In what countries is greyhound racing most popular and legal?


Greyhound racing is most popular in the following countries:

  1. UK

Dog racing is an incredibly popular industry in the United Kingdom. Thus, in 2016 this event was visited by more than 3 million people in almost 6000 meetings. Currently in the United Kingdom there are 23 registered and licensed tracks as well as tote betting system. The 1st modern race of greyhounds was held in 1926.

  1. Ireland

Dog racing is a very popular entertainment in Ireland. It is also a prestigious business since about 90% of trained dogs in the United Kingdom are imported from Irish nurseries.

  1. Australia

Racing in Australia is regulated by a range of state governing bodies that control dogs living conditions, their well-being, and are engaged in greyhound adoption programs. Also, individual states control the purchase and sale of trained puppies.

  1. New Zealand

Annually about seven hundred dogs are prepared for sports racing in New Zealand, another two-three hundred are imported from Australia.

At the end of a career the dogs also find shelter. The maintenance of more than 200 individuals who retired is funded by charitable organizations. Some greyhounds become house pets, the rest are taken care by volunteer organizations. In some cases, greyhounds are even returned to overseas owners.

The society also pays special attention to the well-being of dogs, creating organizations for the protection of animal rights as well as researching their welfare, injuries and other indicators.

  1. South Africa

In South Africa these sports are nothing more than amateurish and dogs are kept by their owners. They educate and train them, and carefully keep studbooks to preserve breed purity. A number of organizations control this sport but officially it is not legal.

  1. United States

Greyhound racing is governed by the laws of each individual state. Therefore, its status is divided into three types: it is both legal and practiced in 5 states; legal, but not practiced in 4 states and illegal in the remaining forty states and territory of Guam

The activity of humane community resulted with the total volume of dog racing throughout the country to fall by 67%.

Countries where dog racing is prohibited by law

For example, since the end of 2016 in Argentina everyone who wants to organize and conduct dog racing faces imprisonment and a fine. To avoid such consequences, fans of this sport are switching to online tournament formats in an Internet cafe.

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