Baccarat live. Rules and game progress

Baccarat with live dealers is one of the most common and favourite table games. This is an interesting and fast-paced game. In Internet cafe and casinos, they often play its American variety. The player will have to guess whether the dealer or player wins, or to bet on a draw.

Card combinations

The highest card combination called “natural” is made up of the two cards, with a total value of 9 points. Also there is a combo called a natural combination of 2 cards, the total points of which are equal to 8.

Point value

Cards from 2 to 9 have a point value equal to their number, the value of the ace is 1 point, the rest of the cards do not bring the player any points. A player who receives cards with a value greater than 9 is deducted 10 points. Thus, the total value of cards received by a player never exceeds nine.

Baccarat Bets

There are three variations of bets in live baccarat, each of which is placed on the corresponding field on the table:

  1. Punto – the player wins. The bet is paid one to one.


  1. Banco – the dealer wins. The bet is paid 19 to 20 (or one to one minus five percent fee).


  1. Draw – a bet on a situation in which both the player and the dealer will have cards with equal total value. This rate will be paid in a ratio of eight to one, with some casino offering payments with a coefficient of nine to one.

Baccarat game progress

First of all, player has to make a bet from the minimum to the maximum size allowed at the table where he sits. Then the dealer gives the player and himself 2 cards each. If a player receives a combination called natural (that is, equal to eight or nine points on both cards), then to determine the winner, this combination must be compared with the cards dealt to the dealer. If the player has received less than 6 points in his hands, the dealer gives him another third card.

This is followed by a clear process of buying cards by the dealer, mainly according to which card came into the buy-in to the player.

  1. If player did not need to take the third card, and the value of dealer’s cards is higher than 6, then the dealer does not take the third card.
  2. If he has less than 2 points in his hands, he will have to get one more card.
  3. If his cards scored 3 points, and the player does not have 8, then dealer takes the third card.
  4. If his cards cost 4 points, and the player did not get a card with a value of 0, 1, 8 or 9, then he also takes a card.
  5. If he scored 5 points, and the player did not get a card worth 4, 5, 6 or 7, then he must also take a third card.
  6. If he has 6 points in his hands, and the player did not get a card worth 6 or 7, then he gets one more card.
  7. If the dealer scored 7 points, he does not need to take one more card.

Next is a comparison of the cards on the hands of both sides. Whose combination scored more points, that one wins. If the total cost of the cards is the same for everyone, then the game ends in a draw. At the end, the croupier pays the winnings, according to the result, collects the cards and continues the game.

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