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Social gaming platforms and mobile gambling apps

Modern life offers many tools for communication, learning and entertainment. All this is offered to us from social networks. One of the most popular types of entertainment is social gambling, with an important difference from real casino games: in the first case you do not play for money, but just have a good time with the opportunity to earn bonuses to access additional gaming or network features.

Playing in social games is free, which means it is safer and more accessible for various categories of players of different ages and geographic locations. Such games can also change the perception and increase the loyalty of gamblers for real money in land-based casinos and Internet cafe.

Based on the foregoing, we see that social games have become a successful alternative for players in whose country of residence real online gambling is banned at the legislative level. Do your customers have access to land-based casino games, but want to play for real money? Looking for high-quality software for online casino?

The casino and gambling software provider StarGame offers a solution: a mobile application for devices on the Android platform. Cashout is carried outside the application, allowing players to enjoy high-quality honest video slots and table card games from every corner of the planet. The availability of payment services for accepting payments online, as well as remote payment methods such as bank cards, e-wallets, payment terminals, Internet banking and even payment from a mobile phone account make online games affordable and easy.

How to attract gamblers of your region?

  1. Target audience

Gamblers are the target audience. If you are the owner of a land-based casino or Internet cafe, invite customers to try to play also from smartphones. This method also works to quickly attract friends, acquaintances and other interested categories.

  1. Theme

Follow the current popular trends in gambling. StarGame offers games with a variety of subjects: from historical, cinematic to cartoons and fantasy. Properly selected storylines, popular in your area, complemented by bright high-quality graphics and sound effects work perfectly. StarGame slots are successful on all continents, and the range of games is constantly expanding with bright innovations.

  1. Interface

The game application should be not only professionally designed, but also simple and understandable for any player. Software from StarGame developers has an intuitive design, not overloaded with unnecessary options and buttons. Players always have access to main sections, such as game rules, paytables, bonuses, etc.

  1. Privileges

The interest of users is fueled by a well-thought system of bonuses from StarGame, including a unique 25% bonus for the gaming industry, a deposit without wager requirements or other additional conditions, as well as a cashback bonus of up to 25%. High-quality games and honest maths are the main guarantee that players want to return to your establishment and recommend StarGame games and online slots to other visitors.

  1. Security

Honest and transparent gaming policy is the greatest secret of success in casino business, card games and slots. To attract and retain clientele, you need to ensure the safety of gameplay, confidentiality of users personal information and the integrity of winnings. This is the only way to make a positive impression on your social segment and confirm the name of an honest institution.

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Mathematics of honest, real roulette

“Nobody can win playing roulette, except that he can steal money from the gaming table while the dealer is distracted.” These words are attributed to the outstanding scientist Einstein.

Are such words true? And we do not take into account wheels with offset, which increase the odds of certain numbers to appear. In general, Einstein implied the impossibility of the existence of such mathematical tricks that would give you an advantage in roulette. Each next spin does not depend on the previous one, and as a result, the gambling establishment remains in the black. It is a significant difference from, for example, blackjack, because in this game the odds are changed as the cards are dealt.

There still are the players convinced that there are real ways to win and have an advantage in this game. The bottom line is that stakes can be placed in a certain winning way. Is it so?

Layout of roulette table and wheel

Roulette wheel layout wasn’t invented randomly. It was cleverly thought out to possess certain characteristics. In general, 2 main layouts exist: American and European. The first has 2 zeros, which in turn gives casino a twice as big advantage and player loses 5.26% during the game. In European one, on the long run player loses 2.7% in total.

The arrangement of numbers is different in both wheel types, still there are some similar features, for example the alternation of numbers of different colors (reds/blacks). And if the zeros are removed, the American version will remain with a clear sequence of these two colours. The wheel structure is based one idea that numbers from 1 to 18 and larger numbers from 19 to 36 should be alternated as good as possible.

The European wheel violates this rule only when the five is near the ten (small numbers). The wheel of American type violates such rule much more often. That is why it does not have such a strong balance as the other one. On both wheel types the way the numbers are distributed tends to the best possible uniformity, but of course some sequence irregularities sometimes happen.

An example of the symmetry of the European version of the game:

  1. All small numbers of a red colour and big black ones are on one side of 0, and the rest (big red and low blacks) are on the other side.
  2. The chain of 29-seven-28-12-35-three-26-0-32 numbers doesn’t include numbers from the range starting with 13 and up to 24. Stakes on the second ten numbers are accepted by a factor of 2 to 1.

So, is it possible to outsmart math?

Even by searching in Google, you will find many so-called winning strategies. All of them combine game tactics and management of your bankroll. Martingale system is probably the most famous, it recommends to place double bet after each losing bet. Do not be surprised, but unfortunately it is one of the fastest and easiest ways to go bankrupt in this game. Because land-based and online casinos or internet cafe remain winners in the long run, even if on a short distance you feel that you are can keep your winner’s status.

Honest roulette and its math.

Having spent time studying the wheel, placing bets, selecting numbers and calculating bankroll, do not forget that mathematics always works quietly against the player. If you understand Einstein’s humor and are not going to take money from the gaming table, then play the game intuitively, choose numbers at random and trust your luck.

The only reliable way to win at roulette is to choose an honest online casino with a roulette that corresponds to a real and unconditional game, and enjoy high-quality and reliable software for gaming halls and internet cafe. The StarGame platform provides tools for organizing a thriving business for gaming club owners, and for players, it is a real opportunity to get a big win and enjoy honest math and games from one of the best developers with a worldwide name, StarGame.

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Gambling and online slots in Brazil

Brazil is one of the largest countries in Latin America which has recently faced a financial crisis but stubbornly struggles for prosperity and development. What is the situation with the game industry in this sunny country?

Gambling in Brazil

In recent years, a number of bans on various types of online gambling has been revised, including banning instant bingo lotteries, national lotteries, slot machines, online poker and sports betting on horse racing. Online and land-based casino, lotteries and betting bring substantial inflows to the country’s budget and are part of the planned revenues in the upcoming 2019.

Brazil is not the first country that is trying to defeat the shadow gambling business with its well-considered legalization. In this country the annual shadow turnover from gambling exceeds five billion dollars.

Today, the most popular are online gambling and virtual sports betting at the national level championships, and so far the work of online casino and bookmaker’s is not limited, although they operate illegally.

The legislative base

Enrichment of the state treasury by regulating the sphere of gambling and online casino is the most appropriate scenario for real life, since prohibitions are rarely effective, and what is the most important, they are not always reasonably organized. This argument is especially strong after the financial crisis that hit the country in recent years.

Expected payout amount to the national treasury is over than ten billion US dollars every year. Such numbers forced the government to open discussions on the regulation and legalization of this business and its removal from the shadow sphere.

The process is blocked for a number of reasons. The most important is to:

  • Comply with all regulatory requirements;
  • Make a comprehensive research of the real market of online gambling;
  • Get real instruments to prevent money laundering;
  • Structure penalties for non-compliance with the established rules;
  • Arrange sophisticated management of VIP rooms in land-based casino;
  • Separately organize the gambling in internet cafe in the resort areas.

Future prospects

A legally operating gambling business could make Brazil one of the richest Latin American countries. Experts in the field of gambling, large foreign investors, owners of existing internet cafe and clubs, and players are still waiting for the final and fateful decision of government bodies. As soon as the legal basis is approved and the political intensity in the upper ranks of the government is reduced, the parties concerned will resume discussion of the issue.

Summing up, at the moment, the field of online gambling in Brazil remains unregulated, but it is already on the verge of obtaining a formal legal framework and full legal functioning.

At this time, the best choice for gamblers who prefer high-quality games and honest world-famous developers is to play on the platforms offering mobile-friendly applications or slots online. Plan your business with reliable partners, StarGame consultants are ready to help setting up your internet cafe with online games and choosing the best game settings. Please contact us by: