How the deposit bonus works

If you have already started to build your gaming business on the StarGame platform, it will be interesting for you to learn how the deposit bonus works, because it is very popular among the gaming club visitors. Is it possible for an online casino to issue free money to players without additional conditions? The answer is that bonus money is really not free and that’s how the incentive system works.

Most dealers are going to use generous bonuses when opening a new gaming club or to attract new customers to already existing internet cafe. StarGame developers offer a thought-out system that is beneficial for all parties involved. Deposit bonus is calculated as a percentage of the initial deposit.

Deposit bonus

Conditions for obtaining a bonus:

  • Bonus is offered immediately after direct deposit to the gaming account
  • Agreement with the terms of the bonus promotion
  • It cannot be charged in case if an active bonus is present.

Conditions for obtaining the possibility to withdraw bonus money:

  • it is required to make such number of bets, the total amount of which will be equal to or exceed the size of the bonus multiplied by 35
  • in the settings of the hall it is possible to enable a half payout (in case of failure to fulfill the conditions of the promotion or if player wants to withdraw funds from his account before the bonus amount is turned over 35 times), which means that the player will be able to withdraw half of the amount of his current balance.

As an example, let’s use the following situation:

A player deposits 150 to his account, agrees to participate in the promotion offering a deposit bonus, thus receives another 150 as a bonus according to the conditions with a wagering x35.

Total on his account: 300

Available for withdrawal: (150 + 150) / 2 = 150

For turnover, he has to place bets worth: 35 * 150 = 5250

Let’s suppose that the player bets 30 and wins 500.

Available to withdraw: (300 – 30 + 500) / 2 = 770/2 = 385

Total: 770

To the full turnover, it is required to bet further on the amount of: 5250 – 30 = 5220
In the admin panel, you may enable or disable half payout feature at any time.

Thus, the deposit bonus is a profitable way to attract clients to a gaming club.

For more than 10 years StarGame team attracts new customers with a high-quality software product as well as regular updates of the claimed functionality and assortment of games for more than 10 years. Honest policy, flexible terms of cooperation and strong protection of personal and financial data of users made StarGame platform popular on every continent.

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