High Rollers in slots. High Rollers Promotion

Playing big stakes is interesting, risky, and, most importantly, it opens up opportunities to get even bigger winnings. Only people with a sufficient funds or professionals who know their business thoroughly can afford to place huge stakes in land-based or online casino, in poker rooms or in bookmakers.

These players are called high rollers. They can be seen playing big at online and land-based casino both.

  1. High Rollers in Poker

Broadcasts of poker tournaments with high rollers attract the attention of viewers around the world, for such players there are special games arranged with impressive stakes and solid entrance fees that can reach a million dollars and above. Accordingly, there will be huge wins, in poker tournaments history one of the most significant wins was an amount of above eighteen million US dollars.

Tournaments are also organized for highrollers online. For participation it is more profitable to get into the corresponding qualifying tournament with many times smaller entrance fees than the total price of a ticket for the main tournament. In satellite tournaments, the organizer of the competition will pay extra for the full cost of the entry fee.

  1. High Rollers in Casino

Online slots and land-based casino offer to play with different cost of credit – game currency units. This way, the player can bet an equivalent of tiny amounts or the equivalent of hundreds and thousands of dollars. The winning amount will be proportional to the bet.

Thus, a high roller in a casino is determined by the amount of money placed per one bet. In just a few minutes you can spend all money or win a fortune! There are not so many people in the world who can afford such an exciting and costly pleasure.

The most popular world institutions hire whole teams of people who seek and attract high stakes fans. According to statistics, 80% of the most “rich customers” are Asians. The most popular among them are the luxury resort cities of the East – Macau and Singapore, as well as the favorite casinos of the Principality of Monaco and Australia.

Favorite games of high rollers in casino are board games, such as blackjack, baccarat, poker, roulette and others. In some games, the highest stakes are limited, so before you start a game, you should get familiar with the general rules in each individual casino.

  1. Highrollers in Slots

Slot machines also attract high rollers. The opportunity to place big stakes and get good rewards in locations with licensed slots machines is a sure chance to replenish your capital.

By rotating the reels of the slots from reliable manufacturers, the player can entrust the operator with sufficiently large sums and be sure of the timely payout of his winnings.

Highrollers in slots can be easily identified: they choose the game options based on the highest possible rates. And that means the reward will be the maximum possible too.

StarGame developers offer several hundreds of high-quality, original slots from the best developers with the possibility to bet with high stakes and with the most appropriate denomination value. This in an option which high rollers and all gamblers will surely like.

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