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Functionality and advantages of 50 line slots

The range of modern online slots can diversify leisure time of a wide audience of players. The team of MainamaGames developers offers a decent product for everyone: simple slots with ten to twenty winning combinations for beginners, spectacular slots with 100 or more lines for the most sophisticated players, and, of course, a golden mean – games with 50 lines for experienced players who want to enjoy not only the game itself, but also the well thought out gameplay, honest mathematics and generous rewards.

Exclusive slot machines with 50 various winning combinations are an exciting adventure with significantly higher winning chances and a number of important advantages. This is what causes so much adrenaline and increased demand among visitors of land-based casino and internet cafe.

We would like to mention the following popular video slots among the latest developments of Mainamagames:


5×3 slots: Dorothy Gale, Shinings Trio, The Inferno, Clash of Pirates

5×8 slots: Emerald City, Shining Land, The Lava Land, Pirate Code

5×15 slots: The Inferno deluxe, Shining Trio deluxe

5×16 slots: The Wizard of Oz Deluxe, Shining Land Deluxe, The Lava Land Deluxe, Clash of Pirates Deluxe

Functionality of 50 line slots

  1. Typically, 50 line slots are based on five reels, equipped with a functional control panel adapted for each player;
  2. Also in 50-line slots, the length of the reels is usually bigger and is from 8 to 10 symbols on the reel. This feature distinguishes them from standard games with 3-4 symbols on the reel. More symbols mean even more opportunities to get great wins;
  3. It is a pleasure to note fascinating plot ideas, excellent graphic details, high-quality musical accompaniment, and, most importantly, a pre-set payout percentage;
  4. Special symbols such as scatter (which according to the rules of the game can launch a bonus game and trigger free spins) and wild (wild symbol replaces all other symbols on the playing field) in addition to the main purpose, may also offer additional features;

Advantages of 50 line slots

  • The sound of jingling coins and the sound of victory pleases players almost after each spin. The higher number of winning combinations a slot has, the more chances are for them to appear.
  • Bonus games are designed in the general theme of the game, they have original design and idea.
  • Detailed graphics, well-drawn characters and special symbols are very pleasing. To accompany the complicated functionality, a corresponding high-quality interface must be implemented.
  • Great chances to trigger bonus games – one of the most valuable features of 50-line slot machines. Your luck depends not only on the pre-set game rules, but also on the player’s thoughtfulness and skills.
  • Each slot has its own peculiarity. To clue it up and to predict the result of the spins, the strategy can be planned in the test version of the games.

50 line slots from Mainamagames fascinate players with their captivating plots and variety. Enjoy high-quality games and original, thought-out math in slots from Mainamagames!

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