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Advantages of online roulette

For the beginners who love the excitement and for professional players both all around the world today there are hundreds of very interesting gaming tables online, as well as in land-based casino. Is it difficult to make a choice? Play roulette! The advantages of online roulette are a wide range of possible bets and game variations, and at the same time, when playing online roulette casino has minimal advantage. Here each player finds privileges for his game style and gets the same thrill of the realistic movement of the ball over the roulette wheel. And of course it will be possible to play for free in test mode.

  1. Many varieties of online roulette in easy access

You will never get bored playing online roulette, because this entertainment has more than a dozen different variations that can be played online. For her fans, the most relevant types are the following:

  • European roulette – the wheel is divided into sectors with numbers from 1 to 36 and with a single zero sector “0” giving the casino a priority of 2.7%. Roulette online assumes the loss of all bets in case if zero sector drops in two basic types of roulette – American and European.
  • American Roulette – the wheel is divided into 38 sectors (slots), including the second green zero sector “00” or double zero. It is one of the zero sectors that increases the casino win probability to 5.3% and makes the game less attractive for players.
  • French roulette – the wheel is divided into 37 sectors, as well as in European roulette. This is one of the most advantageous types of roulette because if zero sector drops, the gambling house compensates half of the initial bet of the client who loses.
  • Roulette HD – a highlight is a real dealer that runs roulette in online mode and the whole process is shot on the camera. In general, the rules are practically the same as in the European roulette.
  • Roulette without Zero – it is logical that the game wheel does not have zero sector, for this reason this roulette is called the most honest.
  • Roulette with a track – a kind of European or French roulettes with 36 sectors plus the zero sector. In addition, roulette has one more track field, on which “oral” bets are made.
  1. Endless number of bets

Each player has an incredible number of options to make bets that give multiple game combinations. In roulette there are two types of bets: external to the fields themselves (even-odd, dozen, red-black, etc.) and internal only to numbers. Such a variety will be appealing for fans of betting and calculating the percentage of winning opportunities for players and their opponents – gambling houses.

  1. Easy roulette strategy

The roulette strategies cannot even be compared by simplicity with other types of casino games. They are easier to understand and learn. Experienced players remember that the European version of the roulette gives higher winning mathematical coefficients. But which strategy you would not choose, it is important to be able to correctly handle your bank roll and not lose heart when you didn’t win. After all, it is nothing more than a just game!

  1. Low percentage of casino advantage in comparison to player’s advantage

Gambling is often set up to the high chances of winning for gambling houses but not their clients. What cannot be said about roulette! European roulette offers a percentage advantage of 2.73%, a smaller factor of 1.36% is given by French roulette. And it is an incredibly high chance for players to get a solid win!

  1. Roulette tournaments and risks of their strategies

This item is the most interesting! Those are online roulette tournaments that are even more prevalent than in land-based gambling houses. Because the players compete with each other and not with the casino. Choosing the right strategy, you will enjoy the game and get high chances of winning from the comfort of your own house! It is not only a pleasant pastime but also a positive game experience.

Low chances of victory can always be compensated by taking into account the variants of mathematical coefficients to calculate the risks of failure and the amount of rewards. For example, if you play one-on-one tournament with another player with the number of chips at the start equal to a thousand, then the winner will be the one who will have more such tokens after a specified number of wheel spins. Let’s consider the situation when there are 5 spins left till end of the tournament, the first player has two thousand chips, and the second one – a hundred. It is clear that for a player with a large number of chips it will be wrong to risk big bets, because it increases his winning chances vs his opponent. At the same time, if he starts playing with small amounts, he will significantly increase his chances to win the tournament, no matter what the outcome of his bets is. For his opponent, it is logical to continue the game in such a way that he could correctly overtake the opponent. It can be achieved, for example, by making bets on all your chips and in 5 spins only, if all his bets are winning, he will get more chips and more stacks. It is the size of the stack that is the main principle of the tournament format. And it is necessary to act according to its size and not to forget to foresee the results of the actions of its opponents.

To sum it up, we must note that each player chooses the type of roulette and the game style for himself. Today they all are popular and bring real money to both players and gambling establishments. Let luck be on the side of those who really love the world of gambling and always believe in themselves.

Multi-line slots basics and peculiarities

Modern slot machines differ from classic counterparts with high-quality graphics, functionality, game specifics, jackpot types. Multiline slots are popular in all online casinos because in addition to the technical advantages of the gameplay they also significantly increase the probability of winning a serious amount of money.

The wide range of slots with multiple paylines makes them accessible to all categories of players because they offer different bet types. Classic number of lines varies between 9-25 but the generally used range is wider: from 1 to 50 and even 100 lines in the game. Beginners will find it easier to get used to playing with 3 reels and 3-5-9 paylines. Also users can access the help section with a paytable of actual symbols and winning odds.

Betting strategy

Bets can be placed on one or the maximum number of lines depending on the risk that the player is willing to go to and the size of his bankroll. For beginners it is recommended to learn the principle of the gameplay with minimal investments betting on the average or the highest number of paylines. Betting options are conveniently adjusted at the discretion of the casino customer. And even with careful and prudent investments on fewer paylines there is always an opportunity to get a significant monetary reward.

More experienced customers of gambling establishments know how to find a golden middle between the size of the bet and the number of lines. Visitors who professionally play a certain video slot know when to risk and when to expect the jackpot or at least the maximum allowable win at the highest bet for the maximum number of paylines.

Features of multi-line slots

In addition to the possibility to choose the number of active paylines in the Internet cafe there are models of slots with a fixed number of paylines and such slots can only be played on all lines at once. Let’s highlight the main features of multi-line slots:

  1. Advanced graphics, animation and detailing
  2. Bonus game rounds
  3. Original special characters
  4. Large range of acceptable rates
  5. Additional game features

As a rule, the more lines the slot has the higher and better the listed characteristics are. But even slot machines with three to fifteen lines have great functionality and will give you an incredible pleasure with bonus rounds and free scrolls as well as profitable payout multipliers.

Bankroll management in roulette

The term “bankroll management” meaning the management of gambling cash is often used in online casino games. And first of all it depends on the player: his game tactics, the level of excitement and perception of gambling in general.

There are three categories of roulette players roughly divided by the willingness to take risks in gambling.  If some people always make huge bets and do not care about the material side of the question getting maximum game pleasure, then others see game as a routine work and daily earnings. Of course, the second group calculates every move and carefully plans a strategy. The third group includes those whose excitement and accordingly the bankroll depends only on the mood allowing them to experience both the warmest inspiration and the joy of winning after a cold calculation.

  • Risky players are recommended to make bets with high payout ratios – five to one and more. The probability of guessing a single number is low, although it promises a big win. But betting strategy for risk-averse players will be more promising if they start with bets at 6 numbers. If the player is lucky to stay in the black, then it is not worth risking. But if even a quarter of the game has passed without significant wins or if the money fund fell by more than a quarter, it is a sign to display the resolve and to risk with bets at less than six numbers. Such a strategy requires permanent control of gambling capital and timely risky bets giving the opportunity to get a big win in return, but it also does not exclude complete defeat.
  • The strategy of “safe” game is suitable for prudent players who avoid dangerous situations at the gaming table. It is a game with evenly distributed bets on even and odd cells, red or black color, and small and large numbers. If you are lucky to get positive result, then you can use part of the winnings on risky bets. In case of unfavorable outcome of game rounds, it is recommended to stick to measured and safe solutions again.
  • The golden middle is an advice to put a quarter of the bankroll for risks and three quarters for playing by the system of columns and dozens or only dozens preferred among users of online internet cafe. In this kind of bets, the payout ratio is 2: 1 which shall refund losing rates on numbers and almost always guarantees a small income but at the same time gives chances to break the jackpot at a large bet. The winning amount should be used to compensate the bankroll losses, all the rest – to get additional profit.

As you can see, each player regardless of temperament and possible passion for risky game can find the optimal system for managing the gambling capital. Effective bankroll management gives you the main advice to continuously monitor the amount of money and thus to make calculated risky bets. Also the game must be stopped in time if you lost some certain part of money and you should not invest any extra funds. Because often the losers are the ones trying to win back at any cost.

Overcoming beginners’ fear at online casino

Even today, in the era of IT breakthrough there are still people who are not ready to trust the virtual world, especially concerning financial issues. It is often the virtual casino with the ability to play for real money that raises fears among users. Beginners believe that fraud in the network is widespread and gambling establishments are just looking for opportunities to cash in on their customers. Is it so?

  1. Winnings payout

Does online casino always pay winnings to their customers? They surely do so, because the creation of a positive reputation takes years and it should not only be cherished but also maintained at a decent level. And it’s quite another matter when the player lured with generous bonuses and gifts gets to fraudulent sites that disappear immediately after the client replenishes his account.

Each visitor must take his own responsibility when choosing a gambling establishment and checking selected website or the software used in the Internet cafe. Fortunately, on the Internet there are tools for checking the terms of registration and website ratings, and, of course, numerous reviews indicating cases of fraud and dishonesty. As for slot machines and corresponding software, the list of world famous creators is also widely known: Playtech, Igrosoft, Microgaming, NetEnt and others.

  1. Data from the payment card

Beginners fear that revealing personal data from their credit or salary card, casino employees will be able to use it for fraudulent purposes. These fears are groundless since online transactions require only a part of data as well as for other financial transactions on the Internet such as the use of electronic wallets or purchases in online stores. Therefore, only those should be suspected of dishonesty who insist on disclosing all data from the card as well as other additional personal data and passwords.

Theoretically anything can be hacked, but in practice, approved casinos always work according to the standards of network security using reliable encryption algorithms as well as submitting to independent organizations that control this process.

  1. Falsification and juggling of the game results

This is the point worth considering in detail. Since the random number generator, as a rule, is located directly on the server of the gaming company, it is really possible to influence the outcome of the game, but only in case of unlicensed software. And unreliable institutions can do this. That’s just the number of disappointed visitors and therefore the profit which in this case will never bring the casino to a decent level. And rapidly spreading reviews instantly affect the ratings.

In fact, the competition and the struggle for the client between the Internet casino is incredibly sharp. And reputable company will never allow to question its good name by deceiving even one player.

In conclusion, it is obvious and easy to understand that trusting your money to reliable licensed clubs you will have a good time and may even hit the jackpot. But be careful and check the gambling sites and their history before you start playing for real money. After all the only free cheese is in the mousetrap!