Random and fair payouts in slots

When choosing software for Internet cafe or online casino, for dealers it depends on many features of the system, in particular, RTP of games – return of game money to a player. In other words, the size and percentage of winning payouts to a player in games. Why is RTP important?

What is RTP in slots?

On a given time interval, RTP in slots and other online games shows the amount (percentage) of game money that will be returned to the gamer. The higher the RTP – the more the institution pays to the players. For each slot, it is a unique characteristic, because Internet cafe, land-based and online casino also display a general average value for the entire range of available games.

It is important to note that RTP is primarily an average theoretical indicator. In games, there also are big random wins in slots, jackpots, and winning / losing series at certain distances.

Mathematical advantage

RTP = 100% – mathematical advantage of the game. Accordingly, the converse is also true, which states that the mathematical advantage equals the difference of 100% and RTP.

Dependence of RTP and frequency of wins

The RTP value in slots and other games does not show the frequency of winning spins. How often a player receives rewards depends on other mathematical indicators embedded in the game. Thus, one slot machine gives out a prize combination once every 10 spins, and the other brings luck on every third spin.

Slot machines where player is often paid smaller amounts of prizes have a higher frequency of wins. Slots with a lower value of winnings frequency pay larger amounts but less often.

Random and fair payouts

Game statistics are based on the results of thousands of spins. Fair usage of RNG (random number generator) must be proved by an appropriate license which guarantees the player the randomness of all events occurring in the game.

RNG gives random results, thereby equalizing the chances of victory for all participants. Therefore, the owner or operator of an Internet cafe cannot have an influence on the results of visitors’ spins. Therefore, do not trust people who claim that at a given distance the gaming machine will definitely give a winning result.

In honest slots there is no mechanism for registering winning spins. They only give a picture of the result on the screen. And, theoretically, gamer can expect victory even at the next reel spin after the jackpot.


Let sum it up. There is no way for players, dealers, operators of Internet cafes or online casinos to access and influence the math embedded in the slots. This rule is true for establishments offering honest software for gambling halls.


You should rely only on establishments that offer publicly available gambling license and certificates that guarantee honest RTP verification and can only be issued by independent authorities. A reliable platform for online casino always has all the necessary documents.


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