Live Baccarat – Baccarat with Live Dealers

Online casino software from StarGame

StarGame is a worldwide famous company that develops advanced online casino software solutions.

StarGame platform offers 5 live dealer games for live casino:

  1. European Live Roulette;
  2. Baccarat Live;
  3. Texas Hold’em Live
  4. Caribbean Stud Poker Live
  5. Three-card Live Poker


Games are available both from a personal computer (browser version or desktop application for Windows, Linux platforms) and from smartphones.

Having entered the gaming account, the client sees the modern lobby with the atmosphere of a classic live casino. Game studios operate in real time, the player sees information about free tables and dealers who sit at a certain game table.


StarGame is the only gambling platform whose work is supported by a number of studios located all around the world, including the world-famous Land Based Casinos network.


Online casino live dealers

Experienced dealers easily start and continue the conversation, maximally involving the player in the relaxed atmosphere of a classic live casino and lively gambling. The sound quality and background noise of table games in the studio tune up to a pleasant pastime and gambling interest from the first moments.

Your customers will get the most out of their favorite games at the real gaming table even from the comfort of their own apartment.


Baccarat Live

Baccarat is one of the most popular and well-known games among visitors of simple halls and Internet cafe and up to the VIP rooms of the best casinos in Vegas and Monte Carlo. It is this legendary game that popular cinema heroes are addicted to: secret agents, spies and supervillains.

Now you can play live baccarat without leaving the comfort of your own home with professional live dealers and a real deck of cards on the table. Feel the incredible realism of table games in HD quality, accessible directly from your desktop PC, smartphone or tablet.


How to play live baccarat

Baccarat with live dealers is a game with fairly simple rules.

In each hand, 2 cards are dealt to the player and the dealer (banker). The essence of this game for participants is to score nine points or as close as possible to nine points. The score of tens and cards with images is zero, the ace is one, the rest of the cards are valued at a number of points equal to their value.

The popular variation of baccarat from StarGame, in addition to standard and additional (group) bets, suggests the possibility of betting on a pair that fell to a customer or dealer at the first card distribution. The winning bet on the pair will be paid 11 to 1.

Slots and table games with live dealers from StarGame are based on honest maths. Proven software, high-quality HD visualization, user-friendly interface and easy integration into an existing gaming system make it the best on the market of online casino software, land-based gaming halls and Internet cafe. Your customers deserve to play the games they really love!

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