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Read the review of minimum requirements for gaming monitors for Internet cafes. We will talk about what is sure to be in your devices, and what can be ignored.

You have to compare. Gaming monitors are no exception

High-quality images on the monitor – something without which there will be visitors to Internet cafes, because for the gamer picture, if not all, then certainly half the fun of the gameplay. So you need to choose a responsible gaming monitors to places.

Should I buy an expensive device, which only appeared on the market and have extremely high performance? Try to understand what is sufficient for your purposes, comparing different types of monitors for their most important parameters.

The Matrix

There are three basic types of matrices: VA, IPS, TN.

TN panels have long been considered the only option for gaming systems, because the speed of response from them only 2 ms. But on the other parameters, they are very inferior to other types.

And although the VA and IPS have an average response time of 5 ms, comparing gaming monitors such matrices with monitors based on TN is not much difference in the illumination of pixels while other more pleasant characteristics (contrast, color reproduction, viewing angles). Therefore, monitors with VA and IPS matrices are more popular in the gaming environment.


Invalid pay attention only to the diagonal of the monitor, ignoring the screen resolution. A common standard for gaming systems – 24 ”. But demand and models with a diagonal of 23 to 27.

The optimal resolution for gaming monitor Internet cafe is:

  • 1920 x 1080 FullHD (16: 9). Example – LG 24MP58VQ-P.
  • 1920 x 1200 WUXGA (16:10). Example – Dell UltraSharp U2412M Black.

Versions with 2560 x 1440 (QHD) or 3840 x 2160 (4K UHD) we do not see, because they demand for themselves more productive (and therefore more expensive) graphics card and processor.

H4 – Interfaces

In the current model, in addition to the familiar, but outdated VGA, there are additional ports of modern formats – HDMI and Display Port. Connecting to a PC through them significantly improve image quality. It would be wise to start the purchased system blocks certain sample, and then, on the basis of the available slots, purchasing monitors. From universal monitors will be a good option with Samsung C27F396FHI VA matrix and FullHD. If you want a model with a “full ground meat,” which can then be connected to a new computer – note the NEC MultiSync EA244WMi-BK.

Do not be prevented even touch input support, such as in Iiyama ProLite T2435MSC-B1 or Acer T272HLbmjjz. But this is a luxury that can be ignored.

But the anti-glare screen your visitors, no doubt, will be appreciated. This option will allow users to not be distracted by the glare of lamps and lighting adjacent screens. In addition, from these screens less eye fatigue, which is also a positive impact on customer loyalty to your institution.

License for an internet cafe – procedure of registration of a profitable business. This process depends on the country in which you open institution.

gambling laws – the variety of gambling establishments

Starting your own institution for providing access services to the network and to the games – a painstaking business, enabling the development of a clear business plan and obtaining a license for an internet cafe.

The main centers of the options:

  • directional gaming clubs – they placed the computers that allow you to play on virtual slot machines on the Internet. To hire a service manager;
  • Internet and computer centers – provide PCs to access the Internet, online and offline games. The institutions must be present operator;
  • Internet cafe with android units – virtually identical to the previous one, except for the operating system (Android), under which computers operate. Also require the presence of the operator.

These institutions can only work in one direction or offer additional services – cafe, copy center, a conference hall, service center, etc…

legalization – a mandatory step or not?

According to the laws of gambling launch of any of these centers provides for the registration of the owner in the state structures. However, in practice the situation is somewhat different. As is known, to the law are treated differently in different countries.

For example, in European countries, in North and South America, the punishment is not limited to a fine for non-compliance can be going to jail. In the CIS the level of corruption and taxes are much higher. Here gambling works primarily in the “shadow”, without registration and license.

Criteria for site selection

Selection of premises – a key business success factor. If you select must take into account several factors, in Vol. H. And price.

  • Location

Selected on the basis of your CA, and services offered. Places with high traffic, close to shopping and entertainment centers – in priority. It is important to to an internet cafe can be reached from all parts of the city.

  • Area

Standards under the legalization of gambling are different in each country. For example, in Ukraine, the minimum area for 1 PC is 6.5 m2, 4.5 m2 in Russia and 3 in Britain m2.

  • Zoning

If the list of services includes, for example, a room for viewing broadcasts or renting venues for conferences, should take into account the noise of the playing area. It must be isolated from the common room with soundproofing.

The nuances of provider selection

Not the least role in the success of the business is played by a qualitative Internet channel. In the big cities at the expense of the competition to make the choice easier, and there are many good options, and in regional centers can be 1-2 provider willing to offer a high speed connection for an adequate price.

Open Android gaming cafes will cost a bit cheaper compared to the institution where the planned installation of a PC. This is a profitable and promising business.

Best games for android software – the most popular applications and equipment for them

For the organization of the android gaming cafes require less investment. This is due to the fact that the purchase of equipment will be cheaper. The android-top box is used as the main working element. This is the same PC, but it runs on the Android system. Available devices in the form of a small box, the box, the size of no more than Wi-Fi router or USB flash drive. They have a lot of connectors, in Vol. H. USB, HDMI, OTG.

By consoles can be connected to modern monitors, wired and wireless mouse and keyboard, to supplement the built-in SD-card memory, creating a full DAW. In addition to slot machines, they can go to the Internet, watch videos and listen to music, work with documents and specialized applications. You get a relatively inexpensive analog of PCs working on “Android”. OS version in modern devices from 4.3, which ensures compatibility with the vast majority of applications.

What is mounted on android PC?

The range of games available is smaller than PC, but for this platform application development is active. Therefore, every day a new options appear on the market. Best games for android software today consists of traditional slots and a variety of innovative solutions with an interesting and lush graphics, quality sound.

Install them on the device in just a few moments. In addition, you can play with both devices with a touch screen and use the mouse and keyboard connected to the android-block.

Subtleties choice of equipment

Creating android casino, it is very important to choose equipment that ensures a stable and uninterrupted operation of the institution. The main components of the equipment include:

  • monitors or TVs with IPS panel;
  • network equipment (routers, routers) and peripherals (mouse, keyboard, etc…);
  • directly android-blocks, which are the main element of the system.

The modern market offers a wide range of set-top boxes. Produce is often their Chinese factories. The prices depend on the characteristics and other “chips”.

Since the devices are required to support game applications, the parameters that need to pay attention, is the CPU power and RAM. For normal operation of the processor is sufficient for 4 core and 1 GB of RAM. Also, when buying ask about availability of bundled HDMI-cable and connector under it: in this way there is a connection to the screen.

From manufacturers producing relatively inexpensive, but high-quality device, pay attention to the Rockchip, Allwinner, Beelink and Tronsmart. Not bad show themselves UG007 MK808 and devices of different modifications

What mistakes should be avoided at opening a cyber cafe.

So, you have decided to become the owner of the cyber cafe. What  “pitfalls” await novice businessman? Of course, it is impossible to foresee all possible dangers. However, some common mistakes in the opening game of the club can be avoided.

  1. The optimal number of computers.

Rent large room is expensive, but you want to put more computers to accommodate a lot of people! However, in the room should not be cramped. It is necessary to comply with fire safety regulations and provide simple comfort of visitors. When things go up the hill, then think about expanding. But first – convenience for your customers.


  1. cheap equipment.

No business is complete without initial cash investment. The opening of the game cafes – is no exception. If you want to become the owner of а good establishment, do not skimp on equipment. In video games good high system requirements. With a weak graphics card game simply will not work, and an obsolete monitor will not be able to transfer the graphics at the right level. Do not forget that the program needs updating and computer must support them. Gradually replacing the cheap components with higher quality is also very difficult. For example, the old-style housing is not designed for modern details. Thus, you will not be able to avoid compatibility issues. If you are strapped for cash, to purchase equipment will be later, depending on the institution of attendance. At first, the better to put not so many computers, but modern.


  1. Poor internet connection.

Imagine a customer walks into your favorite online game … and all of a sudden the Internet is disconnected. It just should not be! Find information about all available ISP. Read user reviews, call the hotline. You may need more than one Internet Service Provider. In other words, do everything in your power to make access to the Internet was uninterrupted.

  1. Staff.

Of course, we should not treat people discriminate. Having a proper education or work experience does not give an absolute guarantee that the person will work well. However, there is obviously inappropriate for your designate the institution.

  1. Family and friends. The desire to help a loved one naturally, but there is a danger that a special relationship to it can be bad for business. The rest of the employees do not like that someone enjoys privileges. It is necessary to separate work and personal chuvtsva. If you are not sure you can do it – do not risk
  2. You ask drinkers responsible for the bar? Hardly. For the same reason dangerous to employ in the cyber cafe gamers. Of course, such an employee will be able to help clients, as he understands the subject. But there is a chance that he could be tempted and start to play in the workplace. Of course, it will affect the quality of service.
  3. Legacy’s database.


Even the most favorite game can get bored over time. It is necessary to constantly keep abreast of developments and follow the updates in the field of computer games. Of course, some customers love vintage video games, but most people are drawn to novelties. Therefore, it is not necessary to keep the legacy of the game for the sake of nostalgia.

  1. Games, harming business.

Try to keep track of what games are not in demand, and remove them mercilessly. This position can be any video slots, even new. Compute these “pests” and get rid of them!

In the words of Theodore Roosevelt: “Do not mistake Only he who does nothing. Do not be afraid to make mistakes – be afraid to repeat the mistakes of “Follow this principle and you will succeed.!

Gambling business in Peru.

For the development of Latin American countries gambling business have excellent potential. Many South American countries have already actively use the opportunities offered by the casino world. One such country can rightly be called the Republic of Peru.

Peruvian hospitality attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the world. Moreover, everyone can find entertainment in this country to your taste. Casino is no exception to the rule, as the gambling business in Peru is completely legal. We can say that gamblers are provided with all conditions for recreation.

Currently very popular terrestrial gambling houses open for tourists and for citizens of the Republic. Some sources indicate about 40 institutions of different levels. For a country that occupies the world’s 19th place by the area, it is quite a lot. The legal gambling – it’s jobs for the state and the ability to show the range of such institutions in all its glory: a high level of service, excellent gaming tables, a wide selection of card games, roulette and of course, a variety of slot machines.

Visit the luxurious casinos can not all. The basis of the players in the high-level institutions are tourists, as most locals can not afford it. The PC also has not in every home, and the quality of the Internet outside the major cities is very low. Taking into account the above, we can conclude that in Peru internet cafes designed for online gaming can win a certain audience. Organize the work of cyber-cafes are much cheaper than to open a casino. However, to engage in gambling in the country, it is necessary to take into account a number of local features of online gambling.

  1. Your business will remain in the shadows.

Therefore, one must be prepared to ensure that your institution in one day can visit the local police checking. However, many people like it places this format: fewer distractions and can focus on the game. Especially, now online you can play the same game as in the present gambling house.

  1. Low quality of the Internet.

Where people can use the Internet from a home computer, Internet cafe unlikely to attract an impressive audience. This means that the rate will have to be on the provincial cities, where gamblers have no other choice but to go to the game club. However, you will need to solve a problem with internet access. For example, you can connect via ADSL. This method of connection requires no special laying cables, as using existing telephone lines. Therefore, if there are available analog phone, you do not need to lay additional wires for ADSL usage. Of course, a company that provides telephone service in the area should provide the corresponding service.

  1. The game equipment.

Special gaming terminals are quite expensive and take up a lot of space. You may suitable android Internet cafes format. Devices on Android is much easier to buy and material costs will be less.

  1. Availability.

To attract more customers, let play low stakes.

As there are a number of rules that do not depend on the level of institutions for land-based casinos and gambling for cafe:

  1. Can only attend at least 18 years.
  2. To pay only the national currency.

Such rules can be found in such places around the world and, therefore, are the norm.


Gambling in South Africa.

A variety of Internet cafes are spread all over the world. With their help, people can get the right information, to communicate or to spend leisure time for online games, including casino. South Africa is no exception. Daily access to the Internet get more and more people from different countries, together with the growing popularity of cyber cafes. In South Africa, online gambling is quite popular, but as long as that access to it is not everywhere. One obvious reason for this is the lack of internet in some areas. However, the gambling business in the country is developing and you can join it by opening your gaming cafes.

What are these places?

Computers have long ceased to be something amazing and anyone can use it at home. The question arises: why go somewhere to play?

People often come to Internet cafes to distract from the household chores. But this is not the main reason.

Personal computers have for many, it does not mean that they are at all. And so people get access to the Internet without buying the computer home. In addition, as mentioned above, in South Africa do not have internet everywhere. In this situation, a cyber café becomes a great option as customers can come from another municipality.

Note that for a good start will require material investments. And so they have not been wasted, it is important to consider a few points.

  1. Careful selection of the company-developer of games – it is a guarantee of quality equipment, software, and therefore the prosperity of your business.
  2. Of course, Internet access should be uninterrupted. Unfortunately, the quality of the Internet in smaller cities of South Africa leaves much to be desired. Because of the infrastructure, you can use either a fixed line connection (DSL), or buy a package with rate limiting.
  3. Service. Technology generates income only if it is in working condition. It is not enough to buy expensive equipment, you need to monitor its condition, and update regularly. If your starting resources are limited, consider android internet cafe. Devices running on Android, much cheaper computers.
  4. Place. Important good cross. In addition to Internet cafes should be easily accessible. However, you will not approach a place where anyone can use the Internet at home, and around the large selection of entertainment venues and casinos. High competition does not allow you to get an audience. In addition, someone from the competition just might not like what you entice customers. In cities such as Sandton your business will be unprofitable. Internet cafes in Johannesburg or Pretoria – is another matter.
  5. Advertising. Potential customers should know about your institution, and you have to wonder what they like. Encourage people to long-term visit. For example, create privileges for regular customers.
  6. Security. Unfortunately, in South Africa, a very high crime rate. Remember that you will not be able to turn to the local police for protection. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the safety of your own institution. To do this, at a minimum, require the protection of employees in the state.

For any serious case must be carefully prepared. Be honest with yourself. What do you know about the field of services? How much time are willing to pay business development? How to write a business plan? Get ready to absorb a lot of information and constantly learn. To become a professional effort required weight. But if this thing you like, the results can exceed all expectations!


How to make money in the gambling business?

I own a business in many regarded as the independence, including financial. People’s interest in gambling and the ubiquity of the Internet has opened a new niche for earnings – virtual casino.

However, the real gambling establishments do not cease to attract people. Whatever you choose, become the master of gambling can only be at the appropriate approach. However, in order to successfully start, you need to have a clear idea what you are going to work.

In order to realize themselves in this area, we must take into account the peculiarities of the gambling business in their country. For example, in the Republic of Peru gambling is legal and fully brings revenue to the state treasury. Quite different is the case in Russia, where to open some casinos may be legal only in designated areas.

Online gambling is legalized, too far from everywhere, and often there is currently “in the shadows”. However, entrepreneurs are finding a way out, masking these institutions under the gaming café. This scheme does not provide for the presence of licenses. If you want to open a computer café, be prepared for the fact that you will be able to visit the police to check. There is a risk that the restaurant will be closed, all the equipment will be confiscated, and imposed a fine on you.

At the moment the situation is very complicated online gambling. Although, no doubt, playing a café open easier and much cheaper in comparison to land-based casinos. In fact, to get started you need to open the usual cyber cafes and gaming terminals installed. Ideally, in addition to access to the games there will have a kitchen and bar.

This means that the room must comply with sanitary norms and rules of fire safety. It is important to think through the interior of your establishment and to provide all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay. This includes several aspects: the uninterrupted internet access, cleanliness, the availability of the climate control system and the friendly attitude of the staff towards visitors.

Be diligent, not only with respect to its customers, but also employees. Remember that favorite work people perform much higher quality.

It is important to create a good reputation for your institution. People used to be treated with suspicion to anything new. To win the confidence of the players use for known software. You do, too, will benefit because it will be easier to understand the management and get to work. Therefore, the choice of the developer should be taken very seriously.

Cooperation with a reliable company is expensive, but will provide you with the appropriate quality. This includes not only a first-class product and the constant updating of assortment, but also safety. Remember that mistakes can cost you much more than 10-20% royalty. Beginning businessman easy to keep track of all your own. The ability to control all aspects of the company comes with experience. Therefore, at the initial stage is better to use the services of professionals and focus on your project’s progress. It is not enough just to open a virtual casino. We need to make sure that it learned of the potential customers.

A website is your business card. Remember that gambling is not one you. People will not have to wait, if the site is open for too long. What you will make an impression on visitors depends on several factors.

First, the interface of the site should not look sloppy. Secondly, the necessary information must be clearly visible, so do not load the site with unnecessary elements.

Thirdly, it is necessary to monitor the quality of information. Spelling mistakes in the text is unlikely someone will like.

When the business becomes profitable, it is necessary to do its expansion. Open point to an alternative software and compare ROI. Do not be afraid to experiment! Perhaps the fact that at the present time seems to be unpopular, would be in demand in the future. Watch for the fact that the likes / dislikes of your visitors and make the appropriate conclusions.

There is a myth that beginners do nothing in the gaming industry, but it is not. Even the largest companies are not able to control the entire market of the gaming industry. Internet allows you to equalize the chances of long-serving companies with those who opened just yesterday.


Slot machines.

It’s hard to find someone who has not heard about slot machines. The ability to become richer attracted people for a long time without a problem. As you know, demand creates supply.

The history of slot machines starts in the 19th century. Their homeland safely be called the United States – it was there many years ago was invented the first mechanical slot machine, known as the “Liberty Bell.” Even in those times there shall many places willing to buy slots for additional earnings. Profit from the amazing inventions quickly made them popular not only in the New World, but also in other countries.


Since the introduction of these machines are repeatedly improved and were able to take a worthy place in the gaming industry.

At present, replace the mechanical machines come gaming terminals, which are very difficult to call the “one-armed bandits.” Judge for yourself – they do not even have a lever-like hand. Externally, modern devices have little resemblance to their ancestors.

However, the principle of slot machines has not changed: for a fee, the player rotates “drums” and receives a payoff if a certain combination of symbols fell. Simple rules make these games attractive in the eyes of ordinary people. This means that the slot machines may be the source of your income!

The constant and high demand for gambling slot machines makes a purchase profitable. However, your income depends on several conditions:

  1. Whether it is interesting to people in your area?
  2. How big is the competition?
  3. What kind of equipment you can buy?
  4. Legality of business in the country where you wish to work.

The last point is especially worth highlight. The status of online gambling varies from year to year, but at the moment, most countries prohibit this type of activity. Nevertheless, there is a way out.

The scheme works is very simple. You open an Internet cafe, gaming terminals and purchase contract with a company that provides online casino services.

To work in this field you need to play equipment, software and technical support. Software companies offer quite a wide range of services, focusing on the different needs of customers. Terms of cooperation will depend on what is needed for you.

Security – this is an extremely important point. Online gambling is not legalized everywhere. To avoid unpleasant situations online casino software can be stored on the flash-card and run with it at the opening of the work shift. If necessary, all gaming devices can be reloaded with a special “key”.

The gaming terminal, unlike a simple computer, a fully autonomous. He is able to perform all the operations necessary for the gameplay: the introduction of cash on the account of the client, directly access to video games and the payment of the money to the player. Thus it can be concluded that the game terminal has several advantages over a conventional computer.

You can speak with confidence about the long-term prospects of the gaming terminals. Software companies regularly join the list of video games by creating more and more high-quality product. Already, everyone can find a game to their liking – so diversified their range. Modern video slots have excellent graphics and weight bonuses that make the gameplay more exciting for the customer. With the improvement of the quality of equipment and the development of the scope of the game, you will be able to attract more new customers. If your gaming cafes will be equipped with modern terminals, and people will try to game news, it would be better for everyone. Customers will be able to spend time with pleasure, and you will become the owner of the popular places, making profit.

How to open a gaming Café?

Computers are an integral part in the life of modern man. How to user computer technology to your best advantage? A great option is to open your internet café! Become the master of the computer Club is not as difficult as it seems. However, to open such a facility, consider some organizational moment.

Renting the Hall.

Choosing the perfect place for the internet café is an extremely important task. City Centre does not guarantee a good attendance of the establishment. Free access to transport is important, the ability to reach it from any point of the city, good maneuverability and a lack of competitors. Also, remember that your target audience is adults, the credibly paying population. Therefore, you presence near children ‘s educational institutions is unprofitable. Better if the premise will be to the right of further foreclosures.


Specific circumstances of the establishment obligate:

  1. provide for high-quality and reliable wiring.
  2. Pay attention to the humidity level. Computer technology is very sensitive to this factor.
  3. When you connect to the Internet, you must rent a permanent external IP address from your provider.
  4. It must meet the modern standards of fire safety.
  5. Provide climate-control systems, emergency exit, WC. In other words, create all the facilities for visitors of the Gaming Club.
  6. Comply with sanitary norms. Surely you will have drinks and snacks.
  7. Ensure high-quality sound insulation. Even if at the present time there are no bars and nightclubs that produce  a lot of noise, they may appear in the future. In addition, your institution should not disturb anyone.


Construction of the Hall

Gaming cafes are usually open 24 hours a day. Interior design must have visitors to long stay. Say no to daylight and the clock in the Hall. Dark glasses windows, comfortable furniture, a range of drinks and snacks – all this stimulates the customer to stay longer. Visitor must feel comfortable and not rush to leave. The name of the Club is worth to think about carefully. It is better if it is not too long and memorable. In addition, do not skimp on the signboard. Remember that this is your name and face.


For mode 24/7 should be 3 shifts of personnel serving under 8.00. Each shift typically consists of an administrator, Service Center staff, security, as well as waiters, bartender, and kitchen workers, if any.

Technical component.

First of all, this high-quality equipment and uninterrupted Internet access. Watch out for the health of the equipment and the time to repair the problem. Well, if there are specialist staff. Otherwise, you must cooperate with a service center.

Games for your Internet Café.

A great option is to turn to the professionals. There are many companies willing to the offer a set of popular online games and to provide technical support for the software. Depending of your desires and possibilities you can choose the best option of cooperation  – from a simple purchase of bundle games to creating a website from scratch. The question of administrative work also remains open. You can independently perform all financial transactions as well as  entrust this aspect to the company-developer.  Particularly worth mentioning is that you can manage a game room remotely. That is, if you have Internet, you keep control of your gaming institution from any point of the Earth. Of course, now there are computers in virtually every home.

However, it is in your power to create an establishment, which would be nice to go back and recommend it to friends.