Basics of Deuces Wild video poker strategy

The complete strategy for Deuces Wild video poker is not easy for beginners. And it is not always worth it to spend time memorizing all the rules. You can take advantage of simplified, basic tips, with the help of which you can almost the same successfully conduct a game and get pleasure and a reward.

Remember that on a long distance, land-based and online casino always win, but on a short one, a sensible player can expect to win or at least to get equal winning chances.

Deuces Wild Video Poker Strategy

The game strategy depends on the cards you got. Consider the options.

  1. You have deuces
  • If there are 4 deuces in your cards.

You cannot collect better combination, which means you should keep all the cards.

  • Three deuces.

You may leave your cards for Wild Royal Flash or Five of a Kind combination. Otherwise, please keep only deuces.

  • Two deuces.

You can leave any combination of cards: from Four of a Kind and higher. You can also leave any 4 cards for Royal Flash. Otherwise keep deuces only.

  • One deuce.

Leave should be any combination of cards that is paid. Defeat should only be done when you have 4 cards under your Royal Flash. Also, leave 4 cards under the combination of Straight Flash and 3 under Royal Flash. If this is not possible, then discard all cards, except for the only two that you initially had.

  1. You have four deuces – as described above, this is the most favourable case, keep all the cards.
  1. There are no deuces in the cards dealt to you. There are several options:
  • You can keep all the combinations that are paid. It’s worth breaking them only if you have 4 cards in your hands for Royal Flash.
  • Leave 4 cards for Straight Flash or Flash.
  • Leave 3 cards for Royal Flash.
  • Leave two 10, two jacks, two queens, or two kings of the same suit.
  • Leave any pair of cards. Leaving two pairs should only be useful in exceptional cases, when in your game variation the Full House will be paid as Four of e Kind.
  • If you haven’t got any of the above options, discard all 5 cards and get another set.

You may print this short list of strategy options and use it while playing in the Internet cafe or online casino. Think about your decisions as much as you need, and do not rush while playing at the virtual table.


Deuces Wild Video Poker Strategy Mistakes

Inexperienced players, as a rule, make the same mistakes and disrupt the classic Deuces Wild strategy.

  1. They save the cards of the highest rank in a situation where it is enough to keep only a deuce.
  2. They prefer to discard the deuce which is absolutely not recommended, even if you have almost a Royal Flash.
  3. Leaving a deuce and any other card is also a completely wrong decision, no matter how the game goes.
  4. Choose to split a pair of cards, hoping to hit Flash or Straight. Remember that it is a pair that gives you great chances to win.
  5. Leaving two pairs is also not always a profitable decision, since the Full House combination in this video poker is paid not generously.

Try to avoid these classic mistakes. Let the simplified Deuces Wild video poker strategy help you build the game properly.

Play video poker and online slots from trusted developers only. Honest mathematics, user-friendly interface, and reliable protection of your funds guarantee the pleasure of the game. To get higher wins, after training on a simplified strategy of the game, you can switch to a more complicated strategy for professionals.

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