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Casino marketing ideas

Gambling industry includes casinos, slot machine halls, sweepstakes, bookmakers and other establishments bringing a billion-dollar profit into tourism and entertainment sphere. Given the expected profitability of such a business, entrepreneurs do not always prepare for its organization and development with high responsibility missing important stages of planning such as: professional staff training, marketing consulting, market analysis etc. As a result, we see a large number of gambling establishments created by analogy with the local competitors: without a spark and fresh ideas.

Those are primarily the customers who became demanding in current era of globalization. They expect not only games but also a pleasant pastime with friends. To profitably stand out among competitors you must present gambling business in the style of multi-entertaining complex. A number of creative solutions and marketing tricks to attract players is listed below from the experience of USA experts who brought American gambling centers to a world-class level.

  1. Players from all over the world are attracted to entertainment venues in Las Vegas, such as the Thomas & Mack Center sports complex, the Sands Expo Center Cashman Center, the Showcase Mall, the Las Vegas Convention Center, and the Fashion Show Mall fashionable shopping center. These are world-famous centers for star concerts and shows where a daily flow of tourists come ready to spend money on all sorts of pleasures and of course to visit local Internet cafe.
  2. According to the laws of the State of Nevada, just for $ 40 each 18 years old person can order a wedding party in one of the local chapels. This is an excellent marketing idea for many couples of tourists who like such ceremony.
  3. The Main Street Casino exhibits a real part of the Berlin Wall weighing three tons. Hotel Venetian is known for living statues that frighten relaxed tourists. And the cinemas attract visitors by million winnings if their weight in kilograms matches the lucky number.
  4. One of the most skillful marketing techniques to increase the profit of the establishment is the correct arrangement of slot machines, card and roulette tables. Slot machines with smaller bets are placed at the entrance of the casino but in places with the densest stream of visitors (usually around the bar or on the way to the restroom) there are slot machines that give the highest profit. And of course, you will not see in the casino neither watches nor windows allowing you to know the exact time and leave the game in time.
  5. In addition to the traditional luxurious interior in the gambling world and the overall theme of the premises, the specialists try to keep wealthy clients by recording their preferences, bankroll, personal data and time spent in the game. For a good client, it is not a shame to order a limousine to the airport, or even bring him to the casino by a private airplane.
  6. The best gambling houses know that some players simply love to collect their chips. This original hobby brings good money if you take it seriously – start releasing memorable chips or the ones confined to specific events.

But even experienced marketers sometimes are mistaken. Such was the decision to turn Las Vegas into a family-type recreation center. But who goes on such a route with the children? It is true that this project was doomed to failure.

Casino marketing is a subtle art. While in countries where this industry is only starting to be developed it only gives rise to competition between businessmen, in well-designed complexes of gambling institutions – it can turn the whole city into a world of high-level casinos to where every gamer dreams to travel at least once in a lifetime.

Classification of land based casino players by social criteria in developing countries

Even in developing countries where gambling business is only starting to grow and its legislative and economic ambushes are at the stage of formation, it is possible to note the number of players sufficient for classification by social, psychological and other characteristics. In turn, studying of such statistics and gaming culture in general provides the owners of gambling establishments with tools to further attract clients.

Casino visitors are classified by various criteria: from age and marital status to the degree of gambling addiction. The percentage varies for developing countries and advanced economies, advanced degree of morality and gender policy. Let’s consider the approximate statistics for the countries in which the gambling industry has just started to grow or is forced to be operated in the black market:

  1. Age

The largest number of internet café visitors falls on the age range of 18-25 years – 31%, 26-35 years – 30%, middle-aged of 35-45 years – 20%, and older than 45 years – 17%. The smallest percentage of players are minors (4%) and retired people (15%).

  1. Sex

There is a preponderance in the ratio of visitors by gender: 93% of gamblers are men and only 7% are women. At the same time, less than half of these 7% are willing to bet their own money. Experts explain such a big gap among the people attending slot machine halls and casinos with females to have much more developed instinct of self-preservation.

  1. Education

The majority of respondents (62%) received secondary technical education, three in ten (29%) – secondary and only 16% – higher education.

  1. Employment

Every fifth gambler is unemployed, respectively, the remaining 78% have a job.

  1. Marital status

Only one third of gamblers (36%) are officially married and 64% do not have official marital status.

These statistics can be completed with the percentage of respondents who regularly visit land based casino (85%) and choose places that are closer by place of residence (92%).

Skillfully using these mathematical figures, casino owners and people whose jobs are related to the gambling world can improve the control and management or interaction with this sphere of business.


What games do women play the most in casinos

For more than 4,5 thousand years, men enjoyed gambling while women were more likely to be at stake but not on a par with them at the gaming table. And even today a gender intolerant part of society often condemns women who visit gambling establishments.

The situation has changed dramatically with the advent of the Internet, in addition virtual casinos make it possible to play absolutely anonymously. In 2012, statistics showed less than 15% of women from the total number of gambling sites visitors. In two years in European countries that support and develop the idea of ​​gender equality this percentage increased to 43%. The latest market research for the expiring 2017 year shows the following results: 49% of women among casino users on mobile platforms in the United Kingdom, 40% in the US and an equal number in Scandinavian countries.

Playing habits

A big reason of the equation of statistical coefficients is the development of a number of games with design aimed specifically at the female audience. It is obvious that gender does not affect the love of gambling, at the same time, the nature of the game is different.

Girls are aimed primarily at the pleasure of the gaming process and not the result of the game that is why they make lower bets and try to avoid risk situations and minimize game tension. When visiting a land based casino female players prefer colorful slot machines with simple and clear rules as well as popular bingo lottery, roulette or craps.

Bingo lottery also differs by players age: it is preferred by elderly women. For example, in the United Kingdom a quarter of retired women choose this particular entertainment.

Not to mention how often we see self-confident women on the popular gambling tournaments, primarily poker.


Women usually browse slots in demo mode for a long time and when making a decision to play for real money, they take their time to enjoy it and spend half as much time in the game than average male players. At the same time ladies’ average game deposit is one-third lower comparing to gentlemen’s. It is important to note that only 15% of ladies are ready to play aggressively while they competently build a strategy, clearly control the bankroll and, as a rule, win by 30-40% more than gambling men.

Do not assume that the beautiful half of humanity prefers only games in pink color or with the theme of cosmetics, jewelry, TV serials and cats. Developers notice a keen interest in games with live dealers especially if they are young, handsome men. Women like Internet cafe with generous gifts, including real sets of cosmetics or perfumes, as well as cash certificates from expensive shops and beauty stores.

Everyone plays: successful middle-aged ladies, mothers in maternity leave, and elderly women. They play online and in land based casinos but not only for the thrill but simply for personal pleasure, nice acquaintances and enjoyable activity.

Blackjack strategy

Blackjack is an incredibly simple and exciting game that captivated more players than roulette, baccarat and dice altogether! But you should not rely only on luck because even in an easy game there are nuances that allow you to build a reliable strategy and increase your chances of winning.

  1. Rules for the dealer

Traditionally the majority of casinos regulate dealer’s game behavior. In blackjack it is a requirement to stand at 17 and above but sometimes there is a recommendation to take 6 and aces called soft 17. The gambling house can also increase its advantage in the game by up to twenty percent by setting an appropriate ante – a kind of a tax from each hand. For example, if player has 60 hands per hour even with a minimal ante casino will have significant revenue but that is the reason why many players avoid such clubs.


  1. Rules of insurance, split and double

You have the right to ask the dealer for an exact explanation of the established rules. For example, in some clubs you will not be allowed to make a split with the third ace, others will set a condition under which you can quit the game only at an early stage. Hence, we make the following conclusions of which the main game strategy consists:

  • Insurance of a situation where the dealer’s next card is 10 or picture except for aces (it’s less than a third of the cards involved in the game) is more advantageous to do with the blackjack that has already dropped out. And if in case of a usual win your ratio makes 3 to 2, after insuring that dealer get a blackjack too, your payment ratio becomes higher and equal to 2 to 1.
  • Regarding the possibility of doubling, it is not recommended to use it if the dealer has a picture or an ace, but if you have already scored 11 points then this is allowed. If you got 11 points, you should always use double. Doubling gives you only one additional card and it cannot be useful in any other situation.
  • Casinos also set different conditions for split. For example, on aces, it can be done only once, taking only one card for each new hand, this situation in all cases will substantially increase the advantage of the player at the gaming table. In general, it is recommended to always do a split on 7 and 8, it significantly increases the chances to turn a losing situation into a profitable one. Conversely, the position of an excellent hand after such decision can become worse. For example, it’s better to keep ten on fives and not make a split.
  • If you pass your hand then no further dealer’s decisions are already important to you, even if the dealer’s bet loses.
  1. Counting cards in the deck

Some of the casino use more than one deck of cards, a shuffler and cutting a part of the deck to insure against players who are watching what cards are already used and which ones have remained in the game. After all, it is logical that the more pictures, tens and aces in the deck, the higher the probability of getting a good hand and you can make high stakes.

  1. Forecasting dealer’s cards

The basic idea of the game is to expect pictures or tens to appear in the first dealer’s card. If card is below 6 then it is more likely that his hand will burn. If you have 16 points on your hand and the dealer has six, he must get another card. If you have 16 and the dealer has 7 – the outcome of the game is hard to be predicted. If the dealer has 17 points, then he will not take more cards and it’s also advantageous for you to stand because even in case of a draw you keep your money. In general, it’s worth to pay attention to the cards of all game participants and also necessarily finish the game in time especially if you are superstitious and got for an unlucky table.

Summing up, we underline that following all the tips you can increase your chances by two percent compared to the internet cafe or casino where you play. And it’s certainly worth it to learn just a few simple rules.