License for an internet cafe – procedure of registration of a profitable business. This process depends on the country in which you open institution.

gambling laws – the variety of gambling establishments

Starting your own institution for providing access services to the network and to the games – a painstaking business, enabling the development of a clear business plan and obtaining a license for an internet cafe.

The main centers of the options:

  • directional gaming clubs – they placed the computers that allow you to play on virtual slot machines on the Internet. To hire a service manager;
  • Internet and computer centers – provide PCs to access the Internet, online and offline games. The institutions must be present operator;
  • Internet cafe with android units – virtually identical to the previous one, except for the operating system (Android), under which computers operate. Also require the presence of the operator.

These institutions can only work in one direction or offer additional services – cafe, copy center, a conference hall, service center, etc…

legalization – a mandatory step or not?

According to the laws of gambling launch of any of these centers provides for the registration of the owner in the state structures. However, in practice the situation is somewhat different. As is known, to the law are treated differently in different countries.

For example, in European countries, in North and South America, the punishment is not limited to a fine for non-compliance can be going to jail. In the CIS the level of corruption and taxes are much higher. Here gambling works primarily in the “shadow”, without registration and license.

Criteria for site selection

Selection of premises – a key business success factor. If you select must take into account several factors, in Vol. H. And price.

  • Location

Selected on the basis of your CA, and services offered. Places with high traffic, close to shopping and entertainment centers – in priority. It is important to to an internet cafe can be reached from all parts of the city.

  • Area

Standards under the legalization of gambling are different in each country. For example, in Ukraine, the minimum area for 1 PC is 6.5 m2, 4.5 m2 in Russia and 3 in Britain m2.

  • Zoning

If the list of services includes, for example, a room for viewing broadcasts or renting venues for conferences, should take into account the noise of the playing area. It must be isolated from the common room with soundproofing.

The nuances of provider selection

Not the least role in the success of the business is played by a qualitative Internet channel. In the big cities at the expense of the competition to make the choice easier, and there are many good options, and in regional centers can be 1-2 provider willing to offer a high speed connection for an adequate price.

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