How to Become a Professional Bonus Hunter

To get not only pleasure but a stable profit from gambling and slots, you need a clear tactic and certain character traits, such as purposefulness, patience, mental stamina and willpower. Only the most prudent and attentive players can join the ranks of professional bonus hunters.

There are several conditions to become successful bonus hunter:

  1. Selection of only proven gambling clubs that honestly pay out the winnings.
  2. A generous bonuses campaign in selected land-based and online casino (reload bonuses, free games).
  3. Low requirements for wagers in bonus campaigns, otherwise none of the bonus hunting strategies guarantees profits.
  4. It is necessary to adhere to the basic rules of wagering: at least 200 x preferred bet amount must remain on the player’s balance.
  5. Select the casinos that do not require passport data and other documents to verify and confirm your game account. Your profit is stable until the gambling club has becomes aware of the connection between several accounts of yours.


Where can I find the most profitable casino bonuses?

The game tactics are pretty monotonous, the most attention is required when looking for the most suitable bonus campaigns and the most generous gambling clubs.

  • Bonus hunting is successful only in honest casinos with reliable software for gambling halls.
  • It is most convenient to work with Internet cafe that accept / withdraw funds to Visa / MasterCard.
  • It is necessary be attentive when monitoring news and promotional offers containing information about bonus campaigns. It is also convenient to draw up a schedule of deposits for the nearest future.
  • Next, you select campaigns with the lowest wager requirements which directly increases your profit.
  • It is enough to play regularly in no more than 10 gambling clubs for your profit to be stable.


Bonus hunters control

Usually the most effective way to control bonus hunters is the geographical criterion for tracking players, since those are the players from the former CIS countries (Russia, Ukraine) who are the most skillful using virtual machines and software to change MAC and IP addresses and succeed in hunting for endless bonuses. Because in many casino, citizens of these countries cannot qualify for bonuses for the first few deposits.

In any case, bonus hunting even on the bonuses that do not require direct deposits will be an excellent way to practice in the game without risking losing real money. Play fair and win big in the gambling halls on the StarGame platform. Only a proven developer of online slots software guarantees a pleasant pastime and great winnings!

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