The secret of the popularity of games with live dealers

What is interesting in the games with live dealers?

StarGame is a licensed online games provider offering an interesting and profitable pastime for your clients.

Your land-based casino or internet cafe visitors are offered an opportunity to join the world of table games with live dealers that have become so popular recently. Having built a business on the StarGame platform, your gaming club gets a decent reputation and stable profit, and for your players it is a live communication and fair game which does not depend on the internal settings of the random number generator. For clients of an internet cafe it is one of the most significant factors to trust the internet cafe.

When a player has the opportunity to observe every move of the dealer, control the delivery of cards or the ball on the wheel then the gameplay will be built on a relaxed and trusting interaction, which will undoubtedly keep the client in the club for an even longer time.


Range of online games with live dealers

On the StarGame platform, players have access to the most popular table games with live dealers just like in real land-based casinos.

  1. Baccarat with live dealers

The favorite game among gamers of the whole world got a new breath with the invention of new technologies allowing to broadcast live real game and interact with dealer at the table. This is exactly the game you should not play alone. Live version of baccarat will undoubtedly become the highlight of your internet cafe.


  1. Roulette with live dealers

As in a real institution the player gets into a spectacular atmosphere filled with amazing sounds anxiously waiting for the ball to stop. Hold your breath and enjoy high quality game and easy interaction with the dealer.


  1. Varieties of poker with live dealers.

Live dealers at the poker table will tell you about the rules of the game and easily support the conversation. Poker variations adapted to online format like Hold’em, Caribbean Stud and Three-Card Poker are the most popular games among players. The deck is shuffled by a special machine on the table.


StarGame developers took care of a reliable technical base of the game, continuous gameplay, proper design of the studio and the tables design, sound and lighting. The picture on the player’s screen is clear and bright, the interaction with live dealers is easy and relaxed.

Open a new level of your business offering customers a huge range of games from a reliable supplier StarGame. Visitors appreciate honesty and quality called StarGame!

Contact the consultants at a convenient time for you with any questions about the system that might arise and set up your own online casino with live dealers at:

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