How to open a gambling hall with HTML5 slots

The combination of modern web development technologies under the combined name HTML5 confidently conquers the Internet. Developers successfully migrate to a new platform instead of the outdated Flash technology.

HTML5 games for gambling halls win comparing the speed of work, they have excellent graphics, are available for playing through the browser and can be used on mobile platforms. The main advantages of innovative HTML5 technology are the following:

  1. Cross-platform
  2. Convenient streaming of multimedia content
  3. Fast operation on devices running iOS, Android, etc.
  4. Fast loading and processing speed
  5. Flawless graphics and sound
  6. Stability and security of HTML5 games for gambling houses
  7. Does not require the installation of plug-ins and player for playback
  8. No need to compile, since all elements are loaded as a ready-made web page
  9. Highly promising technology in the future

Of the drawbacks, one can note the dependence on hardware acceleration, which affects the video slot streaming quality. This is rather a temporary inconvenience, since professionals around the world are doing their best to achieve the same level of graphics capabilities as Flash technology has.


HTML5 games for gambling halls

The cross-platform nature of the new gambling format allows Internet cafe owners to introduce new technologies at all levels of use. In the era of advanced accessibility of the 5G-Internet, it is important to have a product that can adapt to any screen resolution and will not require downloads of additional plug-ins from the end user in a land-based Internet cafe.

The StarGame platform for gaming halls is multipurpose and meets the highest requirements of clients. The web version of HTML5 slots allows you to enjoy the games without installing the Flash player and its updates. HTML5 games are developed by professionals only, the collection of slots is constantly updated.

Wide range of slots, bright animation, HD graphics, bonus game features and various options for the number of paylines guarantee a pleasant pastime; honest and unique game mathematics makes the process profitable for all parties involved.

Reliable software for the gaming halls is the basis of trust between the dealer and clients, it is a guarantee of business development prospects and a reliable investment.

Professional managers from Stargame company are ready to help you to open a gambling hall 24/7. Find out more about the details of cooperation at a time convenient for you by:


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