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GGY (GGR) Gambling Income Indicators

GGY (Gross Gambling Yield) or the so-called total income from gambling is a measure of profitability, calculated once the gambling establishment has paid out the money won by visitors. The withdrawal of winning bets among the total number of bets and other game fees is implied in it. GGY does not imply the cost of additional services (for example meals at land-based casinos) or online technical support. GGY does not include the amount of compensation paid to players.

An affiliate type of cooperation represents the revenue share where partners are supposed to receive a part of the profits that was brought to the client by them. For example, an affiliate attracts players to online casino and then a percentage of their loss is redirected to him.

GGY (GGR) calculation

The revenue share of GGY means the share of casino revenue that stockholders, affiliates and other parties who have cooperated with the gambling establishment are going to share among themselves. It is one of the main features that indicate the profitability of a gambling resource and its corresponding reports to the tax authorities.

Proprietary GGY

It is essential to tell how the revenue share of GGY indicator differs from the proprietary GGY.

Proprietary GGY describes the gross profitability of games obtained by a gambling establishment too. It is deducted from the total profit of casino and combines all bets lost by players. It also includes the insurance % and entry fees that are required in poker. In two words, proprietary GGY is the direct casino profits portion.

Essential to note, that the basic characteristic of proprietary GGY is that it is not accessible to stockholders under an income contract.

GGY and proprietary GGY distinction

Profitability of GGY holds a basic distinction from the proprietary GGY which lies in the fact that the first indicator includes the sum of the gross income of a gambling establishment (it will necessarily be shared between partner parties and the stockholders), and the 2nd one relates to income belonging only to the owner of a gambling establishment.

Slot Machine Myths Explained

Honest slots from licensed developers are working on 100% honest principles of game mathematics. The calculation is based on:

  • Combinations of symbols dropped on the reels
  • Winnings described in the paytable of each slot
  • The rules according to which the bonus features and their odds to appear are activated.
  • Bonus feature settings


The profit of honest gambling clubs is determined in the long term only and is based on the work of a random number generator supported by a corresponding gambling license.

Thus, we can easily explain the old myths about the slot machines in the Internet cafes and land-based casinos.

  1. Cycles of winning combinations

This is a rule according to which players must wait until the winning period starts and begin to play at that particular time. In fact, all so-called variations of winning combinations cycles are based only on random processes, and are the result of absolutely random numbers.


  1. Slot machines pay out only if they have enough money.

This myth came from the era of real slot machines where the prize was paid directly from the slot machine. Even if your winnings amount is higher than the cash in the terminal, the difference will be paid from the internet cafe cashier.

All operations in modern slot machines are made on remote servers and money is deposited, stored and cashed out by employees of the gaming club from the cashier.


  1. The autospin feature brings smaller winnings than the manual spin of the reels.

Players who are aware of the principles according to which slots work, know that having a RNG license to use a random number generator guarantees fair mathematics and it absolutely never depends on the principle of influence on the lever or the spin button.


To sum it up, we have the general ideas of how the slots work in the clubs that use StarGame software from the best gaming software developers:

  1. The RNG generates a random
  2. The math center of the slots performs the required calculations with this number and stops the reels
  3. Next, the result of the spin is calculated.
  4. This result is displayed on the game monitor.

Your winnings depend only on your luck and are not influenced by the previous spin history. Enjoy excitement and hot emotions, entrust the entire technical part of the game to experienced StarGame developers.

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