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Online gambling security standards

Until recently online gambling had not been properly controlled by regulators and government agencies and players often had to worry about their own safety. Today dealers have the opportunity to rely on a proper legislative base and offer only the best software solutions and products to the players. Dealers can easily set up an online casino and focus on choosing the gaming system that satisfies their clients the best.

Online gaming platforms must meet a number of requirements including security. You should not believe in bright advertising or sudden huge discounts, because first of all stability and guaranteed profit is brought by trusted and reliable systems that have proven their reputation in the gambling market.

The authoritative StarGame playground has been expanding the geography of business cooperation for more than 10 years thanks to a 24-hour individual customer service, flexible hall settings, high quality of HD and 3D games from the best developers, and favorable terms of cooperation. You can read about it on the official website of the progressive gaming system StarGame.

Online casino systems and their security standards:

  1. Worthy reviews about the gaming system and the duration of its functioning in the field of gaming
  2. Access to the licensing and legal information
  3. Ownership of the online casino system and transparent security information on the official company page
  4. Original and tested maths of the games
  5. Work through the HTTPS data transfer protocol
  6. Data encryption by TrueCrypt
  7. OTP Authorization

StarGame company takes care of the client’s security providing all of the above tools to protect their accounts, data and financial investments. You can open game hall on the StarGame platform contacting our professional managers by:




What online game platforms do casino dealers choose?

Interactive clubs and Internet cafe located around the world need high-quality and proven software products. Online gaming platforms must meet the latest security requirements for online casino owners, as well as for players. Dealers prefer to set up an online casino that offers a wide range of system settings, personal service and technical support, and of course, regular updates of games and user interface depending on customer requests.

StarGame platform leads the online casino market for over 10 years, possessing an extensive list of advantageous solutions for the business of professional dealers. The team of experienced developers created a software product that honestly won its leading name in the markets of Europe, America, Asia and Africa.


StarGame gaming platform and its advantages

  1. Administrative panel:
  • Game process is managed from a user-friendly admin panel with various flexible settings for halls, games, and the accounts subordinate to your account
  • Intuitive interface
  • Adjustable return-to-player percentage that guarantees fair play for all participants
  • Control of maximum winnings
  • Detailed logs for each game and game terminal


  1. Adjustable bonuses for players:
  • Cashback bonus
  • Deposit bonus
  • System of 4 multi-level jackpots: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond


  1. A wide range of games:
  • Hundreds of bright games and slots in HD and 3D quality with magnificent, memorable graphics
  • Control the number of games in the system
  • Live roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat and other popular board games
  • Live Dealers
  • Worldwide popular lotteries
  • Unique and proven mathematics that guarantee fair play and stable income


  1. Distinctive features:
  • Secure data encryption (TrueCrypt)
  • Online payment processing
  • Adapting the system to run on common operating systems
  • Panic button for instant system locking and all software applications shutdown
  • Online browser version of games which also works on smartphones and tablets.


It is now easy to create a virtual casino, register dealer’s account and open game hall with the StarGame platform. Professional consultants work 24/7 with any time zone and are ready to answer any questions you may have, to set up the system according to the requirements of your agents, and choose the optimal settings for game halls in your region. Please contact us by:


Sports betting online. The most profitable gambling business for professionals

The profitability of casino games is constantly analyzed by mathematicians, amateur players, and businessmen who want to build their business on the players’ love for risk. The math of gambling is a real science but the chances of winning differ for land-based casinos and for Internet cafe.

Indeed, winning odds often give privilege to gambling establishments but experienced players or just lucky ones always have a real opportunity to hit the jackpot. For example, a popular game called blackjack can be beaten by simple calculation of cards. Besides, it’s absolutely legal. Online betting odds in one of the most profitable games called video poker can also be calculated in the long run.

What is the best casino game?

This amazing question has different answers for different institutions, depending also on their specific rules, as well as on your personal gaming preferences and playing talent. That’s why every game has its followers, as well as in any other sphere of human activity.

The use of gaming strategies

Many players do not have enough time, assiduity and desire to learn and apply real gaming strategies in practice because they play only for the sake of entertainment. And they are quite happy with it. How many emotions appear when you buy even the cheapest lottery tickets online or in a bookmaker’s office? The chances of winning are scanty, but in the news we often hear about the new millionaires and their new life.

A certain type of casino players relies even on superstitions, or templates for choosing the right solutions from everyday life, which has nothing to do with the rules of strategy behind the gambling table.

There are rare games of a more complex level, their rules must be well learnt and each move must be carefully analyzed. Consequently, fewer visitors are interested in taking new challenges. But the harder is the game, the higher are your chances.

Sports betting

Sports betting requires a long time to analyze the coefficients. Even professionals spend several hours to find a discrepancy in the stated coefficients, because that’s what makes their profit. You will be surprised, but in fact sports betting is the most profitable sphere of gaming. Here the efforts will be adequately rewarded. StarGame is a professional in the sports betting market, the team of developers has many years of experience designing and supporting software for processing the results of sports events.

Greyhound racing is an incredibly entertaining and dynamic sport. You can bet on greyhound racing online on the official website. Bright and high-quality HD graphics and the ability to broadcast online contests on the big screen will attract even more gamblers to your institution.

StarGame Box device

Try the new development from the famous StarGame gaming system: StarGame Box device for broadcasting sports events and lotteries online will expand the range of services of your gaming club. A large screen broadcasting greyhound racing and lottery drawings online can become a unique peculiarity of your gaming establishment. StarGame Box can be easily connected to the projector or monitor by HDMI.

To always keep your business on a decent level in the world of modern technology, trust a reliable partner – StarGame company, and you will be the leader of the gambling industry in your region.

Professional consultants are always ready to help you to develop your business together with StarGame. Please contact by: