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Slot volatility and cycle length

Checking the huge range of slots from the popular developers, first of all players pay attention to the RTP percentage, the so-called return to player. But when you choose a game, not only its immediate profitability is important, but also the payout frequency and amounts. In the mathematics of the game, there is an indicator called volatility which determines the rules for allocating the accumulated winnings.

No one would be interested in the game, which at every spin simply takes a certain part of the player’s bet. The random number generator principle guarantees a random order of rewards. Volatility in slots defines the rules of its dispersion.

Low volatile slots offer smaller winnings but usually pay frequently. High volatile slots are unpredictable making players happy with big wins, but, accordingly, less frequently or after long non-winning periods.

Important advice for players regarding the dependence of the bet amount on slot volatility: the higher volatility index is offered, the longer sequence of spins with no wins the player can expect. Accordingly, it is necessary to be cautious and to place smaller bets than in low volatility slots, where math gives a better chance of winning.

Analysis of the profitability of slots

It is not always the absolute number of winning bets (allowed to be won in the game) to be the main profitability indicator in slots. You can only get the biggest win if you play on a big number of lines.

Also, in each slot machine, there is a cycle length, at the beginning of which the game accumulates bets, and closer to the end, it begins to adjust the distribution to the declared percentage. It is better to determine slot cycle length and choose the right strategy in the demonstration mode, before putting real money.

Reliable developers of gambling hall software store all information on remote servers. Owners of land-based casino and internet cafe cannot increase their profit by making changes to the game’s internal settings (RTP percentage, volatility, cycle length). Fair play is the main rule of the StarGame company. A wide range of video slots, favorable cooperation conditions, user-friendly admin panel, an independent web version of games, original mathematics, excellent graphics and sound quality are the advantages of StarGame, thanks to which the company is the leading manufacturer of software for online casinos.

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What is RTP percent? Can you beat a casino?

The return of the slot machine or the RTP percentage (Return to Player) is the percentage equivalent to the bet amount that will be returned to the players in the game. The percentage of payments is considered as averaged for a big number of games, and it is set directly by the gaming software developers for each single game. This indicator is one of the key technical characteristics of slots and displays the ratio of user winnings to gambling club profit.

RTP Percentage = winning amount / bet size * 100%

When issuing a game license, the claimed RTP percentage is calculated for at least a thousand spins, and the developers test their games on millions of spins.

For example, RTP equal to 97% indicates that it is the total amount of bets that players get for a certain period of the game. Winnings are paid randomly, the principle of randomness must be respected by each slot developer, and must also be proven by the Random Number Generator reliability certificate. It is also necessary to note the effect of slot volatility on each spin result, it determines how often the winnings appear and their odds.

The player’s return after each spin is equal to the number from the range starting with 0 and to the maximum amount allowed in the game. There are also no specific rules of payout given for the exact number of games where the player didn’t win and expects to receive a consolation prize. The outcome of the bet is random and does not affect the result of any further bets. Understanding how the theoretical payout percentage works in slot machines will help the player choose the optimal betting strategy for each game.

The alternative slot feature is House advantage = 100% – RTP, which determines the percentage of gambling house profit.

RTP monitoring

Gambling houses are obliged to work in accordance with the legislation requirements of the country they work in. Governing organizations of many countries reserve the right to monitor and determine the minimum level of RTP, for example, in Russia – at least 90%, and in Australia – 85% or more. Land-based casino requires high maintenance costs therefore they choose developers with more profitable software. The average return varies from 90 to 98 percent, while at the same time reliable software developers have a tendency to develop games with a percentage of at least 95.

Only trusted companies pass the prior checking by the regulatory authorities and give guarantees for fair play and a pleasant pastime even for beginners.

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The most profitable online slot features

The online gaming industry is rapidly developing, every year there are more professional developers who make their contribution to its evolution and replenish the range of popular slots for online casino and land-based internet cafe. The MainamaGames team add unique features to each product: starting with the number of paylines, the number of reels and game fields, symbols-multipliers and special wild and scatter symbols, brightly designed risk-games, bonus rounds, high definition graphics and a fascinating storyline.

  1. Number of pay lines and pay table

Discovering a new game, you should check its pay table, description of winning combinations and special symbols. The slots from MainamaGames are based on proven, original math. Here you will be able to view the range of the cost of one spin (in game coins), and it is also possible to set the cost of spin, depending on the preferences of denomination preferred by each player.

Increased interest is given to the number of pay lines, on which winning combinations are built. The simpler the machine, the less pay lines there are, and the easier it is to understand the game rules for beginners. For experienced gamblers, the range of online slots from MainamaGames includes slots with 50 and more paylines, slots with progressive jackpots, as well as their deluxe versions with two game fields and therefore even more opportunities to hit the jackpot! After all, the more lines are active – the faster your chances of winning are growing!

  1. Special scatter and wild symbols

A special wild symbol usually replaces all other symbols on the reels, except for the scatter. Also, a wild symbol that appeared on the reels according to the specified game rules, can expand into a whole reel, which in turn can be copied to the second playing field. Such online slot features make them especially profitable for players.

Scatter symbol triggers free spins or other game bonuses. Also, a scatter that appeared on the reels according to the certain game rules trigger bonus rounds with an extended set of features that generate winning combinations.

  1. Bonus rounds

Exciting, original and colorful bonus rounds will make any game more interesting, especially taking into account their high profitability. The rules vary for each slot machine. But those are the free spins that are the most common and demanded type of bonuses in the internet cafe.

  1. Multipliers

This is an easy-to-understand function. Appearing on the game reels, multipliers increase the amount of winnings be several times: 2-5 and even more!

  1. Autoplay

The auto play mode eliminates the need of having to manually start each subsequent spin. Comfortably relaxing in the armchair, it will only be necessary to watch how the profitable combos appear on the screen and the current game balance grows.

  1. Accumulative jackpots

MainamaGames developers have prepared another unique and exciting feature – some games have accumulative jackpots built into the game. With each bet, there are more chances to collect these artifacts and get your reward!

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