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Equipment for broadcasting lotteries and gambling tournaments online

To take and hold a leadership position on the online gambling market, you have to consider your customer’s opinion as well as follow technical innovations and gaming trends.

Popular instant lotteries do not stay away from creative development solutions. Today, lottery broadcast is possible not only via browser but also bypassing the computer – using independent devices, the purchase of which will cost you much cheaper than a standard PC.

The Stargame company has developed the optimal solution for owners of gaming sites and bookmakers – a device designed to broadcast the most requested quick games: Keno, Bingo, Poker, Dog Racing on the big screen.

The StarGame Box kit comes with one of the listed games to choose from. The customized profitability of games guarantees a stable income proven by many years of experience with leading market companies. Immaculate service of technical support and software management from the StarGame company is the basis of reliable work and strong business relationships.


Software Maintenance

  1. Cashier

Work with cashier’s software is possible from your PC, tablet and even a mobile phone.

  1. Operator

To facilitate the operator’s tasks, most brands of barcode scanners as well as thermal printers are supported.

  1. Administrator

Detailed statistics and game logs are available in the admin panel for each of the quick games.


Player’s comfort

Draws are held every few minutes – the time is optimal for the comfort of players who make bets. A practical device was designed for the most convenient broadcast of gambling tournaments and lotteries.


The Stargame Box easily connects to a monitor, projector and even an ordinary TV via hdmi. It is convenient to control it using the remote that comes with the kit. You can also choose the type of connection or set other settings; by pressing the red button on the remote control – you can instantly disable playback on the screen. The device runs on OS Android. It has Ethernet, HDMI, USB ports, power connector, and also a slot for the memory card.

Get the obvious advantages of StarGame Box and favorable terms of cooperation. Lead with StarGame!

The advantages of playing lottery online

Lotteries have fascinated people since ancient times becoming especially popular since the invention of the instant lottery. But not all players get pleasure from waiting for the live lottery broadcasts on TV on weekends or from painstaking study of the list of complex rules. Therefore, the basis of online lottery popularity is the principle of simplicity and easy accessibility which do not require any serious financial investment. The advantages are also in the following:

  1. The speed of buying a ticket. You can place bet in a few seconds and the draws last for a few minutes, after which the player will be able to find out his winnings and try his luck again.
  2. Automatic function of filling the ticket, as well as a bet on several drawings ahead.
  3. There is no need to learn a long list of rules or to prepare game strategy because every player can easily try his luck without additional skills.
  4. Worthy bonuses as well as solid winnings even higher than winnings in card games or slots.
  5. The safety of your bet in the system even if you lose or spoil the ticket purchased.
  6. You can participate from any corner of the planet or directly in the game hall of your favorite casino.
  7. The confidentiality of participation in the draw and financial transactions is the weightiest arguments in favor of such worldwide favorite games.

The Internet has opened the opportunity to participate in online lotteries for fans of gambling entertainment. The Stargame company implemented it in its new product. Customers will definitely like the opportunity of watching the popular games and gambling tournaments online:

  • Keno Lottery – a notable numerical lottery which offers great winning odds;
  • Bingo Lottery is the most popular type of lotto in the world;
  • Dog Racing – noble sports races for the most exacting customers;
  • Texas Hold ’em – an elite type of poker for experts and beginners both.

The StarGame Box device is also available at an attractive price. To broadcast fast games in online mode you have to connect it to the monitor (and also to a projector or a TV) via HDMI. It also requires an Internet connection and you can control it even by the remote.

The StarGame Box kit has a number of advantages in addition to the affordable price for game and device. You will definitely notice that it saves Internet traffic in comparison with broadcasting from the browser, and also its smooth operation at low speeds.

You can also watch lottery draws online and game rounds of the tournaments in the browser following the links below:

You can purchase ticket and check it directly on the game site. Viewing the winning odds table is comfortable between the broadcasts. In case of victory, the winner must apply to the cashier of the gambling establishment and cash out the winning amount.

An innovative game with StarGame Box opens a new level of gambling world with all the advantages of lotteries and gaming tournaments online.


Key features of modern casino management systems

The list of features offered by advanced casino management systems is really wide and continues to be replenished and improved in accordance with market requirements. In this article, we list the main components of the progressive casino CMS sufficient to make sure that the well-coordinated work of the technical side of gambling club must combine reliability, universal functions, and the security of the customers and the institution itself.

  1. Slot machine management:
  • Automatic log lists for each slot which must also contain financial data
  • Continuous mode of adjustment and management of electronic mechanisms of the slot, reading and correction of received data
  • Online slot status reporting
  • Inspection and immediate detection of malfunctions as well as timely notifications about it
  • Setting up the payout tables, winning odds and combinations
  1. Game zone management
  • Online tracking of gaming halls operations
  • Monitoring and verification of incoming data on gaming trends and used games
  • Detailed analysis of customer preferences by types of slot machines, time spent and the game itself
  • Status of slot machines, instant notification of the prizes
  1. Game process tracking
  • Preparation and maintenance of client databases
  • Track customer’s database with statistics of permanent players as well as the most financially active clients
  • Selection of the most “important” players;
  • Automatic tracking of customers who have ever been checked in casino blacklist
  • Monitoring the activity of each player regarding the games offered online
  • Storage of data on each player’s bonuses and other types of operations on his/her account
  1. Financial statements
  • Keeping a detailed financial history of gambling establishments for the current and any other period
  • Online monitoring of betting operations
  • Providing opportunities of non-cash payment
  • Reporting on the financial transactions in all casino cash desks
  • Online reporting on the amounts and exact timing of payments
  1. Sales in associated casino departments
  • Monitoring of the exchange of bonuses earned by the players on services and purchases at restaurants, bars or casino gift shops
  • Taking into account the preferences of customers on menu and drinks
  • Rating of food and drinks;
  • Control of purchases for each shop, work with suppliers and warehouse balance
  • Reporting on the work of the restaurants and bars for a selected period of time
  1. Non-cash payment for games
  • Monitoring the database of customers with the possibility to order and deliver the cards
  • Ability to manage cards for casino workers
  • Check and control the status of the cards
  • Control of the non-cash game process and instant response to possible errors in the payment process
  • Reports on non-cash games and statistics of such transactions throughout the gambling halls
  • Protection of information at all levels

The list can be continued based on the requirements of each individual customer and his aims on the online gambling market. And the more effort is invested by the company management to the casino CMS, the more reliable and hence popular in the market becomes a gaming system and internet cafe. Also, the quality of services directly affects the number of visitors and the ability to react to their requests, fixing problems in the system and improving the quality of the game.