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Downswing or a losing streak in poker. How to act?

Downswing is the so-called losing streak in poker. At a certain period, the player receives bad cards but even good cards do not bring any winnings anyway. The protracted period of bad luck can completely discourage the desire to continue the game and enjoy gambling. And if you have ever played a serious poker game, you know how demoralizing such periods are.

A player can get into an emotional state called tilt, losing self-control, making lots of mistakes in the game and losing even larger amounts. Most often, players get into tilt after a series of losses. Winning period is called upswing correspondingly.

If you are an experienced poker player, then you understand the inevitability of ups and downs. The reason is not that opponents suddenly began to play masterfully or the deck itself is against you. That is the nature of the game. Accordingly, good players have the ability to adequately cope with these conditions.

Downswing is measured by the number of hands won during a streak of bad luck. And professional players in this case recommend a stop-loss method. It is simple: to stop and set the amount of a bankroll or invested capital which you can lose before you pause the game. In general, it is 10% of the total bankroll. It gives you time to analyze your actions and return to a stable psycho-emotional state.

Stop-loss duration

  1. A stop loss for a session gives you a few hours to have a rest emotionally and get back to the game.
  2. Stop loss for a day lasts twice as long, up to 1-2 days, if the player needs more time to return to a stable confident state.

Dealing with a poker downswing

  1. Take a pause.

You will really feel better after a few hours or days of relaxation. Refresh your head and calm down.

  1. Accept the fact that this is only a period of game that does not depend on your skills.

In the long run, your skills dominate, not short-term luck.

  1. Lower bids.

You risk not only your morale state but also a bankroll. Start placing smaller bets, it is easier to concentrate when competition is softer. Returning your winning attitude, you can return to the usual rhythm of the game.

  1. Rate the game from the side

Ask yourself: you have no luck or have you began to take more risks and often fall into marginal situations?

  1. Focus

Think about the logic of the decisions. Go through this losing streak and choose the best options for acting in a particular situation.


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Gambling etiquette

If you learned about gambling at your pc or mobile phone, you may not know the general etiquette, the rules and restrictions for playing in land-based casino and Internet cafe.

Here are some simple tips for making your first visit to a casino or gaming room safe and smooth.

  1. Leave the selfie stick at home

Most, if not all casino in the world do not please the clients who take pictures in the gambling hall. So, if you want to capture some picture or yourself on the background of noisy roulette slots or slot machines, then just buy a postcard. Otherwise, casino security and safety workers may have questions for you.

  1. Turn off mobile

Mobile conversations not only distract other players trying to concentrate on playing blackjack, but are generally considered rude. In most cases, the dealer will ask you to turn off the phone during the game or move away from the table during the call.

  1. Dress accordingly

While many large casino in Las Vegas have absolutely no dresscode rules (you can even come in sandals and a Hawaiian shirt), many others have a clear policy. Depending on where you are, you may have to wear a shirt or elegant pants, but sneakers may mean that you have to go a long way home to change clothes. Think about it before you arrive and make sure that you are dressed accordingly. And, of course, for men and women it is important to remind that walking topless is definitely not allowed even if you play in the resort area.

  1. No alcohol

Casinos are fun playgrounds where adults can relax and have a good time playing games of chance. But don’t let the booze overwhelm you and spoil the gambling experience – yours and all other players.

  1. Buying chips

Buying chips is probably the easiest mistake that new casino players make when they sit down at a board game. First, make sure you know the minimum and maximum rates for each table, as they vary. They are clearly displayed on the boards, so do not get behind the roulette and do not bet 5 units, only to understand that the minimum rate is 10 units.

To buy chips, never give cash to the dealer; better put them on the table in front of you when you sit down at the game table. The dealer understands it, checks the amount and turns your money into chips.

  1. Listen to the dealer

If the roulette wheel croupier says: “No more bets,” that is what he means. If you are not sure how exactly the game is played, then look at the gameplay before you join or at least start with more simple games. The best rule is to listen carefully to the dealer who directs the course of the game.

  1. Cash out

Since the roulette chips have a special color, you will need to cash them before leaving the table. Indicate the croupier whose table you want to leave (waiting for the end of the spinning when they are less distracted), and he will replace your roulette chips with regular casino money chips. The same goes for blackjack or dice.

  1. Chip processing

At the roulette table, the dealer will provide you with chips of a different color. This should distinguish your chips from everyone else. Remember your color and find out where the chips should be placed correctly for the bet. Do not be afraid to contact the dealer for help if you need; That way, you won’t lose your bet by putting chips in the wrong place.

Never move or remove chips while roulette wheel spinning or blackjack hands and do not touch the chips of other players.

The dealer places the winning chips on top of your bets on the table and leaves them. In this case, your task is to remove the chips if you want, or “let them win” at the next bet.

  1. Keep your emotions

Casino games should be friendly and interesting for both you and other players at the table. Do not become enraged when you lose, and do not start blaming the dealer or arguing with other players.

  1. Learn to tip

If you are not in a country where dealers cannot accept tips, then you are expected to leave a small amount to the dealer when you get up to leave the table. It should not be big and does not force you to sacrifice most of your stack if you have a good win.

Enjoy the game in gambling halls or casino that use proven gaming platforms with high-quality games and secure software, following the recommendations above. Lady Luck smiles on players who are tuned to a positive outcome.

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