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12Exotic casinos on popular cruise liners and ships

Exotic casino on cruise liners become more popular in our world. First of all, the United States and Great Britain are leading in this business, since their turnover is estimated in tens of billions of dollars a year. Such casinos are also famous in Hawaii, the Panama Canal, Caribbean Islands. Leading travel companies offer tours from Europe, Colombia, on the Mississippi River and even from Alaska!

Cruise liners with gambling establishments
Owning a gambling establishment on ship is a very lucrative business, as cruise ships pay taxes only in the country of registration, for most of them it is Panama or Bermuda. According to the law, such vessels are closed only when they touch at a port.
The most famous, of course, are the following huge liners:

• Ruby Princess
• Crystal Serenity
• Queen Mary 2
• Silver Spirit
• Celebrity Equinox

They can accommodate thousands of passengers, they are several hundred meters long and fit tennis courts, theaters, planetariums and ballet halls, and, of course, excellent restaurants. Quality entertainment is offered to their guests in casinos with many tables for roulette and card games. The most popular, as a rule, are numerous slot machines, but some ships offer even auctions to attract sophisticated tourists.

Countries where gambling is prohibited
Casino on liners is a unique opportunity for countries where gambling is legislatively limited. First of all, these are the Muslim countries of the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, where Quran is honored, as well as some other countries.

In India gambling is prohibited. But, for example, in the resort of Goa casinos on ships have a huge success, they are managed from offshore zones. Even movies were taken on the popular cruise yacht M.V. Caravela! Here you can play Black Jack, Baccarat, Pontoon, American roulette, rummy, stud poker, as well as slot machines. Many tourists choose Goa and its famous Casino Pride, Casino Royale Goa and Casino Carnival.

The most promising country for ships with casinos is undoubtedly China, which also prohibits ground-based gambling. The exception is the special gambling zone of Macau, one of the largest in the world. There are always a lot of players who have financial opportunity to enjoy this kind of entertainment. Costa Cruises, Princess and NCL companies allocate separate vessels exclusively for Chinese tourists.

St. Peter Line company took care of Russian tourists. It opened floating casino on the Princess Anastasia and Princess Maria ships, which ply between St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Tallinn and Stockholm. The activities of ground-based gambling establishments in Russia are also limited.

For some tourists it is a gambling cruise, for others romance is important. But the hot adrenaline in a bright sea voyage will make any vacation unforgettable! Giant ships offer truly chic and paradise holidays, and the time spent here will be remembered forever.

Ways to attract customers to the gambling business, secrets and tips

In the conventional sense, for the people a casino dealer is a consultant, player’s opponent. And we are going to talk about the dealer as a companion, especially, of the gambling establishment itself. That is he searches for the clients for a fee (usually for a percentage), and also connects them to the Internet cafe if promotion of Internet cafes is the essence of his work.

This work is not easy, it requires special skills, experience, a skill to convince and “survive” in a competitive environment.
What are the ways for the dealers to carry out searching for clients in the gambling industry?

Word of mouth

First of all, the establishment really has to “keep the brand” to be able to run this ad campaign as “word of mouth”. Only extremely accurate information should be implemented to the masses – winnings are always paid, no cheating; the casino has its “cool feature” etc. You can ask your customers to leave feedback on relevant websites, forums, blogs for certain bonuses and gifts.


You must have a good brand to run ads. It has to be made recognizable. Promotion of Internet café is a well thought out system of bonuses, technical support, communications and security organizations. advertising methods, you can choose different. The most successful and really able for searching for clients in the gambling industry are the following:
· outdoor advertising;
· targeting advertising;
· contextual advertising.

Visiting various exhibitions and events dedicated to gambling

It is a great way to attract clients through live communication. They are visited by people who are already interested, speaking in slang of sales managers, “cushy”. The casino dealer will have to be well prepared to such events and to have a good presentation that can really be of interest to the customer. It is important not just to hand out business cards to everyone you meet. The dealer needs to communicate well, to be able to start a conversation about the “place that must be visited by each and every player”

Market research and poaching the competitors

All of the above methods are good without a doubt, but competitors are on the alert. Therefore, you should regularly monitor the gambling market, competitor’s “chips”, and take them into account. It does not mean that you have to put into practice someone else’s idea in your own shop. It will be boring and not new.

Faced with high quality dealer working at another casino, you can offer him a job in your own shop and better conditions for cooperation.