Baccarat Live. Varieties and Strategy


Live Baccarat is an intense, dynamic and worldwide famous table game. The StarGame platform offers games with live dealers available to play 24/7 in the highest quality in professionally equipped live studios.

Varieties of Baccarat

Most often, Internet cafe and online casino offer players the American version of live baccarat. But here and in all the other variations there is always one goal – to collect cards with a total value of 9 points or a close one. Apart from that, there are the following differences in the gameplay, such as:

  • The number of card decks involved in the game: from 1 to 8.
  • The number of participants playing simultaneously at the same table.
  • Rules according to which cards are dealt
  • Rules according to which additional cards are dealt. These rules are used by the dealer in a situation where he has a need to take a third card.
  • Game payouts also depend on the specific variation of baccarat
  • The dealer role can always belong to only one person, as in a real casino, or it can be transferred to all players in turn.
  • Bet range and the bank. The gaming establishment sets the range of bets. If the game is between the players, then their bets will form a bank, which is picked up by the winner of the game.
  • Gaming table layout
  • Other minor differences that affect the game but are less important

Baccarat Odds and Strategy

Like every gambling game, baccarat implies a percentage of the advantage for a gambling establishment. Playing games one by one, winning or losing, over a long distance the player must remember that casino will always have at least the smallest advantage.

The beauty of a live game also lies in the fact that the player fully controls the gameplay and relies only on his own skills and luck. There is no other way to influence the game. Even the well-known method of counting cards, which some blackjack fans have successfully used, will not be effective in baccarat.

So, we are ready to sum up the main features of live baccarat:

  • It is more profitable to bet on a victory of a player, not dealer.
  • We recommend that you avoid bets on a tie. They win only occasionally, even if the gambling house pays it in a ratio of nine to one.
  • The game will be more profitable for the player’s side, the less card decks will be involved in the game. Although it is worth noting the insignificance of this indicator.

In general, if you have to choose a bet in the online casino, prefer to bet on the player’s victory. It gives higher winning chances.

Live baccarat, live roulette, the most favorite variations of live poker from Stargame will delight your customers and attract new visitors to your internet café or online casino.

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