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Internet cafe as a space for teamwork and online entertainment

Today almost every house has high-speed access to the Internet and owners of Internet cafe sometimes observe a decrease in income from visitors. In fact, such institutions will always have a demand and occupy their niche in business. It is important not to forget to change in accordance with the requirements of clients.

The standard scheme of the Internet cafe is really not so popular. Most of them offer access to online gambling, it is one of the most profitable formats. At the same time, there is a growing demand for space for teamwork with a parallel option of online entertainment. More and more people choose to work remotely from home office. But organizing a good workplace is not as easy as it seems at first glance. The solution can be a local coffee house with a free Wi-Fi connection, but it’s quite a noisy place.

Ideal workplace can be found in a professional, quiet environment, equipped with all necessary items and resources and the one that does not require expensive office rental.

You can turn an Internet cafe into a space for teamwork in 5 steps:

  1. Special package offers for small groups at a common price for a workplace, access to office equipment (printer, copier, fax), free coffee, the opportunity to communicate with employees.
  2. Membership access packages on a monthly basis for time with additional access to the conference room and the possibility to visit network events and master classes.
  3. A separate area for communication, general meetings and entertainment. It would be appropriate to have light music, comfortable upholstered furniture, tables for billiards and table tennis.
  4. Decent conference room for meetings with customers and for other important events.
  5. Master classes for improving the skills of individual clients and teams. There may also be a small entrance fee, especially if you invite special guests.
  6. Holding club meetings and local networking events.


As you can see, the classic format of Internet cafe with online games can be supplemented with many interesting creative ideas to increase the flow of visitors and financial profit.

The creative approach to business and the provision of opportunities for the integrated use of your institution by different groups of visitors will bring you benefits in the shortest time and will allow you to open new clubs under your own brand.

Use these ideas to combine the space for a teamwork with the basic idea of ​​gambling hall. Only reliable casino software provider can become a successful base platform for it. The StarGame gaming platform leads the online entertainment market with a huge assortment of online lotteries, sports betting systems, as well as games from famous developers, a diverse system of bonuses and progressive jackpots, reliable data encryption and transparent financial transactions. Generous discounts for regular customers provide a constant flow of new dealers from all over the world. Collaboration with StarGame is the key to success for your Internet cafe and a consistently profitable and secure business for all involved parties.

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How to promote Internet Sweepstakes Cafe

How to promote a gambling hall? How to achieve success in gambling business? How to attract customers who are looking for the excitement and unexpected wealth? How to start and develop a gambling club? Such questions are asked by the owners of the Internet sweepstakes café who want to competently build their business.

Key tips for promotion of the slot machine hall are:

  1. Honesty and guarantee of prize payments

If you don’t pay out the winnings shown on the player’s monitor just once, you risk being known as a dishonest club. After all, word of mouth is the best advertising and anti-advertising. And if the winning percentage embedded in the system is 90% or higher, the key to your success is always to pay prizes for the money invested by your customers.

  1. Incredibly tough competition in such a profitable sphere, as well as the constantly growing taxes, call into question the profitability of the Internet cafe, especially at the initial stage of work. Therefore, its important to calculate the business plan with regular expenses for the development of your business, not saving even on the small things. After all, those pleasant little things can win the most spoiled customers and professional players who will bring the main income to your casino.
  2. Advertising and profitable system of bonuses

Reliable online casino software manufacturers take care of their clients, reinforcing their brand with a wide system of profitable bonuses and progressive jackpots. Do not forget about additional bonuses for clients, encouraging the most active contributors and deftly luring newcomers.

  1. Properly selected location

It is easier to expecting the best results in the most prominent places with a dense stream of real clients. If you expand the business, working simultaneously in several places, then a reliable basis will become a guarantee of success – it must be a trustworthy software manufacturer for Internet cafes.

  1. Modern technologies

Take full advantage of the advanced technologies of our time: offer various methods of payment, use modern equipment, complement the interior with large monitors to output colorful advertising messages and broadcast current jackpots.

  1. Control of each component of business

Take care of the safety of personnel, clients and equipment, using devices for checking money, security cameras, the possibility to use the so-called panic button for the hall operators, as well as encryption of the transmitted data.

  1. Choose the best personnel

Having access to the administrative panel, it is tempting to use your official position for personal gain. In order to avoid misunderstandings, provide personnel with decent working conditions and appropriate payment. Cashiers, administrators, security guards, system administrators should be not only highly qualified, but also decent and honest people.

  1. Complex approach to the idea of entertainment

Think about the comfort of individual clients, as well as additional entertainment for couples and even families. For adults, provide the opportunity to play billiards and other board games, take care of the bar and its diverse menu, and for their children, think about a bright game room with interesting toys.

The basis of success is your trustworthy name, business honesty and openness, competent management of finances, and also respect of clients. Reputation, in the first place, depends on the gaming platform you work with. For over 10 years StarGame company provides tools for conducting a successful online gambling business. Reliable gaming software, financial openness and impeccable reputation have won clients on all continents of the globe. We continue to expand the sphere of influence, giving dealers the best conditions of cooperation and a huge range of games for the most sophisticated players.

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