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Paytables on slot machines

Paytables on slot machines

Today there is a huge assortment of slots with incredible graphics, user-friendly functionality and an extensive range of bets. And many people mistakenly believe that it is enough to spin the reels by pressing the “Spin” button and betting to catch your luck.

In fact, to get real fun and excitement from the game and to increase your chances of winning, you need to know not only the basic idea of ​​the payout scheme on slots, but also specific symbols, their varieties and combinations that generate winnings. Experienced players are well versed in it, and for those new to the game on the slot machines, the bonus payments scheme is not always clear and logical.

Each slot has a unique paytable with a breakdown of all possible winning odds and combinations. Therefore, all online slots return completely different amounts, which depend directly on the value of special characters. As a rule, the paytable is available in the “Help” section.

Regular and extra payments

In the classic slot machines with 1 payline and 3 reels there are only regular payouts available. These are traditional prizes for a certain combination and the rarer symbols drop, the greater will be the prize amount. For example, it can be three symbols of a diamond for 30 coins or 5 such symbols for 50 coins depending on the rules of the game.

More modern slots offer 5 or more reels and a minimum of 3 paylines. In such slots, extra payouts are available for multiple winning combinations per spin. Such combinations can be arranged not only in a straight vertical, horizontal and even V-shaped line, but also in a diagonal and a zigzag. For a beginner, this scheme is not easy, but it gives an opportunity to get more than one winning combination per spin in multi-line slots.help1

Special and functional symbols

Special characters do not increase the amount you won, but the whole bet in slots with 5 or more lines. And if three of these symbols on the reel multiply your bet by 3 times, then 4 can increase it even 20 times higher.

Functional symbols significantly increase the chances of winning and, of course, add hot excitement to players who spent time studying them. You can play without knowing the theory, but understanding all the processes on the playing field will always help the experienced player to select a game with the most advantageous settings.

  1. The scatterred symbol is the so-called scatter or replacement symbol, which appears only in winning combinations, and not just somewhere on the reel. It can double the prize or make a combo: the scatter multiplies bet in the particular spin, but not the winning amount as the multiplier symbol does. Also, thanks to the scatter symbol, a player can get a certain amount of free spins or even a mini-game. It all depends on the specific slot. If the scatter drops along with special symbols, then they have an advantage.


  1. Wild symbol replaces any other symbol required to complete a winning combination, that is why Wild is very popular! It often completes the combination to get a jackpot, but still a combination of five such symbols on the line does not often appear.


  1. The bonus symbol gives you an opportunity to win bonus games in some slot machines when combinations with such symbol drop. But the exact combinations are clearly indicated in the rules table of each single slot. For example, it can be a combination with a bonus to drop only on certain numbers of reels, or simultaneous combination of 3 or more such symbols.


Risk game

The so-called “Doubling Game” is often offered in advanced slots. The risk game is activated when winning combination drops, no other special conditions are required. In the risk-game you will be offered a simple task to complete: to guess the card suit (red or black color) or choose the card higher than the dealer’s card value. As a rule, the game is activated by the button “Gamble” or “Risk”.

Profitability and financial plan of terrestrial Internet cafe

One of the modern and popular business ideas in our time is the opening of a terrestrial Internet cafe. And for such project to be successful and profitable, a businessman must first evaluate its effectiveness and make a reliable business plan.

You need not only to consider the target and age category of clients, geographical competition, a list of services or pricing policy, but also to calculate the profitability of the Internet cafe.

Profitability is a relative indicator, comparable to the efficiency: how many cents of profit arrived from each monetary unit invested in the business? Accordingly, the indicator depends on the profit and revenue in different variations for each type of business. Below are the main financial aspects that should be taken into account in calculating costs and profits for the owner of the Internet cafe.

Capital investments:

  1. Buying a property
  2. Signboard, decoration of the hall, repair facilities
  3. The connection to the provider
  4. Furniture
  5. Equipment and machinery
  6. Staff training

In the assets structure, investments in fixed assets occupy a significant part and can take about 60%. Finding a good location with the maximum number of target customers may force you to change more than one place, so it’s better to start from a hall rent with a subsequent right to buy it out and invest accordingly in reliable start. If you start a business with the purchase of a new premises, in which you are already confident, it will be the most significant item of capital expenditure.

Recurrent costs

  1. A) Operating expenses
  2. Rental of premises
  3. Salary and personnel costs
  4. Utility costs
  5. Operation: maintenance, cleaning of premises and territories
  6. Protection of premises
  7. Property insurance
  8. Advertising, marketing, management
  9. Property tax

Depending on the project, the share of this type of costs can be 20-40% of gross income, and in the period of repair, takes up to 50%.

In particular, it is reasonable to spend up to 2% of gross income on protection, and 8-15% for utilities and maintenance costs. If your premises are not autonomous but located in a shopping center, this percentage can be even halved.

The share of advertising costs reaches 10% only in case of very active promotion in a given period of time.

  1. B) Regular payments for the period
  2. Maintenance of information systems purchased for business
  3. Depreciation
  4. Utilities
  5. Advertising
  6. Communication services, Internet provider services
  7. Repair and maintenance of machinery
  8. Bar products or other consumables

The most prominent articles in this section should reasonably be salaries of skilled personnel and depreciation, as a regular reimbursement of capital expenses.

Profit = Income – Costs

After subtracting all costs from the total income, we can calculate the profit of an Internet cafe. If you choose a cash method of work, the income in this case will consist of:

  1. Direct revenue, as payment for services provided to visitors.
  2. Collected penalties from competitors, if any.

The cost should necessary take into account interest payments to financial institutions, in case you have issued a loan for your company.

It is very important to predict and timely correct the maximum possible theoretical and practical revenue from the hall for a day and a month, monitor the optimal number of computers and gaming terminals and their average load.

According to the experts, it is possible to recoup the major expenses for organizing a gambling establishment in one to two years, if you prepare a reliable financial plan of Internet cafe, invest sufficient efforts and ensure at least 50% of the expected number of visitors.

Advantages of slots in land-based gaming cafe vs virtual online casinos

So, real gambling establishments against virtual ones. What to choose? Each player chooses the ones that he likes. Whether it is slots, roulette or card games, it’s more pleasant to play in the appropriate atmosphere, however many players prefer home comfort. Consider the pros and cons of establishments with slot machines.
Advantages of slots in online casino

  1. You can play completely anonymously and easily withdraw winnings through many available payment systems.
  2.  Many casinos offer free games in training mode, unlike land-based gambling houses, where they always require real money.
  3.  Virtual slots often have a higher payout percentage, because such institutions bear less costs than regular gambling houses.
  4.  Slots mat not be available except during maintenance, and in land-based café you can find yourself in a banal queue waiting for your favorite slot machines.
  5.  Incredible assortment of slots from any company in the network is available to every interested player.
  6.  You can play from the comfort of your own home, if, for example, there is no other option.
  7.  In many countries, the activity of land-based gaming cafe is limited by law, and underground clubs are often closed. The work of online casinos depends only on the laws of the country where they are registered and licensed. Popular between owners of this type of business are the following: Malta, Costa Rica, the island of Curacao or Antigua and Barbuda, where internet casino can be opened absolutely legally.

Advantages of ground-based gaming cafe

  1. The atmosphere of excitement and real money in the casino is unique, and many people go to land-based gaming cafe exactly for this reason. You will be able to share emotions with your friends and have a good time combined with other activities.
  2. Many establishments have the opportunity to play real slot machines with the reels, buttons and levers, and not only on a public computer, as in an Internet club.
  3. Older people often do not master new internet technologies and have the habit of going to the trusted gaming cafe.
  4.  Win is real, it can be withdrawn immediately, without performing any electronic transactions. This fact is especially important for those who for some reason still do not have a bank card or an electronic purse.
  5. Not always is fast Internet available, and in online games, time delays and loss of connection will not bring you any excitement or pleasure.As you can see, the pros easily turn into cons and vice versa. Gambling can be relaxed and in the Internet club, and in the online casino. We advise you to choose a trusted institution with a license, with a large number of players and good winnings.


Legislation of gambling in the UK, taxation of gambling in the UK.

Gambling was popular in Europe since ancient times. The gambling market in Western Europe is somewhat different from the market of Eastern European countries, which are united by other historical influences and roots. Each specific legislation on gambling is strictly regulated and is a subject to local laws. UK gambling laws are a worthy example for other countries of the Old World and cover each and every gambling industry: from the local offline offices to foreign gambling establishments working

UK gambling laws

The main emphasis here is on the protection of players, and technical standards are transparent and easy for everyone to understand. It is Europe’s largest gaming market and since 2005 its operations throughout the United Kingdom have been regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and the Gambling Law.
The Commission regulates offline and online games, issues licenses for casino games, lotteries, as well as for operators working with remote bets. Without a license, the operator will not gain access to the country’s domestic market, this rule applies since 2014.
Old forms of gambling are still popular – horse racing and dog racing, as well as lotteries and various sports, for example, football. The availability of slot machines depends on the age of citizens and the largest loss allowed is also regulated.

Taxation of gambling in the UK
Over the past decade, poker, casino gambling and sports betting were considered tax-free. Studying UK gambling taxes, it is important to mention that there is no tax on winnings for the player! And even if players from the United Kingdom play, for example, in the United States, and win, they are still exempt from taxes that American players must pay!
In general, the rate paid by casino are 2.5-40% of gross gaming revenue, and taxation on lotteries is 12% on turnover, bookmakers pay an overage of 10-15% of the profit.

Taxation consequences of Brexit for online gambling operators
Political mess struck up around Brexit and until the conditions of UK’s withdrawal from EU are proposed it would be impossible to clearly analyze its consequences.

This is especially true for Gibraltar, one of the leaders of the Internet gambling business. The enclave is developing its own tax models and only the hard Brexit can have an impact on the local industry. But the main problem is an access to the European market and the ability to compete with its leaders – first of all with Malta, a worthy alternative for many European gambling corporations.
In this situation, the question arises as to the location of the servers of many international gambling companies lured to the island by low tax rates, as well as the validity of the license for access to players located in the EU.

In any case, changes in the taxes transaction treatment between the UK and the EU that may affect British online gaming operators will depend primarily on the UK government and its decisions.