Bonus hunters and bonus hunting in honest casino

Who are the bonus hunters? How to play and not violate the rules established by casino? What are the legitimate ways to beat the casino using only intellectual schemes and formulas? Which online casino offer the most beneficial bonuses and wager requirements?

Bonus hunters look for an opportunity to safely win real money relying on low wager requirements and a cold math.

Honest online and land-based casino develop a variety of bonus programs to attract professional gamblers and new customers. Marketing has no boundaries:

  • bonuses on deposit
  • purchase of goods for accumulated points
  • exchange of collected points for real money
  • reward in the form of additional games
  • reload bonuses

Choosing the right strategy in every single casino, bonus hunters create their own formula for money wagering and their subsequent withdrawal through payment systems, electronic wallets, bank cards and accounts.


  1. The player deposits 10 to his online casino account. A deposit bonus of 50% and a 40x wager have been offered. The player is obliged to bet a total of 200. Only when the terms of bonus offer are completed it will be possible to withdraw these funds.
  2. The RTP is 98%. The player bets low amounts, does not get excited and does not raise the bets, following the strategy of the balance to be equal to 200 x bet size.
  3. Playing a wager according to the terms of the bonus offer, bonus funds as well as initial deposit are withdrawn through the selected payment system.
  4. Next, the player waits for the next favourable moment for the deposit, to which a reload bonus or an individual bonus with wager requirements is applied.


Some gambling clubs limit the size of the maximum bet during the accumulation of a wager or the ability to win back bonuses in certain slots. Bonus hunters look for the trusted casinos that use honest software for gambling halls and online casinos which do not limit the list of games or the size of bets. The most popular are those gambling clubs that have the best:

  • Bonuses
  • Wagers
  • Possible limits on the withdrawals the specified period of time
  • Speed ​​of payment after withdrawal request
  • General characteristics of reliability and honesty
  • Free bonuses or no deposit bonuses (welcome bonuses)

Also smart developers include the autospin feature for a more convenient game. Thus, the machine can make dozens or even a hundred bets per minute. Thus, helping the player not only to play, but also to enjoy the gameplay.

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