The most profitable casino games

If you ask a casual passerby, “Which casino game brings the highest profit?” The majority will reply: “Casino can’t lose, otherwise they would not exist!”. If you ask player who has a little better knowledge of gambling, then perhaps you hear: “It’s easy to be lucky in blackjack, but there’s little chance in other games.” If you discuss it with professional player, then, of course, he answers that the best game for experienced players is roulette!

In fact, it all depends on how you are going to bet. In general, the following are the most profitable gambling activities:

Having a serious amount of money in your wallet, you can play it for hours. The chances of staying in the game without going into the red are high enough if you choose a good strategy. A lot of info is written about it on various websites. Check the tables with the variation of the game where the dealer must hit on soft 17.

You can hardly find a gambling house or internet cafe without roulette. There are various strategies for betting across the table or to win less often but a larger amount. The main thing to know what losing bets in roulette are. People bet on unprofitable combinations and are surprised after having lost. In general, your chances are worse than if you were betting only on red/black, but it is quite a boring strategy. With the same winning chances, you can play simpler game – blackjack. If you play roulette properly then you will stay at the table for a long time.

  1. Craps.

Perhaps it is not the most attractive game for the visitors of gambling establishments, but the chances are high if you play it right. There are lots of betting options, you can play against each other, or compete with the casino. In addition, the game is suitable for a good company of players, because it does not require any special equipment.

In this list we should also mention baccarat. This game is popular among highrollers as well as the fans to play at low stakes.


Many casinos would keep slots only if they had such opportunity. After all, table games allow experienced players to play with average 100% return. It is the strategy, excerpt and proper calculation that allow professionals to stay in the game for a long time and leave the table as a winner. While in the slots the game is fast, you can even use the auto play mode. In addition, it does not require dealers, the game has great volatility, and a variety of interesting game stories attract many players.

Poker is one of the most troublesome games for land-based casinos, since it returns only fixed percent of cash contributed or only a tournament fee. The game process is time-consuming, and the tables themselves take up a lot of space inside casino. More and more players prefer to bet on poker tournaments online right from home. For professional players, it is not only a pleasant, but also profitable pastime.

If you are not inclined to delve into gaming strategies and algorithms, try your luck buying an online lottery ticket, bingo and keno lotteries are the most popular in the world. Lucky ticket is waiting for its buyer regardless of his professionalism and the size of his wallet. The main thing is to choose reliable game developers and proven gaming systems. StarGame is a loyal and honest partner who offers an extensive range of games and high-level services. Professional managers are always ready to consult you and answer all your questions. Please contact:


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