How to win at roulette?

The main goal of all fans of live roulette is to beat a gambling establishment, whether it is an internet cafe, a land-based or a virtual casino. There are many strategic calculations and ideas created to help gamblers. To get the greatest possible winnings, you need to make thoughtful bets and know which roulette combinations bring the best results.

How to win at live roulette?

Some establishments track, maintain lists, and even block players who often win. Players should analyse the game combinations in order to more realistically see their winning odds. A gambling house should be suspected of dishonesty if, at one point, the player just stops smiling good luck. Why does it happen? In dishonest land-based casino, a ball with a magnet can be used: the magnet pushes it into the necessary sector of the drum. Such a mechanism is activated in the game only if the “unwanted” player has exceeded the conditional limit set by the institution.

How to win live roulette online?

The main advice is to play only on reliable platforms. The first indicator is the expectedly high winning percentage of gaming turnovers. If you are sure that it is reliable internet cafe or casino, then proceed to the second step – evaluating combinations, studying mathematics and gameplay algorithms.

When playing online, try to trace the history of the most frequently drawn numbers. This method will not work in institutions where roulette is centred every day. Exposing dishonest casinos is possible with the help of specialized software that collects and analyses statistical data. Whatever path you take, you will have to be patient and learn all the details of the game in order to get victorious results.

Online Roulette Basics

To increase your winning chances, first of all, choose reliable gambling platforms. Avoid risky all-in bets. Also avoid bets on five numbers on the internal betting field – the percentage of the casino advantage in this case is higher than with other types of bets.

As such, an ideal game strategy does not exist, because in any case, the institution gets at least a minimal percentage of advantage. Reliable gaming platforms for playing roulette with live dealers online always have a guaranteed background: they offer the maximum possible duration of a game with a fixed bet, set limits on maximum bets and the possibility to hit a big win.

A smart player is aware that there is no such gambling system that will consistently bring only wins. At the same time, you can have a good time, get a decent reward for your knowledge and efforts, as well as just relax and trust Lady Luck by playing on the world-famous StarGame platform.

Where to play live roulette?

Let your clients access high-quality games online – play from a desktop pc, mobile devices: tablet or smartphone in a browser or use an Android application. StarGame is a trusted platform, it is a reliable provider of online games and slots!

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