Progressive Jackpot from StarGame

The StarGame platform continues to please its clients with regular updates of the list of available products and the requested gameplay options for more than 10 years. An honest opportunity to win is guaranteed by original game mathematics, and the extended bonus system (deposit bonus and cashback bonus) and additional free spins encourage clients to stay in the game longer.

Traditionally, the most attention of customers is attracted by the progressive jackpots broadcasted on a separate screen which design can also be chosen. The system of jackpots is 4-level and you can win each of them independently from each other. In the administrative panel, you can set the necessary settings for each hall:

  • You can set which part of each player’s bet will be deducted to increase the jackpot amount – from 0 to 2% with step 0.25. Each of the 4 levels is formed and grows independently and can be won separately from others.
  • StarGame developers have considered the possibility to adjust the basevalue of jackpots, which is convenient, first of all, for promotion of new halls.
  • Adjustable jackpot hit period (at least one hour) makes it possible to set preferred hours and minutes, convenient for visitors and the management of each specific hall.
  • You also have an option to set a timer, after which the main prize can be won.
  • To encourage players, you may also set the minimum bet to qualify for the jackpot.
  • You can broadcast jackpot values ​​separately on a large screen: in diamond or dragon style.

Progressive jackpot from StarGame

  1. Bronze – the smallest jackpot which must necessarily be active if you intend to use jackpots in your internet cafe
  2. Silver – this and all subsequent jackpots are calculated on the principle of “at least twice as large as the previous one.”
  3. Gold – which is higher than the silver one
  4. Diamond – the highest possible prize

An opportunity to play without jackpots or only with a bronze jackpot is offered to the clients, rest jackpots can be activated and turned off if necessary. You can also choose the format of the jackpot visualization separately on the big screen of HD TV or monitor to attract visitors to the gaming club. To do this, it is enough to open a link, and for authorization it is enough to enter ID of one of the gaming terminals from your hall, but only the one which is not used to play at the moment.

The multilevel jackpot from StarGame can become a vivid spark of your club, the one that is based on the enhanced system of reward settings. Such motivation helps to constantly attract new visitors and bring a stable profit for owners of the Internet cafe on the StarGame platform.

The developers of StarGame took care of the tools for step-by-step logging of each game and each gaming computer, as well as logs of jackpot hit and changes of its settings. It’s easy to access logs of recent jackpot modifications (in the format of local time in comparison with the current time of the server) and thus control the personnel access to the settings.

Professional managers of the company will help you to set up a gaming hall and to understand the necessary settings at any time convenient for you. Please contact us by:

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