fall into marginal situations?

  1. Focus

Think about the logic of the decisions. Go through this losing streak and choose the best options for acting in a particular situation.


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Gambling etiquette

If you learned about gambling at your pc or mobile phone, you may not know the general etiquette, the rules and restrictions for playing in land-based casino and Internet cafe.

Here are some simple tips for making your first visit to a casino or gaming room safe and smooth.

  1. Leave the selfie stick at home

Most, if not all casino in the world do not please the clients who take pictures in the gambling hall. So, if you want to capture some picture or yourself on the background of noisy roulette slots or slot machines, then just buy a postcard. Otherwise, casino security and safety workers may have questions for you.

  1. Turn off mobile

Mobile conversations not only distract other players trying to concentrate on playing blackjack, but are generally considered rude. In most cases, the dealer will ask you to turn off the phone during the game or move away from the table during the call.

  1. Dress accordingly

While many large casino in Las Vegas have absolutely no dresscode rules (you can even come in sandals and a Hawaiian shirt), many others have a clear policy. Depending on where you are, you may have to wear a shirt or elegant pants, but sneakers may mean that you have to go a long way home to change clothes. Think about it before you arrive and make sure that you are dressed accordingly. And, of course, for men and women it is important to remind that walking topless is definitely not allowed even if you play in the resort area.

  1. No alcohol

Casinos are fun playgrounds where adults can relax and have a good time playing games of chance. But don’t let the booze overwhelm you and spoil the gambling experience – yours and all other players.

  1. Buying chips

Buying chips is probably the easiest mistake that new casino players make when they sit down at a board game. First, make sure you know the minimum and maximum rates for each table, as they vary. They are clearly displayed on the boards, so do not get behind the roulette and do not bet 5 units, only to understand that the minimum rate is 10 units.

To buy chips, never give cash to the dealer; better put them on the table in front of you when you sit down at the game table. The dealer understands it, checks the amount and turns your money into chips.

  1. Listen to the dealer

If the roulette wheel croupier says: “No more bets,” that is what he means. If you are not sure how exactly the game is played, then look at the gameplay before you join or at least start with more simple games. The best rule is to listen carefully to the dealer who directs the course of the game.

  1. Cash out

Since the roulette chips have a special color, you will need to cash them before leaving the table. Indicate the croupier whose table you want to leave (waiting for the end of the spinning when they are less distracted), and he will replace your roulette chips with regular casino money chips. The same goes for blackjack or dice.

  1. Chip processing

At the roulette table, the dealer will provide you with chips of a different color. This should distinguish your chips from everyone else. Remember your color and find out where the chips should be placed correctly for the bet. Do not be afraid to contact the dealer for help if you need; That way, you won’t lose your bet by putting chips in the wrong place.

Never move or remove chips while roulette wheel spinning or blackjack hands and do not touch the chips of other players.

The dealer places the winning chips on top of your bets on the table and leaves them. In this case, your task is to remove the chips if you want, or “let them win” at the next bet.

  1. Keep your emotions

Casino games should be friendly and interesting for both you and other players at the table. Do not become enraged when you lose, and do not start blaming the dealer or arguing with other players.

  1. Learn to tip

If you are not in a country where dealers cannot accept tips, then you are expected to leave a small amount to the dealer when you get up to leave the table. It should not be big and does not force you to sacrifice most of your stack if you have a good win.

Enjoy the game in gambling halls or casino that use proven gaming platforms with high-quality games and secure software, following the recommendations above. Lady Luck smiles on players who are tuned to a positive outcome.

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Social gaming platforms and mobile gambling apps

Modern life offers many tools for communication, learning and entertainment. All this is offered to us from social networks. One of the most popular types of entertainment is social gambling, with an important difference from real casino games: in the first case you do not play for money, but just have a good time with the opportunity to earn bonuses to access additional gaming or network features.

Playing in social games is free, which means it is safer and more accessible for various categories of players of different ages and geographic locations. Such games can also change the perception and increase the loyalty of gamblers for real money in land-based casinos and Internet cafe.

Based on the foregoing, we see that social games have become a successful alternative for players in whose country of residence real online gambling is banned at the legislative level. Do your customers have access to land-based casino games, but want to play for real money? Looking for high-quality software for online casino?

The casino and gambling software provider StarGame offers a solution: a mobile application for devices on the Android platform. Cashout is carried outside the application, allowing players to enjoy high-quality honest video slots and table card games from every corner of the planet. The availability of payment services for accepting payments online, as well as remote payment methods such as bank cards, e-wallets, payment terminals, Internet banking and even payment from a mobile phone account make online games affordable and easy.

How to attract gamblers of your region?

  1. Target audience

Gamblers are the target audience. If you are the owner of a land-based casino or Internet cafe, invite customers to try to play also from smartphones. This method also works to quickly attract friends, acquaintances and other interested categories.

  1. Theme

Follow the current popular trends in gambling. StarGame offers games with a variety of subjects: from historical, cinematic to cartoons and fantasy. Properly selected storylines, popular in your area, complemented by bright high-quality graphics and sound effects work perfectly. StarGame slots are successful on all continents, and the range of games is constantly expanding with bright innovations.

  1. Interface

The game application should be not only professionally designed, but also simple and understandable for any player. Software from StarGame developers has an intuitive design, not overloaded with unnecessary options and buttons. Players always have access to main sections, such as game rules, paytables, bonuses, etc.

  1. Privileges

The interest of users is fueled by a well-thought system of bonuses from StarGame, including a unique 25% bonus for the gaming industry, a deposit without wager requirements or other additional conditions, as well as a cashback bonus of up to 25%. High-quality games and honest maths are the main guarantee that players want to return to your establishment and recommend StarGame games and online slots to other visitors.

  1. Security

Honest and transparent gaming policy is the greatest secret of success in casino business, card games and slots. To attract and retain clientele, you need to ensure the safety of gameplay, confidentiality of users personal information and the integrity of winnings. This is the only way to make a positive impression on your social segment and confirm the name of an honest institution.

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Mathematics of honest, real roulette

“Nobody can win playing roulette, except that he can steal money from the gaming table while the dealer is distracted.” These words are attributed to the outstanding scientist Einstein.

Are such words true? And we do not take into account wheels with offset, which increase the odds of certain numbers to appear. In general, Einstein implied the impossibility of the existence of such mathematical tricks that would give you an advantage in roulette. Each next spin does not depend on the previous one, and as a result, the gambling establishment remains in the black. It is a significant difference from, for example, blackjack, because in this game the odds are changed as the cards are dealt.

There still are the players convinced that there are real ways to win and have an advantage in this game. The bottom line is that stakes can be placed in a certain winning way. Is it so?

Layout of roulette table and wheel

Roulette wheel layout wasn’t invented randomly. It was cleverly thought out to possess certain characteristics. In general, 2 main layouts exist: American and European. The first has 2 zeros, which in turn gives casino a twice as big advantage and player loses 5.26% during the game. In European one, on the long run player loses 2.7% in total.

The arrangement of numbers is different in both wheel types, still there are some similar features, for example the alternation of numbers of different colors (reds/blacks). And if the zeros are removed, the American version will remain with a clear sequence of these two colours. The wheel structure is based one idea that numbers from 1 to 18 and larger numbers from 19 to 36 should be alternated as good as possible.

The European wheel violates this rule only when the five is near the ten (small numbers). The wheel of American type violates such rule much more often. That is why it does not have such a strong balance as the other one. On both wheel types the way the numbers are distributed tends to the best possible uniformity, but of course some sequence irregularities sometimes happen.

An example of the symmetry of the European version of the game:

  1. All small numbers of a red colour and big black ones are on one side of 0, and the rest (big red and low blacks) are on the other side.
  2. The chain of 29-seven-28-12-35-three-26-0-32 numbers doesn’t include numbers from the range starting with 13 and up to 24. Stakes on the second ten numbers are accepted by a factor of 2 to 1.

So, is it possible to outsmart math?

Even by searching in Google, you will find many so-called winning strategies. All of them combine game tactics and management of your bankroll. Martingale system is probably the most famous, it recommends to place double bet after each losing bet. Do not be surprised, but unfortunately it is one of the fastest and easiest ways to go bankrupt in this game. Because land-based and online casinos or internet cafe remain winners in the long run, even if on a short distance you feel that you are can keep your winner’s status.

Honest roulette and its math.

Having spent time studying the wheel, placing bets, selecting numbers and calculating bankroll, do not forget that mathematics always works quietly against the player. If you understand Einstein’s humor and are not going to take money from the gaming table, then play the game intuitively, choose numbers at random and trust your luck.

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Gambling and online slots in Brazil

Brazil is one of the largest countries in Latin America which has recently faced a financial crisis but stubbornly struggles for prosperity and development. What is the situation with the game industry in this sunny country?

Gambling in Brazil

In recent years, a number of bans on various types of online gambling has been revised, including banning instant bingo lotteries, national lotteries, slot machines, online poker and sports betting on horse racing. Online and land-based casino, lotteries and betting bring substantial inflows to the country’s budget and are part of the planned revenues in the upcoming 2019.

Brazil is not the first country that is trying to defeat the shadow gambling business with its well-considered legalization. In this country the annual shadow turnover from gambling exceeds five billion dollars.

Today, the most popular are online gambling and virtual sports betting at the national level championships, and so far the work of online casino and bookmaker’s is not limited, although they operate illegally.

The legislative base

Enrichment of the state treasury by regulating the sphere of gambling and online casino is the most appropriate scenario for real life, since prohibitions are rarely effective, and what is the most important, they are not always reasonably organized. This argument is especially strong after the financial crisis that hit the country in recent years.

Expected payout amount to the national treasury is over than ten billion US dollars every year. Such numbers forced the government to open discussions on the regulation and legalization of this business and its removal from the shadow sphere.

The process is blocked for a number of reasons. The most important is to:

  • Comply with all regulatory requirements;
  • Make a comprehensive research of the real market of online gambling;
  • Get real instruments to prevent money laundering;
  • Structure penalties for non-compliance with the established rules;
  • Arrange sophisticated management of VIP rooms in land-based casino;
  • Separately organize the gambling in internet cafe in the resort areas.

Future prospects

A legally operating gambling business could make Brazil one of the richest Latin American countries. Experts in the field of gambling, large foreign investors, owners of existing internet cafe and clubs, and players are still waiting for the final and fateful decision of government bodies. As soon as the legal basis is approved and the political intensity in the upper ranks of the government is reduced, the parties concerned will resume discussion of the issue.

Summing up, at the moment, the field of online gambling in Brazil remains unregulated, but it is already on the verge of obtaining a formal legal framework and full legal functioning.

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Loss Disguised as a Win in slots

Almost on all current slot machines there is one tricky feature – it is a partial victory or “loss that is disguised as a victory”.

Its been a long time since online slots have switched from the simple format with 3 reels and 1 line to the popular multi-line video slots with 5 reels and 25 and even more paylines, the profitability score for a player at short intervals can hardly be identified due to some features found in popular gambling sites and platforms.

By encouraging people to play on more than 1 line, online and land-based casino have created a specific gameplay where players get a winning on almost each and every spin.

In spite of the increased winnings frequency, the return rate is often much lower than the whole bet amount, for example, winning of 10 units after a bet of 50. So 80% are lost but it is followed by the same music and sound as the big victory, and it is located on the same part of ​​the screen where the victories are displayed.

Special symbols, free spins and progressive rewards

Since it’s difficult to notice the blunders on modern gambling machines, game developers have included new interesting options, for example combinations of symbols that give free spins, progressive rewards and mini games that trigger new features and situations that look like winnings and often not guarantee an increase of the winnings value itself.

For example, some special symbols appear on the reels and trigger ten free spins when three of them appear in a row anywhere on the player’s screen. Such symbols often cause a specific music or sounds when they appear; and even if only two symbols appear, in many games the music will start playing, the lights around the reel flashes and the spinning speed will be accelerated to increase the significance of the event.

If you see such events on the screen, you have a feeling that you’ve just hit the jackpot; and frankly speaking, ten free spins are 10x higher opportunity to win huge money, aren’t they? The truth is that these ten free spins do not make changes to quite low probability to win on any other spin and can still lead to a money loss. In many slots, the features described above have completely replaced the standard jackpots.

Reliable gambling software

These features have one essential idea: they give casinos an opportunity to show more results, felt like a victory and not to increase the actual payout. The question of a best way to manage such manipulations with “almost winning” losses is relevant. Eventually, it is up to a player to decide whether to choose games with such artificial illusions.

With the increased number of suppliers and gaming platforms on the gambling market, it is worth trusting only proven developers. Reliable software for internet cafe and gambling halls from StarGame company guarantees fair play for all parties involved. More than 10 years on the gambling market have formed a stable and honest name of the company around the world.

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GGY (GGR) Gambling Income Indicators

GGY (Gross Gambling Yield) or the so-called total income from gambling is a measure of profitability, calculated once the gambling establishment has paid out the money won by visitors. The withdrawal of winning bets among the total number of bets and other game fees is implied in it. GGY does not imply the cost of additional services (for example meals at land-based casinos) or online technical support. GGY does not include the amount of compensation paid to players.

An affiliate type of cooperation represents the revenue share where partners are supposed to receive a part of the profits that was brought to the client by them. For example, an affiliate attracts players to online casino and then a percentage of their loss is redirected to him.

GGY (GGR) calculation

The revenue share of GGY means the share of casino revenue that stockholders, affiliates and other parties who have cooperated with the gambling establishment are going to share among themselves. It is one of the main features that indicate the profitability of a gambling resource and its corresponding reports to the tax authorities.

Proprietary GGY

It is essential to tell how the revenue share of GGY indicator differs from the proprietary GGY.

Proprietary GGY describes the gross profitability of games obtained by a gambling establishment too. It is deducted from the total profit of casino and combines all bets lost by players. It also includes the insurance % and entry fees that are required in poker. In two words, proprietary GGY is the direct casino profits portion.

Essential to note, that the basic characteristic of proprietary GGY is that it is not accessible to stockholders under an income contract.

GGY and proprietary GGY distinction

Profitability of GGY holds a basic distinction from the proprietary GGY which lies in the fact that the first indicator includes the sum of the gross income of a gambling establishment (it will necessarily be shared between partner parties and the stockholders), and the 2nd one relates to income belonging only to the owner of a gambling establishment.

Slot Machine Myths Explained

Honest slots from licensed developers are working on 100% honest principles of game mathematics. The calculation is based on:

  • Combinations of symbols dropped on the reels
  • Winnings described in the paytable of each slot
  • The rules according to which the bonus features and their odds to appear are activated.
  • Bonus feature settings


The profit of honest gambling clubs is determined in the long term only and is based on the work of a random number generator supported by a corresponding gambling license.

Thus, we can easily explain the old myths about the slot machines in the Internet cafes and land-based casinos.

  1. Cycles of winning combinations

This is a rule according to which players must wait until the winning period starts and begin to play at that particular time. In fact, all so-called variations of winning combinations cycles are based only on random processes, and are the result of absolutely random numbers.


  1. Slot machines pay out only if they have enough money.

This myth came from the era of real slot machines where the prize was paid directly from the slot machine. Even if your winnings amount is higher than the cash in the terminal, the difference will be paid from the internet cafe cashier.

All operations in modern slot machines are made on remote servers and money is deposited, stored and cashed out by employees of the gaming club from the cashier.


  1. The autospin feature brings smaller winnings than the manual spin of the reels.

Players who are aware of the principles according to which slots work, know that having a RNG license to use a random number generator guarantees fair mathematics and it absolutely never depends on the principle of influence on the lever or the spin button.


To sum it up, we have the general ideas of how the slots work in the clubs that use StarGame software from the best gaming software developers:

  1. The RNG generates a random
  2. The math center of the slots performs the required calculations with this number and stops the reels
  3. Next, the result of the spin is calculated.
  4. This result is displayed on the game monitor.

Your winnings depend only on your luck and are not influenced by the previous spin history. Enjoy excitement and hot emotions, entrust the entire technical part of the game to experienced StarGame developers.

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How to Become a Professional Bonus Hunter

To get not only pleasure but a stable profit from gambling and slots, you need a clear tactic and certain character traits, such as purposefulness, patience, mental stamina and willpower. Only the most prudent and attentive players can join the ranks of professional bonus hunters.

There are several conditions to become successful bonus hunter:

  1. Selection of only proven gambling clubs that honestly pay out the winnings.
  2. A generous bonuses campaign in selected land-based and online casino (reload bonuses, free games).
  3. Low requirements for wagers in bonus campaigns, otherwise none of the bonus hunting strategies guarantees profits.
  4. It is necessary to adhere to the basic rules of wagering: at least 200 x preferred bet amount must remain on the player’s balance.
  5. Select the casinos that do not require passport data and other documents to verify and confirm your game account. Your profit is stable until the gambling club has becomes aware of the connection between several accounts of yours.


Where can I find the most profitable casino bonuses?

The game tactics are pretty monotonous, the most attention is required when looking for the most suitable bonus campaigns and the most generous gambling clubs.

  • Bonus hunting is successful only in honest casinos with reliable software for gambling halls.
  • It is most convenient to work with Internet cafe that accept / withdraw funds to Visa / MasterCard.
  • It is necessary be attentive when monitoring news and promotional offers containing information about bonus campaigns. It is also convenient to draw up a schedule of deposits for the nearest future.
  • Next, you select campaigns with the lowest wager requirements which directly increases your profit.
  • It is enough to play regularly in no more than 10 gambling clubs for your profit to be stable.


Bonus hunters control

Usually the most effective way to control bonus hunters is the geographical criterion for tracking players, since those are the players from the former CIS countries (Russia, Ukraine) who are the most skillful using virtual machines and software to change MAC and IP addresses and succeed in hunting for endless bonuses. Because in many casino, citizens of these countries cannot qualify for bonuses for the first few deposits.

In any case, bonus hunting even on the bonuses that do not require direct deposits will be an excellent way to practice in the game without risking losing real money. Play fair and win big in the gambling halls on the StarGame platform. Only a proven developer of online slots software guarantees a pleasant pastime and great winnings!

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Bonus hunters and bonus hunting in honest casino

Who are the bonus hunters? How to play and not violate the rules established by casino? What are the legitimate ways to beat the casino using only intellectual schemes and formulas? Which online casino offer the most beneficial bonuses and wager requirements?

Bonus hunters look for an opportunity to safely win real money relying on low wager requirements and a cold math.

Honest online and land-based casino develop a variety of bonus programs to attract professional gamblers and new customers. Marketing has no boundaries:

  • bonuses on deposit
  • purchase of goods for accumulated points
  • exchange of collected points for real money
  • reward in the form of additional games
  • reload bonuses

Choosing the right strategy in every single casino, bonus hunters create their own formula for money wagering and their subsequent withdrawal through payment systems, electronic wallets, bank cards and accounts.


  1. The player deposits 10 to his online casino account. A deposit bonus of 50% and a 40x wager have been offered. The player is obliged to bet a total of 200. Only when the terms of bonus offer are completed it will be possible to withdraw these funds.
  2. The RTP is 98%. The player bets low amounts, does not get excited and does not raise the bets, following the strategy of the balance to be equal to 200 x bet size.
  3. Playing a wager according to the terms of the bonus offer, bonus funds as well as initial deposit are withdrawn through the selected payment system.
  4. Next, the player waits for the next favourable moment for the deposit, to which a reload bonus or an individual bonus with wager requirements is applied.


Some gambling clubs limit the size of the maximum bet during the accumulation of a wager or the ability to win back bonuses in certain slots. Bonus hunters look for the trusted casinos that use honest software for gambling halls and online casinos which do not limit the list of games or the size of bets. The most popular are those gambling clubs that have the best:

  • Bonuses
  • Wagers
  • Possible limits on the withdrawals the specified period of time
  • Speed ​​of payment after withdrawal request
  • General characteristics of reliability and honesty
  • Free bonuses or no deposit bonuses (welcome bonuses)

Also smart developers include the autospin feature for a more convenient game. Thus, the machine can make dozens or even a hundred bets per minute. Thus, helping the player not only to play, but also to enjoy the gameplay.

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