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What is RTP percent? Can you beat a casino?

The return of the slot machine or the RTP percentage (Return to Player) is the percentage equivalent to the bet amount that will be returned to the players in the game. The percentage of payments is considered as averaged for a big number of games, and it is set directly by the gaming software developers for each single game. This indicator is one of the key technical characteristics of slots and displays the ratio of user winnings to gambling club profit.

RTP Percentage = winning amount / bet size * 100%

When issuing a game license, the claimed RTP percentage is calculated for at least a thousand spins, and the developers test their games on millions of spins.

For example, RTP equal to 97% indicates that it is the total amount of bets that players get for a certain period of the game. Winnings are paid randomly, the principle of randomness must be respected by each slot developer, and must also be proven by the Random Number Generator reliability certificate. It is also necessary to note the effect of slot volatility on each spin result, it determines how often the winnings appear and their odds.

The player’s return after each spin is equal to the number from the range starting with 0 and to the maximum amount allowed in the game. There are also no specific rules of payout given for the exact number of games where the player didn’t win and expects to receive a consolation prize. The outcome of the bet is random and does not affect the result of any further bets. Understanding how the theoretical payout percentage works in slot machines will help the player choose the optimal betting strategy for each game.

The alternative slot feature is House advantage = 100% – RTP, which determines the percentage of gambling house profit.

RTP monitoring

Gambling houses are obliged to work in accordance with the legislation requirements of the country they work in. Governing organizations of many countries reserve the right to monitor and determine the minimum level of RTP, for example, in Russia – at least 90%, and in Australia – 85% or more. Land-based casino requires high maintenance costs therefore they choose developers with more profitable software. The average return varies from 90 to 98 percent, while at the same time reliable software developers have a tendency to develop games with a percentage of at least 95.

Only trusted companies pass the prior checking by the regulatory authorities and give guarantees for fair play and a pleasant pastime even for beginners.

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The latest 50 line slots and slot machine plots

Which of the video slot developers constantly updates the range of popular games? What online slots novelties favorably differ from the rest games and what are their unique peculiarities? Let’s consider features and popular plots of actual slot machines.

50-line slot machines are not often to be found in online casinos. The development of games with 50 winning lines can only be done by professional gaming software developers who think through every detail of the game process, favorable conditions for receiving payments, and, necessarily, a bright and exciting plot. The functionality of 50-line video slots usually involves 5 reels, an adapted control panel for bets on the required number of lines, special symbols such as scatter and wild with an extended set of features, and the bonus rounds for even more attractive opportunities to win awards. Also in certain slots you will get an opportunity to play extra cash accumulative jackpots.

50 line slots plots

To create high-quality online slots for internet cafe, reliable developers must pay attention to the choice of plots and story lines that will favorably emphasize the exclusivity and special peculiarities of slots. Mainamagames developers have prepared a number of fascinating stories for the most sophisticated gamers:

  • The Wizard of Oz

Dorothy Gale, Emerald City, Wizard of Oz and The Wizard of Oz Deluxe video slots are based on one of the most popular fairy tales about the amazing wizard of Oz. A kind, wise fairy tale about brave friends teaches you to believe in yourself, and never give up on the way to your goal! Fairy tale heroes are generous with gifts and willingly multiply your bets. Incredibly colorful interface with a lot of smallest, detailed graphic elements captivates from the first minute of the game and promises worthy winnings!

  • The theme of the other worlds with the characters of angels and demons

Shinings Trio, Shining Land, The Inferno, The Lava Land video slots as well as their deluxe versions with two groups of reels such as The Inferno deluxe, Shining Trio deluxe, Shining Land Deluxe, The Lava Land Deluxe are an absolutely unforgettable gaming experience in the magical world far beyond the achievable reality. The unique portal of the worlds opens the gates to the world of supernatural possibilities and even more incredible prizes. The original game math involves an extended set of winning combinations and bonus rounds with additional special character functions. Angels and demons are ready to pour a handful of gold coins into your virtual pockets!

  • Games about the pirate adventures

Clash of Pirates, Pirate Code, Pirate Treasures slots as well as their deluxe versions such as Clash of Pirates Deluxe and Pirate Code Deluxe are bright novelties for fans of high-quality games. Spend your free time in the company of notorious sea robbers. They know how to have real fun! What treasures do they hide? Your chances of stumbling upon a hidden treasure and hitting the jackpot are incredibly high. Take your time to relax with the characters of pirate slots. This pastime will not be useless; you have excellent chances to earn many virtual coins.

Among the novelties there are popular 3×5 versions of slots with 10 paylines: Dorothy Gale, Shinings Trio, The Inferno, Clash of Pirates.

50 line slots offer even more wins and bonuses. Do not waste your time, choose reliable online slots developers and enjoy high quality games with Mainamagames!

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