Is roulette with live dealers fair in online casino?

Is roulette with live dealers fair in online casino?

Today it is even more convenient to play online, it is easy and safe. High-quality games and online slots from StarGame are available for each player from a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The greater demand for gambling from mobile devices creates high-quality competition among online casino. Which in turn leads to an improvement in the quality and quantity of games and services that are provided to players online. Online casinos strive to integrate the most popular modern technologies and collaborate with the most advanced online gambling platforms and developers.

One of the most popular innovations online today are games with live dealers. The natural process of communicating with a pleasant person, spinning the wheel and the intriguing expectation of victory at a real game table definitely wins against the classic game with a random number generator. The perception of a live game sets up not only a pleasant pastime, but also gives a feeling of a more honest, open game. Is it really so? How fair is roulette with live dealers in online casinos?

Undoubtedly, the reputation of this type of games suffers because of a huge number of scammers in this field. Dealers should check the software that they offer their players, and cooperate only with well-known, reputable companies that must also have a full range of documents and a license.

Facts that tell you that you contacted scammers:

  1. Software crashes in roulette and other games with live dealers. Failures of this type when a live dealer announces one number while the player gets completely different numbers on the screen.
  2. Unsynchronized video streams from available cameras in the room.

Honest establishments also sometimes suffer from software crashes, but this in no way can affect the gameplay, as indicated above. The technical support service continuously monitors the process of transferring the video stream and in case of delays always informs the player on time and compensates for possible losses.

Serious live casino uses only high-quality equipment and software, invest in the development of new reliable methods for maintaining continuous gameplay in HD quality.

Working with the StarGame platform, your clients open the world of the most popular, honest games with live dealers, such as live roulette, live baccarat, and varieties of live poker.

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