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Loss Disguised as a Win in slots

Almost on all current slot machines there is one tricky feature – it is a partial victory or “loss that is disguised as a victory”.

Its been a long time since online slots have switched from the simple format with 3 reels and 1 line to the popular multi-line video slots with 5 reels and 25 and even more paylines, the profitability score for a player at short intervals can hardly be identified due to some features found in popular gambling sites and platforms.

By encouraging people to play on more than 1 line, online and land-based casino have created a specific gameplay where players get a winning on almost each and every spin.

In spite of the increased winnings frequency, the return rate is often much lower than the whole bet amount, for example, winning of 10 units after a bet of 50. So 80% are lost but it is followed by the same music and sound as the big victory, and it is located on the same part of ​​the screen where the victories are displayed.

Special symbols, free spins and progressive rewards

Since it’s difficult to notice the blunders on modern gambling machines, game developers have included new interesting options, for example combinations of symbols that give free spins, progressive rewards and mini games that trigger new features and situations that look like winnings and often not guarantee an increase of the winnings value itself.

For example, some special symbols appear on the reels and trigger ten free spins when three of them appear in a row anywhere on the player’s screen. Such symbols often cause a specific music or sounds when they appear; and even if only two symbols appear, in many games the music will start playing, the lights around the reel flashes and the spinning speed will be accelerated to increase the significance of the event.

If you see such events on the screen, you have a feeling that you’ve just hit the jackpot; and frankly speaking, ten free spins are 10x higher opportunity to win huge money, aren’t they? The truth is that these ten free spins do not make changes to quite low probability to win on any other spin and can still lead to a money loss. In many slots, the features described above have completely replaced the standard jackpots.

Reliable gambling software

These features have one essential idea: they give casinos an opportunity to show more results, felt like a victory and not to increase the actual payout. The question of a best way to manage such manipulations with “almost winning” losses is relevant. Eventually, it is up to a player to decide whether to choose games with such artificial illusions.

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